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Episode 04 - Agents, with Bernadette Baker-Baughman

This week! Agents -- who are they? What do they do? What are their jobs like, and how helpful is it for authors and artists to work with them? We talk with Bernadette Baker-Baughman from Victoria Sanders & Associates about the ins and outs of her work representing cartoonists.


Episode 03 - Pitching, with Calista Brill

From an Idea to a Pitch for a Publisher So you have an idea for a graphic novel! That’s great. But when is it time to pitch that idea to a publisher? Right away? When you have concept art? When you have a full script? When you’ve written and drawn the whole story? When you’ve serialized your comic online and built up a following? Figuring out the best route to publication can be complicated! We talk to First Second Editorial Director Calista Brill about how she thinks about book pitches...


Episode 02b - Lingo Part Two, with George Rohac

What do all of these publishing words mean? This week we’re bringing you part two of our conversation with long-time comics professional George Rohac about the wild world of publishing terminology. In this half, we cover everything from ARCs to ISBNs to paper stock to options to what exactly an indicia is. Our lingo rundown builds on itself, so maybe give part one a listen before you move on to this installment. You can find out more about George’s work at, or follow George on...


Episode 02a - Lingo Part One, with George Rohac

Words! As comics people, we all love them — but there are so many mysterious terms in publishing that it sometimes makes your head spin. In this episode (the first of a two-parter), we decode publishing’s secret terminology, with amazing manager and long-time comics professional George Rohac. Lucky for us, he’s just as much of a nerd about this stuff as we are.


Episode 01 - Origin Stories, with Ryan North

In the debut episode of GNTK we talk about why we’re all so fired up to explain the nuts and bolts of graphic novel publishing -- with guest bestselling author Ryan North, who talks about how he got his start in comics, what he’s learned since, and how understanding the inner workings of the business can help your career.


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