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A discussion of Geoversiv’s action-oriented exploration of Earth Intelligence, Climate Resilience, Food Security and the economics of a future without pollution. A push to leverage healthy natural systems and rights of nature as solutions to the climate crisis.

A discussion of Geoversiv’s action-oriented exploration of Earth Intelligence, Climate Resilience, Food Security and the economics of a future without pollution. A push to leverage healthy natural systems and rights of nature as solutions to the climate crisis.


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A discussion of Geoversiv’s action-oriented exploration of Earth Intelligence, Climate Resilience, Food Security and the economics of a future without pollution. A push to leverage healthy natural systems and rights of nature as solutions to the climate crisis.








Environmental Justice -Tina Johnson - Episode 022

In this episode, a tough discussion of the realities of the systemic injustices baked into our system. How bias affects not only climate change policies, but creates unnecessary and terrible burdens on minorities in the United States. Our guest is Tina Johnson Director of the National Black Environmental Network and Principal of Johnson Strategy and Development Consultants. Working with top US NGOs, the UN and international governments, she uses diplomacy, strategic development and advocacy...


Climate Finance and Policy - Dr. Sandra Guzman - Episode 021

Dr. Sandra Guzman is a specialist in low carbon development and climate finance. She is the founder of International Alliances at the Climate Finance Group for Latin America and the Caribbean. Her PhD is in politics, her Masters in Environmental Policy and Regulation from the London School of Economics and a diploma in Sustainable Finance from Oxford. The question is whether the powerful finance sector and fossil fuel dependent countries and carbon intensive industry will embrace the change...


Natural Capital - Dr. Stephen Polasky -020

Governor Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin said, on the very first Earth Day, that "The US economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of nature." Yet, Corporations have never placed a value on nature, it will not be found in account books or K1s. Dr. Stephen Polasky, and economist and conservationist, is one of the world's foremost authorities on placing a value on "ecosystem services" - from providing carbon dioxide drawdown to purifying water and creating oxygen for the planet and its inhabitants....


Dr. Michael Mann Part Two - Episode 019

We continue with our conversation with Dr. Michael Mann. In this episode, we concentrate on the value of carbon pricing and the various mechanisms for implementing a price. We also delve into the probabilities of uniting divided political forces to bring that change. Dr. Mann is optimistic. He sees vast changes in conservatives' thinking, some of whom have embraced the science of climate change and see the need for policy action. Much of the business world is already there, he says. One of...


Dr. Michael Mann Part One- Episode 018

Dr. Michael Mann is considered the most visible and effective climate scientist alive. He is an active communicator. He frequently authors op-ed pieces in national publications, carries a full teaching and research schedule and is a climate optimist as he sees not only the climate change, but attitudes change. In his book, The New Climate War-The Fight to Take Back Our Planet, he names names and tells the world where the enemy of science dwells, what weapons they are using on often...


Dean Rachel Kyte - Resilience and Policy

Dean Rachel Kyte is the 14th Dean and the only woman to lead the prestigious Tufts University Fletcher Graduate School. It is the only graduate-only school of international affairs in the country. Prior to Tufts she was a special representative of the UN Secretary General and CEO of Sustainable Energy for All. Previously, she held positions as Group Vice President of the World Bank and her diplomatic work drew world leaders to the table, the result of which was the Paris Agreement. She was...


Project Drawdown - Episode 016

Dr. Jonathan Foley is our guest. He is the Executive Director of Project Drawndown. There are off-the-shelf solutions to the climate crisis. Nothing new has to be discovered or technology invented. The solution will rely on knowledge, will and policy. There are coming changes in the financial sector that recognize and will react to the pressures of risk management in investing further dollars and time into those operations that could destroy us. At the same time, more capital is flowing...


News Brief #4 Texas Grid Failure

This is a news brief - a look at the headline story of the 4 million people in Texas who have lost power as a result of a sudden, extreme cold snap. It was a failure of the power grid, controlled and operated by the Electricity Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), once hailed as the Texas Miracle, it has failed repeated demands to harden the grid to withstand extreme weather events. ERCOT is largely independent of any other power sharing agreements, so when power goes down in Texas, it...


Robert Bryce -Electricity Poverty

There are a billion people in the world who use less electricity in a year than an average American refrigerator. There is another billion who have no electricity at all. Robert Bryce is a journalist, film-maker, energy analyst. He is the author of six books and the host of the podcast Power Hungry. His latest book, A Question of Power: Electricity and he Wealth of Nations has become the documentary Juice: How Electricity Explains the World. He has documented, first-hand, how the lack of...


News Brief #3

The US Senate has reached a power-sharing agreement which puts Democrats as the chairs of the Senate committees. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D), New York, took to the floor of the Senate and said that all relevant committees will focus on climate change in all of its dimensions. What does this mean for the future of climate change legislation. Joseph Robertson analyzes the developments.


Dr. Katharine Hayhoe - Episode 014

Dr. Hayhoe is the principal author of the Nation's Fourth Climate Assessment. She stood her ground against the anti-science forces of the past Trump Administration. She was named one of Time Magazine's 100 "Most Influential People." She is an expert on science and climate change communication. Much of how she thinks about climate change is based in her Christian faith. Her care and concern for the planet is not only science based, but informed by scripture: to care for God's creation as a...


News Brief #2

President Joseph Biden spent his first day following his inauguration writing 17 Executive Orders overturning many of Former President Donald Trump's anit-environment, anti-science dictates for the country. In this News Brief #2 we deal with only one, the rejoining of the Paris Agreement and role of the US on the world stage combating climate change. Analysis provided by Joseph Robertson.


Hope - Episode 13

This episode is aptly titled. In a time of division and uncertainty, Joseph R. Biden named his science team, and in so doing, said that science will take the lead in US policy decisions. It comes as a desperately needed breath of fresh air. We will discuss the hope this decision inspires, and the hope that we see in the reshaping of financial worlds, innovation and policy. We believe that this was the appropriate moment, in the midst of uncertainty and fear, to introduce this hopeful message.


Aftermath- Democracy and Truth 012

Recording this podast 24 hours after insurrectionists tried to take over the Capitol and stop the people's business. The deaths and desecration was fomented by lies. The people had been misled. Without truth-telling from our elected officials, how long can Democracy sustain itself? Is there an answer? And what of the lost skill of critical thinking? What has become of our requirement that facts and evidence are fundamental against lies, deception and false promises? Has America stopped...


News Brief #1

We are introducing a new feature we call "News Briefs." This is topical information and breaking in nature. We will provide short a 5-6 minute news story on climate change and provide analysis. We will publish news briefs as warranted by breaking news. Today we examine the $35 billion in climate crisis funding tucked inside the COVID relief bill.


Rights of Nature pt.2. 011

What is valued? Is there a price tag on Nature? Who will pay the bill when it comes due for the destruction of Nature? Is GDP the best measure of the human condition? Is it true that all species benefit when Nature benefits? The second part of a ranging discussion on the Rights of Nature and Earth Law movements. Has COVID-19 changed the way we view the world. Will the pandemic be a historical maker that denotes a major shift in global thinking? Can Nature ever gain "personhood?" Join us in...


The Rights of Nature pt.1 Episode 010

Have you ever considered that Nature has rights? Can a river, or a mountain range or a glacier have standing in a court of law. It is a huge movement across the planet. With the recognition of inherent Nature Rights, Nature is given "personhood," in much the way that corporations were granted that status in the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United. Science tells us that without the perfect systems of a natural world, unharmed by human hands, humans and all species of animal, plants and...


Is Science a Human Right -Episode 9

A discussion of a novel concept that all humans have an absolute right to science as knowledge. Why are there people who deny science? Why do the unfortunate in hospitals deny that the COVID-19 that is taking their life is not real? Why do so many people refuse to believe the science of climate change? Who has a hand in deciding what people know about science, and why would they attempt to conceal knowledge, or convince the of an alternate explanation that benefits only them? Do we have a...


Climate Smart Finance - Episode 008

A discussion with Isobel Edwards on the infusion of trillions of dollars in capital into the markets though green bonds. Money is made available to businesses demonstrating a dedication to resilience and climate friendly practices and operations. It is all part of a changing economy based on development of businesses and organizations that work with Nature, and against climate change.


Climate Smart Food Systems-Episode 007

What role does agriculture and food systems play in climate change? What does the planet face if destructive practices aren't altered. And, there is major value to those farmers and corporations who do shift to regenerative practices. Better profits, better soils, and, by the way, it could save the planet.