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#37: Marc Mawhinney: Build a Stronger Business Like a Natural Born Coach

After spending a decade building a thriving real estate firm, Marc Mawhinney watched as the market—and his business—collapsed around him. In this pivotal moment, Marc made the decision to dust himself off and keep moving forward, going on to launch Natural Born Coaches and establishing himself as one of the premier business coaches in his niche. Key moments from this episode: 9:26 Finding his way into coaching after 10 years in real estate 16:20 The danger of becoming dependent on...


#36: Jeff Jackson — Battling Gerrymandering, Harnessing the Power of Social Media, & How the Youth Will Save the World

This week I had North Carolina State Senator Jeff Jackson in the studio and it was a lights-out episode! It’s easy to get discouraged in the current political climate, but Senator Jackson’s optimism and positive vision for the future are infectious. In a little over an hour, we covered the issues you care about and hammered out a plan to save the world! Key moments from this episode: 5:04 — How gerrymandering came to be a key issue for him 8:08 — On ending gerrymandering via...


#35: Jamie Wallace: From Lawyer to Restauranteur to Costa Rica (and back)

I met Jamie at a Meetup in November 2015. He was a corporate lawyer-turned-restauranteur who was fresh off a Costa Rican sabbatical with his family and I had recently made the decision to quit practicing law and do...well, something else. While I wasn't sure what I was going to do just yet, my wife and I knew we wanted to do something that would eventually allow us to be location independent and we had recently put Costa Rica on our shortlist of potential countries for a first move. I took...


#34: Farmers First Coffee Company: Talking Socially Conscious Entrepreneurship with Co-Founder Matt Hohler

Farmers First Coffee is a socially conscious coffee startup that’s putting the focus on the farmers that are actually growing the coffee. Every bag of Farmers First comes with the name and image of the farmer who produced the coffee inside. The bag Matt graciously brought for me was grown by Rosa, a Peruvian widow that has been producing coffee for 30 years. Matt brewed me a delightful cup of Rosa’s coffee right in the studio, so I’ll apologize in advance if you hear us slurping a...


#33: Tariq Bokhari & Larken Egleston: Charlotte City Council Members & Podcasters

This week I was in the studio with newly-minted City Council members and Charlotte's newest podcasting duo, Tariq Bokhari and Larken Egleston. Tariq and Larken recently launched their blockbuster political podcast R&D in the QC. Recorded immediately after their Monday night City Council meetings, Tariq and Larken provide their constituents with a unique opportunity to dive into the major topics from the meeting and hear straight-forward perspectives from both sides of the aisle. You can...


#32: Dimitri Apostle — A Systematic Approach to Scaling Your Business

Dimitri Apostle is the owner of the Charlotte Brightway Insurance Agency and one of the most ruthlessly efficient people I know. In this episode, he shares his secrets for achieving super productivity in your business and life. After you listen, drop me a line and let me know how you liked it, then head on over to the iTunes Store and Subscribe, Rate, and Review the show. That's how we keep spreading the word and bringing you even more killer content! You can connect with Dimitri on...


#31: Adam Carluccio: Inside the Mind of the Top Rated Wedding DJ in the Country

A few shorts years ago, Adam Carluccio was a public school Special Education Teacher without a concrete plan for his life. Today, he holds the distinction of highest rated wedding DJ on The Knot, Gigmasters, and WeddingWire.com. In this episode, we dig into the powerful and often hilarious story of finding success through sheer force of will. You can listen to this episode above. After you listen, drop me a line and let me know how you liked it, then head on over to the iTunes Store and...


#30: Kevin Monaghan on Finding Success Outside of His Comfort Zone

The first time I met Kevin we had scheduled a brief meeting just to get to know each other. Two hours later I knew I had to have him on the show. From a successful financial planning practice in New York to sleeping on a friend's Couch in Hollywood then back into finance in Shanghai, Kevin has taken a wildly unique path to arrive where he is today. You're going to enjoy this one. You can listen to this episode above. After you listen, drop me a line and let me know how you liked it, then...


#29: Tessa Machen on Being the Brand

This week I had the talented Tessa Machen in the studio. Tessa is an artist, blogger, model, actress, and brand builder. This was Tessa's first time on the mic, but I have a sneaking suspicion it won't be her last. Enjoy! My favorite moment: On creating a unique brand by being true to yourself: Be inspired by people, but make sure to stay in your own lane and try to stay as true to yourself as you can. That will help you to create amazing content, and then it's actually so fulfilling...


#28: Leveling Up Your Life with Ken Brokaw

This week I had the pleasure of spending some time on the mic with my friend Ken Brokaw. Ken is an author, entrepreneur, and the founder of Leveling Up Your Life. A few of my favorite moments: Creating a profitable side hustle before quitting your job: Use that fear as motivation. If you're in a current job...I would keep that job and make sure you build up the side hustle accordingly. Build the systems and processes in place to be able to replace that side job. Don't cut off your main...


#27: Matt Andersen on Bringing a Unique Vision to an Old Industry

This week I had the pleasure of spending some time on the mic with my friend Matt Andersen. Matt is a CPA and the founder of MD Andersen CPA, a public accounting firm in South Charlotte that prides itself on empowering entrepreneurs with nerdy CPA skills. We covered some serious ground in this episode and Matt destroyed the stereotype of the boring bean counter. Yet another killer episode that I know you're going to find immense value in. You can listen to this episode above. After you...


#26: Kevin Giriunas of Advent Coworking on Risking It All to Do Something That Matters

This week I got on the mic with Kevin Giriunas, the founder of Advent Coworking in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood of Charlotte. I didn’t plan it this way, but this interview couldn’t have been a more perfect follow up to the episode with Court Creeden. Kevin spent the bulk of his life chasing a version of success that wasn’t his own, earning a Master’s Degree in structural engineering and working as an IT project manager for four years. On paper, Kevin was living the life of his dreams....


#25: Court Creeden on the Life Changing Power of Being Yourself

This week I had a candid conversation with Court Creeden, the founder of Parent Financial and the author of the hot new personal development book, Blue Goat. I like to dig deep into the story with people and Court didn’t hesitate to go there with me. Do you feel like there’s more to life? Do you feel like you’re destined to do more than just live for the weekends? Are you ready to make a difference by living your truth? If any of this applies to you, then Court Creeden is the Red Pill...


#24: David Herring on Finding Happiness Through Being His Authentic Self

David Herring is an architect, attorney, and one seriously woke dude. In this episode, we cover some deeply personal topics and often venture into the existential. I feel like we barely scratched the surface, so I look forward to having David back in the studio again soon. One of my favorite moments: On making the difficult decision to walk away from his job without a safety net or a plan rather than continue to be unhappy: "I was constantly anxious, stressed out, unhappy. And, I just...


#23: William Wilson — Lessons on Entrepreneurship & Life from a Custom Clothier

William Wilson is the founder of Charlotte-based William Wilson Clothing, a private men’s custom clothing company. Before he was designing custom clothing, William was in the construction business. Today, William specializes in high profile clients, and his client list includes professional athletes, celebrities, CEOs, and business executives. William Wilson Clothing only accepts three new clients per month and routinely has a waiting list. In addition to being a nationally respected...


#22: How Exit Strategy Is Leading the Way in Innovative Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are gaining in popularity throughout the world and Exit Strategy is leading the charge in innovative and exciting escape room experiences in Charlotte. Last week, me and two friends visited Exit Strategy and played their newest room, Ruins. In this episode, I chat with Exit Strategy General Manager Rob Staton about our experience escaping the room and Rob gives us the scoop on the history of escape rooms and what other unique experiences Exit Strategy has to offer. You can...


#21: Mike Simmons on Inventing the Person You Want to Be

"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got." Simply put, if you want success you have to step outside your comfort zone and ruthlessly pursue it. You have to constantly position yourself to be in the right place to seize opportunities when they appear. In the first five minutes of this episode, it's clear Mike Simmons has taken these lessons to heart. Mike is the founder, CEO, and driving force behind the marketing and business development firm WIMS,...


#20: Harrison Lord — Networking, Finding Your Niche, and the Power of Just Being Nice

Finding your niche is about more than just following your passion. While following your passion is all the rage, the truth is, if your passion doesn’t intersect with a viable need people are willing to part with their money for, your passion is going to bankrupt you. For better results, identify an existing problem in the market that pertains to your passion and then solve it. That’s how you can follow your passion to immeasurable wealth – or at least a successful business that gives you...


#19: Chung Winner — Filmmaking, Personal Development, and Winning the Day With a Cold Shower

This week I had the pleasure of spending some time with filmmaker Chung Winner. It was evident after talking for just a few minutes with Chung that he is a man on a mission. We covered topics from winning the day by starting with an ice cold shower to consciously manipulating his mind and body to serve his will. A director and editor by trade, Chung's behind the scenes credits include: Vanity Fair, The Travel Channel, short films, music videos, the #1 television show in the Democratic...


#18: How This Entrepreneur Turns Trash Into Cash — East Coasters

Jason Mailot is the founder of East Coasters, a company dedicated to making unique and functional products from discarded rubber that was destined for the landfill. Check out the full post at RobertIngalls.com/18-East-Coasters Jason is an old friend and one of the most charismatic people I know, so it was an absolute joy to have him in the studio this week. Jason is the embodiment of achieving success through shear force of will. After leaving college with a degree, a mountain of debt, and...