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In Talks With... we aim to break down the world’s most pressing problems in a way that is interesting, exciting, and easy to understand. Our podcast hosts, Emil Ekvardt and Spirit Rosenberg, talk with organizations and experts dedicated to doing good in the world. Together, they shed light on some incredible work being done globally.

In Talks With... we aim to break down the world’s most pressing problems in a way that is interesting, exciting, and easy to understand. Our podcast hosts, Emil Ekvardt and Spirit Rosenberg, talk with organizations and experts dedicated to doing good in the world. Together, they shed light on some incredible work being done globally.


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In Talks With... we aim to break down the world’s most pressing problems in a way that is interesting, exciting, and easy to understand. Our podcast hosts, Emil Ekvardt and Spirit Rosenberg, talk with organizations and experts dedicated to doing good in the world. Together, they shed light on some incredible work being done globally.




#427 Talks With... Beast Philanthropy

Food insecurity is reaching critical numbers. More than 34 million people, including 9 million children, are suffering from food insecurity in the United States alone. But food insecurity isn't the only issue the US is currently facing. In addition to food insecurity, the US is in a housing crisis. These developments make it difficult for people to live lives the normal way. Beast Philanthropy wants to make the world a better place. Find out how Beast Philanthropy feeds those who are...


#426 Talks With... Against Malaria Foundation

Malaria is a devastating disease for African villages. It is estimated that malaria can devastate complete villages, as nearly half of the world's population is at risk of malaria transmission. Malaria is a disease found in 87 countries and territories, and in 2020, malaria caused more than 600,000 deaths. Against Malaria Foundation wants to protect people from malaria. Find out how Against Malaria Foundation makes it its mission to provide people with bed nets to battle malaria-carrying...


#425 Talks With... Women in Distress

Domestic violence is a major issue that impacts people worldwide. It is estimated that one in three women experience intimate partner violence worldwide, while one in four women in the US experiences any form of domestic violence. But men are also victims of domestic violence. In the US, one in ten men experiences domestic violence. Even though the rate is smaller, domestic violence impacts both women and men equally. Women in Distress of Broward County is on a mission to stop domestic...

Duration:00:20:34 Helps Domestic Violence Victims Seek Help

Domestic violence statistics sore to new heights during the pandemic. With people being locked inside, stress became a real issue in our society. With the stress from the pandemic also came more abuse by abusing partners. Since everyone had to stay at home, women and men became trapped with abusive partners. And the victim statistics aren't great, as one in three women and one in five men are victims of domestic abuse. works to make more people aware of the services...


#423 Talks With... Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation

Injured and orphaned wildlife doesn't often make it into the wild. These animals can be found through Alberta and often come in contact with humans. To prevent animals from being targeted by poachers and ensure their survival, we have to care for even those considered left on their own. Through rescue, rehabilitation, and release, we ensure these animals fight to see another day. Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation champions on behalf of the injured and offered wildlife through...


#422 Talks With... Children Incorporated

All children deserve a fair shot at an education that opens doors and inspires them to reach their potential. But basic school equipment is an unaffordable luxury for some families. Children Incorporated connects sponsors with impoverished children in 21 countries. Find out how you can help give kids in poverty the hope and confidence they need to make a difference. Want to support Children Incorporated? Find the episode on


#421 Talks With... Providence House

Each year in the US, around 700,000 children experience abuse and neglect. This kind of trauma is carried throughout life and affects development adversely. Providence House shelters children, removing them from crisis situations where they can be abused or neglected. Find out how you can help give these kids a respite from these high risk environments. Want to support Providence House? Find the episode on


#420 Talks With... Equality Now

We all deserve to be treated equally to our peers and to live in societies that embrace and cherish us for who we are. Unfortunately, many women and girls face violence and discrimination every single day. Equality Now employs various strategies to reform legislation and promote the equal treatment of women and girls. Find out about Equality Now’s latest work and how its reports are helping shape a better future. Want to support Equality Now? Find the episode...


#419 Talks With... WEAVE

April is sexual assault awareness month: recognizing the sheer number of people who experience violence and the systems that perpetuate it. WEAVE works to promote safe and healthy relationships and to support survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence and sex trafficking. Learn why these crimes are so unreported and what we can do to help. Want to support WEAVE? Find the episode on


#418 Talks With... Pathfinder International

Unsafe abortions are one of the leading causes of death for young women under the age of 18. Many still lack the professional support they need to make informed decisions about their reproductive health. Pathfinder International connects community healthcare workers with local women throughout the world, keeping them safe and healthy. Find out how you can help break down the dangerous stigma around women’s reproductive health. Want to support Pathfinder International?...


#417 Talks With... Partners for Women and Justice

One in four women will experience physical violence by their intimate partner at some point in their life. Partners for Women and Justice is empowering New Jersey abuse victims to take legal action and put an end to domestic abuse. Find out how your donation can change a victim’s life by helping them get access to free legal advice and support. Want to support Partners for Women and Justice? Find the episode on ...


#416 Talks With... Domestic Violence Solutions

The number of domestic violence incidents rose by 8.1% during the national lockdown in the U.S., and this only accounts for the cases which were reported. Domestic Violence Solutions provides safety, shelter and support for individuals and families affected by domestic violence and works to raise awareness of the cause and impact of abuse. Find out how we can work to protect more people in their own homes. Want to support Domestic Violence Solutions? Find the...


#415 Talks With... Sierra House

On any given night in the US, there are about 754,000 homeless people. Some of these are young women who have recently left foster care with little to no resources available. Sierra House finds and supports these homeless women by providing them with shelter, training, and assistance to stand on their own two feet. Find out how you can help these young women be self-sufficient. Want to support Sierra House? Find the episode on


#414 Talks With... Beyond Fistula

Social stigma, a lack of education and underdeveloped healthcare systems mean that many people who suffer from obstetric fistula are untreated and often ostracized from their families and communities. Beyond Fistula helps obstetric fistula survivors in Kenya heal and rebuild their lives, through counselling, vocational training and scholarships. Find out how you can raise awareness of this underserved issue and help to rebuild fistula survivors’ lives. Want to support Beyond Fistula?...


#413 Talks With... Judi's House

One in fourteen children in the USA will experience bereavement before the age of eighteen. It’s important that these kids receive compassion and empathy, as the loss of a parent or carer can greatly affect their development. Judi’s House in Denver, Colorado serves children and families who are grieving a loss. Find out how your donation can help children build resilience and develop healthily. Want to support Judi’s House? Find the episode on


#412 Talks With... Safenest

In 2017, the World Health Organization declared that the world was facing an epidemic of domestic violence. Instances of domestic violence have only increased with the coronavirus pandemic and associated lockdowns. Safenest works with people affected by domestic violence to eradicate it in all its forms. Find out how you can help prevent cycles of violence and foster a healthier, happier society. Want to support Safenest? Find the episode on


#411 Talks With... Goodwill of Orange County

People of all backgrounds have difficulties trying to hold down a job. Even more so, job employment opportunities are few for people with disabilities and for those facing barriers. More specifically, people with these disabilities, physical and mental, are often overlooked or lack opportunities to attend job interviews. Regardless of their background, we must assist and be of use to those who've given so much for us. Goodwill of Orange County helps people in Orange County who face barriers...


#410 Talks With... Esperança

Communities around the world face untold difficulties. Many countries suffer from unique issues that make understanding those issues even more difficult. With boots on the ground, we can learn how community members deal with these issues and how they find ways to improve lives. Esperança works to improve health equity and provide hope to disease prevention, education, and treatment all around the world. Find out how Esperança makes a change in health-transforming communities. Want to...


#409 Talks With... Hope House

The Kansas City area recorded 44,000 domestic violence hotline calls in 2021. In addition, the domestic violence rate among women in the US is one in three. That means one woman in three will experience some form of domestic violence in their lifetime. The statistics for men are also no different. It is estimated that one in four men experience some form of physical violence by an intimate partner. Hope House works in the Kansas City area to break the cycle of domestic violence by providing...


#408 Talks With... Crisis Aid International

The people of South Sudan face danger, disease, and starvation on a daily bases. In addition, the South Sudanese Civil War left millions in no-go zones. The people living in these zones had no access to food, water, or shelter. There are hundreds of similar examples where vulnerable people need life-saving nope. Crisis Aid International works to provide life-saving hope and services to the most vulnerable around the globe. Find out how Crisis Aid International refuses to do nothing. Want to...