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12 - The Man Behind the James Bond Dossier

This week Matt and Pete talk to David Leigh from the James Bond Dossier. Pete talks about how he channeled Lazenby to get up out of a chair. Matt talks about the latest snaps of Daniel Craig in a Herringbone jacket and the phoney Roger Moore Ski Jacket that just got pulled from auction. There's a couple of listener mail to get through. More show notes over at for more on the suits of James Bond go to


11 - The White Knight | The Ivory Dinner Jackets of James Bond

This week Matt and Pete take a look at all the Ivory Dinner Jackets in the James Bond series. In Bondian news Pete talks about what he's learnt from sitting through the DVD commentaries. Matt answers some listener mail about why Daniel Craig suits are too tight in the Spectre Pre-Title sequence. In Bond news Pete talks about the Tom Ford underpants and Christian Slaters appearance in the Brioni Essentials. The results are in from Wardrobe wars, who should James Bond's tailor be for Bond...


10 - Interview with the Man behind Thunderballs

This week Matt and Pete sit down to discuss the style of James Bond. In anything Bondian Matt talks about his Roger Moore editorial in a Japanese magazine. Pete talks about joining the same phone network as Mi6. In Bondian news they discuss the You Only Live Twice Suit in the Profiles in History auction. In Wardrobe wars Pete calls out for Burberry whilst Matt lobby's for Richard James. This week Pete sits down with Marty from the upcoming picture archive website,...


09 - From Russia With Love | Bond in Navy

This week Matt Spaiser and Pete Brooker talk about the two opening James Bond suits from From Russia With Love, the second dinner suit on Spectre Island and the Blue Navy suit Bond wears to meet M. In Anything Bondian Matt Spaiser talks about his new Goldfinger Hacking Jacket and Twill trousers from Mason & Sons. Pete talks about his recent trip to Vienna location scouting from The Living Daylights. In Bond News There is a new Tom Ford fragrance and Turnbull and Asser have released a...


08 - Interview with Bespoke Tailor David Reeves

This week Matt sits down and interviews bespoke New York tailor David Reeves. David is a British born bespoke tailor living in New York and has an affinity for Bond, and Mod tailoring. Pete and Matt also discuss Global James Bond day, Tom Ford on the red carpet and how much Bond earns. Matt Spaiser can be found at Peter Brooker publishes all show notes at David Reeves is available by appointment in New York City through his...


07 - Interview with Costume Designer Jany Temime

In this episode Matt and Pete talk about what's new in the world of style pertaining to James Bond. They interview James Bond costume designer Jany Temime on her career to date and how she got involved with the franchise. Jany Temime has since stepped down as the designer for James Bond as we await for further news from EON as to who will take up that roll. Matt and Pete discuss their meet up in New York over the weekend and the James Bond locations of Live and Let Die. They discuss the...


06 - Interview with Elliot Mason of Mason & Sons

In this episode Matt and Pete talk about the new Brioni campaign that features a video depicting the Statue of David getting tailored to look like James Bond. They also discuss all the James Bond clothing that will be up for auction at the Prop Store. Pete speaks separately to Elliot Mason of Mason & Sons about how they inherited the Anthony Sinclair brand. We also get an update from the Mr Fish range. There are two discount codes for books and shoes in this episode so stay tuned. For...


05 - Interview with Bespoke Savile Row Tailor - Richard Anderson

In this episode Matt and Pete talk about the remaining Lounge Suits in Dr. NO. We also touch upon the latest promotional release from Omega that sees Daniel Craig back in the James Bond uniform. After the news and commentary we speak to bespoke Savile Row tailor Richard Anderson. He gives us a little insight into some of the Hollywood suits he has tailored, Benicio Del Toro and Ian McKellen. All the show notes for the podcast can be found at All the info on James...


04 - Interview with Adam Brown - Founder of Orlebar Brown

In episode 4 Pete speaks to the founder of Orlebar Brown, Adam Brown. Orlebar Brown were heavily featured in Skyfall, with Daniel Craig wearing the swimming shorts and many villains wearing Orlebar Brown. Orlebar Brown have since introduced a printed 007 shorts collection and Adam goes into depth his relationship with EON and how he got involved with the franchise to begin with. Matt also talks more about James Bond pocket squares and ties, his Black Tie event on a recent trip to the...


03 - Dr No | Bond arrives in Jamaica

In episode 3 we talk about Matt's recent trip to London and a visit to shirt maker Frank Foster. Matt reviews the Bond in Motion exhibition and the National Gallery, home to the Fighting Temeraire (the bloody big ship). In the news Brioni have kitted out both Tom Cruise and Dwayne Johnson in suits for the premieres of Skyscraper and Mission Impossible Fallout. We look at both suits. We then pick up from where we left off in the last episode and look at M's double breasted suit and the grey...


02 - Dr. No | The Suits of Anthony Sinclair

In this episode we look at the suits from the first James Bond film, Dr. No. We delve into the history of the original tailor Anthony Sinclair and we take a brief look at the latest launch of the Orlebar Brown 007 Swim Shorts. We also pay homage to the passing of Eunice Gayson.


01 - James Bond Begins - The Ian Fleming Files

In the inaugural episode myself and Matt Spaiser talk about what Ian Fleming wore throughout his life and what influence his style had on James Bond. We also have a short clip from Dominic McCarthy, c-founder of ANM COMMS who look after a few luxury fashion houses in Jermyn Street; a street where Ian Fleming spent a lot of his time.