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Episode 12 - Finishing a Graphic Novel, with Jenni Holm

So you're making your graphic novel -- and you're coming to the end. The final page/final panel is in sight. Yay! It is an exciting milestone you are approaching: soon you will be entirely done with your book. But is that really the end? When you put your pen down after inking that last panel, are you done with the process of making a graphic novel? Is there more to do after that? To answer those questions, we talk with best-selling, award-winning author Jenni Holm about what happens around...


Episode 11 - How to Make a Graphic Novel

You've got a book deal! Or a self-publishing plan! A graphic novel is your next project. Yay you! But how do you go from a book deal, or a plot idea, to a final finished book? What does your day-to-day work look like? How do you plan for the process that takes you from the blank paged to a comic? In this episode, we talk to Carey Pietsch about the creative and logistical process she embarks upon when she's creating a comics project. From scheduling to strategy, she has some amazing advice!...


Episode 10 - Being Professional

So you've got a book deal! And an agent, and an editor, and a publisher -- you're doing amazing. Or you've got a pitch that you're just finishing up, and you're ready to start the process of finding all of those people to work with you, people you hope you'll work with your whole career. Or you've got a book! Or a webcomic! Or a mini-comic! And you're ready to start that Twitter account, go to a comics festival, put yourself out there and make the connections to build your career. How do...


Episode 09 - Rights, with Miriam Miller

In our last episode we talked all about contracts -- what part of the creative process you get one in and how to look at them to figure out if you have a deal that you want. In this episode, we talk about rights -- both how they work in contracts themselves, and what a publisher does with the rights that you sign over to them after you finalize your contract. We're excited to talk to Miriam Miller from the publisher Holiday House about being a Subsidiary Rights Manager, what that job is...


Episode 08 - The Contract, with Katie Lane

It's contracts time! But what does that mean? What's involved in the process of coming to an agreement with a publisher? What more should you be looking at than the dollar amount you're offered? In this episode, we talk with lawyer and contracts expert Katie Lane, from Work Made for Hire, about the ins and outs of the contract process -- from the moment of getting a book offer through to dealing with any problems you might have fulfilling things you agreed on in your contract. Want to know...


Episode 07 - The Acquisitions Meeting, with Andrew Eliopulos

What happens once an editor at a publishing house has a book on submission that they want to buy? What are the steps that they need to take between that and making an offer? At many publishing houses, the procedure is to present the book at an Acquisition Meeting -- a meeting with a lot of different people from the publisher so they can all put their heads together and figure out if the book will work for the publishing house. Today, we take an extensive look into this...


Episode 06 - The Book Deal, with Jen Linnan

How do you get from a proposal to a book deal? What do you need for a proposal? What's the process of talking to agents and publishers to get a contract? Today, we talk to Jen Linnan at Linnan Literary Management about all of these questions -- and more! As an agent who runs her own agency and deals exclusively with comics, Jen has the inside scoop.


Episode 04 - Agents, with Bernadette Baker-Baughman

This week! Agents -- who are they? What do they do? What are their jobs like, and how helpful is it for authors and artists to work with them? We talk with Bernadette Baker-Baughman from Victoria Sanders & Associates about the ins and outs of her work representing cartoonists.