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The monthly little bit of "something for everyone" podcast with Chief Entertainment Operator & Host, Guido Piraino. The show presents music, guest interviews including artists, actors, sports personalities, professionals, and everyday people with interesting stories. You will be entertained with music and cool content while learning about yourself and others. Key themes include: Self-Help, Culture, Resiliency, Leadership, Inclusion, Diversity, Health, Mental Health, Anti-Racism, Finance, Food, and Life Events.




The monthly little bit of "something for everyone" podcast with Chief Entertainment Operator & Host, Guido Piraino. The show presents music, guest interviews including artists, actors, sports personalities, professionals, and everyday people with interesting stories. You will be entertained with music and cool content while learning about yourself and others. Key themes include: Self-Help, Culture, Resiliency, Leadership, Inclusion, Diversity, Health, Mental Health, Anti-Racism, Finance, Food, and Life Events.




Homegrown Elyse Saunders Talks Free & Famous Country Music, Cardiologist Dr. Bolad Advises Heart Health & Disease, Ski Canada CEO Paul Pinchbeck Covers the Hills, & Part II on Intact Auto Insurance Fails

1. Elyse Saunders, Rising Country Music Star shares her award-nominated country music, originating from Peterborough Ontario as she talks about expectations being Canadian, mixing country & city, playing Nashville, working through gender challenges for woman in the music industry, the journey of her EP "Free", and the "secrets" behind her videos! Plus we hear three songs: "Free", "Genes", and "Famous" as she reveals future music plans!! WebsiteInstagram2. Dr. Bolad, Heart Specialist &...


Music-Media Star & Best-Selling Author Amy Scruggs Makes It All Go Right, Hypnotherapist Monique Pliakos Drives Resolutions, Intact Auto Insurance Crushes Client, & 6x Billboard Charting Artist McKay says "This Ain't The End"

Amy ScruggsCountry Music StarBest-SellingAuthorTV HostMedia CoachTrace AtkinsClint BlackLittle Texas,Phil VassarLights, Camera, Action"! ASM Media Web SiteAmy's Music Web SiteMonique PliakosCertified HypnotherapistWeb SiteFranklin McKay6x Billboard Charting ArtistThe Path RadioThe Path RadioWebsiteJess Gurnsey post-accident auto-insurance experience with Intact Insurance4 monthsThe Path Radio Mix Online Free Online Streaming Music & Audio Content Support the showAffiliated with: The Path...


Rock Photographer & Author Lisa S Johnson Shoots Immortal Axes, Fall with Hollywood Stuntman & Author Kevin Cassidy to Find Yourself, & Jazz Robertson Collides like a Hurricane with It Ain't Me!

1. Lisa S. Johnson, renowned Photographer shares her rock n' roll stories with notable guitarists and how she captures their guitars, immortalizing them in her recent book, "Immortal Axes". Hear stories about Les Paul, Peter Frampton, Tom Petty, Bo Diddley, Aldo Nova, Suzi Quatro, Randy Bachman, and more! Find out how to get her book and a few extras! Website: Immortal Axes Website: 108 Rock Star Guitars Instagram Buy Immortal Axes Book 2. Kevin Cassidy, Hollywood Stuntman and now...


Hollywood & TV Actor Gone Music Star Kelly Monrow gives us Scars of Venus, Home Aeroponics Guru Patty Greve Cuts Food Costs, Inflation Analysis, & Auto Boss Cam Campli on Car Fixes. + A Remembrance Day Pause.

KELLY (DOWDLE) MONROW: Hollywood, TV, & Rising Music star talks about her acting career in movies and tv and her transition to music. Reflects on experiences with Martin Lawrence (Big Momma's House 2), John Travolta (American Crime Story), and taking on the role of Nicole Brown Simpson & Anna Nicole Smith. Talks about relationships and her new album, "Scars of Venus" and gives some up close and personal insights on life, her journey, resiliency, spirituality, and...


NHL Pro Scout Mark Osborne & Hockey Life, Salme Dahlstrom, the Wall Street dubbed Queen of Music Licensing & Billboard Artist Gets Contagious, Carol Davidson on Political Candidacy, Pay Yourself or Go Bankrupt, & PK Subban Retires!

MARK OSBORNE, NHL Pro Scout with the Los Angeles Kings and former NHL player with the Red Wings, Maple Leafs, Jets, and Rangers talks about his journey from player to scout. We cover the 1993 Stanley Cup playoffs and the infamous Gilmour/Gretzky non-call by Kerry Frasier, the greatest captain he played with, what it's like playing for 3 of the original 6 hockey teams, and explore the NHL culture & Hockey Ministries. Laughs and stories in between. SALME DAHLSTROM, Multi Billboard Artist &...


Juno nominated & Reggae Icon Jay Douglas, Tattoo Talk with Jason Breau, Scientist Marc Nelson on Body Type Science & Health, Free KLS Literacy & Skills Training, & The Hybrid Work Office Dilemma

Jay Douglas, Multi-Juno nominated artist and Canadian Reggae Icon talks about coming to Canada, working with artists like Ziggy and Bob Marley, Music Culture, Connecting with nature, and his new album Confession with historical blues foundations. Hear Jay sing impromptu as he talks about the make-up of reggae music and its history in Canada. Featured Songs: Website: Jason Breau, Tattoo Artist from Patron Heart Tattoo Studios gives his insights on the artistry...


Aaron Rayford’s Faith Journey Across America, Author Mark Berrios-Ayala on Allyship, Janice Founk talks Circle Drumming, Rogers Network Melts Down, Exclusive Sports Content, Plus Alvarado & Hale make Starz Collide, & The Whythouse Gives Heat

1. Author Mark Berrios-Ayala joins us to discuss his new book, "Let's Get Sincere" as he explains "Allyship". Book Kindle EditionBook Paperback Edition 2. Aaron Rayford, Christian AC Artist shares his new song, "You Are" with us, and also talks about his real-life faith journey with his wife and kids as they leave their home behind and travel the United States in an RV. Aaron Rayford MusicThe Rayfords on YouTube 3. Janice Founk shares her knowledge on Circle Drumming and a performance...


Southern Songbird Jennifer Alvarado Talks Music, Faith, & Mental Health, Ron Butler on Mortgages & Interest Rates, We Look at Shrinkflation, The Customer Experience Journey, & NHL Stanley Cup Finals.

1. Jennifer Alvarado is a decorated country-pop artist who joins us from North Carolina to share 3 songs. One of those is a brand new one that is part of a larger project. We also chat her music journey, faith, and mental health as she gives you several avenues of connecting with positivity. Songs Include: You can listen and purchase them through her personal web site with links to other cool content. Web Site: Twitter: 2. Ron Butler...


Drew Arnott & Strange Advance Return from the 80's, Paul McCarthy is the Chief Fired Officer, See Your Health Outlook, Go Stealth with VPN, & Leafs Fall in the Spring!

1. Drew Arnott & Strange Advance return to deliver a new album, Strange Advance 4, as their 1980's hit "We Run" continues a resurgence across generations. Drew talks the early start with Bryan Adams, Remote Control, and Metropolis. Also, working with Steve Sexton, David Bowie, Randy Bachman, and other artists. Follow the journey that took Strange Advance across Canada into hiatus and now back in the spotlight. Plus, hear their hit song, "We Run", plus two new ones, "They Don't Know" and...


Author-Nurse Alexandra Dotcheva on Holistic Self-Confidence, Enter the Whythouse with Chris Hale, Cam's Car Maintenance Tips, Learn About Bone Conduction Hearing, Faster Home Internet, My Goose Encounter, & Did Matthews Score 50 in 50

1. Alexandra Dotcheva, Author of the book Holistic Self-Confidence gives us insights on her 5 pillars of self-confidence and how to have more than just balance. Get insights on her life transition through childhood studying violin, Performing in Orchestras, Dealing with Stage Fright, Becoming a Black Belt in Martial Arts, Being a Nurse, and now Author--all while she re-defines fail-forward. Amazon Book LinkAuthor Website 2. The Whythouse Band with Chris Hale give Canada and the world some...


Get Naked with Sarah Tolle, Go Back To The Future, Living with Poli-Medical Advice, Weather Patterns & You, Coalition Governments, Students Talk Pandemic Culture, Pinch at the Pump, and 4 Fans talk Russia & Justin Bieber

1. "Like It or Not", Sarah Tolle will "Fight For You" as we talk with her about: Plus, listen to her song "Fight For You" and the release of her new song, "Like It Or Not (This is How I Look Naked). Social Media: SarahTolle WebsiteSarah Tolle on Spotify2. Poli-Medical, The New Alternate Facts: Understand what poli-medical advice is, how you're receiving it, and if that's a good thing. The new term is explored through the experience of an 8 year old and the advice of 90 year old...


Canada's Co-Conspirators & The Lonesome Death of Elijah McClain, Black History Month Reflection, Occupation of Canada's Capital: Freedom & Confusion. Pet Trends & Political Alignment, & Arizona Moves Into a Barn

1. Current Events: Media References: Law, Liberty, Freedom, and Toilet PaperThe Difference Between Misinformation & Disinformation 2. Black History Month: Reflection on Black History Month and anti-racism through "The Lonesome Death of Elijah McClain". An extension to our conversation with The Co-Conspirators, supported by an article on that recognizes the song title, while also revisiting George Floyd. 3. The Co-Conspirators | Will Richards & Katherine Simons: The...


Erin Hill-Billboard Harpist, Singer, & Actor on Game of Thrones, Soaps, Chappelle, Plays for Queen Elizabeth, + 2 songs. Discover the Future of Farming, Education Inequity. Canadian Artist Kelly Besd is Dreamin', & 4 Fans Talk Sports Biggest Jerks.

1. Erin Hill - Billboard Harpist & Singer, Actor: Kentuckiana, harps, performances, #1 Billboard, creation process, Chapelle Show, acting, Game of Thrones, & more as we explore her career and experiences working with other talent like Kanye West, Enya, Moby, A-Ha, Josh Groban, Jewel, performing for Royalty, & more. Plus, tune in for two songs! Social...


6x Billboard Artist Franklin McKay Says Don't Forget Love, Richmond Hill Pandemic Mayor Joe DiPaola Talks Growth, Canadian Songbird Kaleigh Watts Hunts, 2022 Trends, Return To Office Dinosaurs, and 4 Fans Talk Olympics, NHL, F1, and more!

1. 6x Billboard Artist Franklin McKay gives us some insights on music, writing, being an independent artist, working with industry talents like Harry Hess, Bill Champlin, Greg Fitzgerald, Marc Jordan, Heather Rankin, and more! Find out about his new single, "Don't Forget Love", where his music roots started, hobbies, and more! We also chat about his recent holiday song, "Christmas Ain't The Same (Without You)", the process, and how people matter. PLUS: Debut Release of NEW SINGLE, "Don't...


2021 Year In Review: A look back at Billboard Artists, Stanley Cup Champions, Indigenous Challenges, Residential School Survivors, Musicians, Composters, Coaches, Leaders, Nurses, COVID19, Disabilities, Tips, and MORE!

A look back at 2021: Thanks to all the guests in 2021. The Path Radio Mix Online Free Online Streaming Music & Audio Content Recipes At My Table Brings you food prep that is easy and that you can enjoy with family, friends or just yourself. Chasers Fresh Juice 100% Fresh Pressed Plant Based Juice. Juiced & Delivered Fresh Daily. & IcePops Too! Johnny Prosciutto Our product’s are all 100% naturally cured just like Nonno and Nonna make it! The Path Radio Mix Online Free Online...


Stanley Cup Champion Ryan Walter on Leadership, Go on a Rollercoaster with Musical Guest Laura Keating, Documentarian Sam Cistaro on the Soo Greyhounds, 4 Fans Talk Leafs, Habs, Kyle Beach, & Franklin McKay shares NEW Christmas Classic song!

1. Leadership with Stanley Cup Champion Ryan Walter - Explore Leadership from the eyes of a professional hockey player and coach with a perspective on blame, language, culture, attitude, faith, mental strength, championship habits, resiliency, performance, and experience. as he gives inside tidbits on his time with the Montreal Canadiens, Washington Capitals, and beyond. Web Site: Other Links: Short Shifts with Ryan Walter 2. Musical Guest, Canadian Folk Artist...


Mindfulness Meditation with Fred Pitt, Spirits & Tarot Card Readings with Kimberley, No Let Down with Musical Guests Latchkey, while Quantum Jukebox defines No Love, My Tips on Interviews, Misinformation, & 4 Fans talk best NHL Captain!

1. Mindfulness Meditation & Coaching with Fred Pitt - Fred explains what mindfulness is, how easy it is to incorporate into your every day routine for a healthier you, and takes you through your own session, right here on the podcast! You can follow up with Fred on his site, Mind The Gap! Mind The Gap2. Spirits & Tarot Cards explored with Kimberley Clement - Kimberley talks about how she channels spirits through dreams and other mediums and does a unique card reading for me and you, while...


Residential School Survivor Jackie Fletcher, Artist Chase Stevens gives Another Little Roadside Kiss, Back-2 School & COVID19, 4 Pandemic Waves as a Front Line Worker, Interior Design with Laura Cavallo, & 4 Fans Talk Tony-O, Auston Mathews, & More!

1. Jackie Fletcher, Residential School Survivor shares her personal experience with us about being taken from the Shingwauk Canadian residential school in Sault Ste. Marie, being separated from her family and culture, grave sites, Government & Church, living conditions, forgiveness & healing, her community, and more! Parks Canada Shingwauk Residential School ReferencesTRC2. Returning To School & COVID19: I explore the current environment in Ontario with respect to the challenges of...


Canadian Music Producer Mark Zubek, Tania Tuusa will "Get Down To It", Laughter Yoga with Cathy Nesbitt, "Get Lit" with Musical Guest Mystic Fools, Mr. Figlini's Apple, & 4 Fans Talk Sports heats up!

1. Canadian Music Producer Mark Zubek of ZEDD Records talks about his journey from artist to producer, giving industry insights while sharing his personal connections for an authentic story that can both inspire and teach resilience. 2. Tania Tuusa shares with us her debut song, "Get Down To It", produced by Mark Zubek and ZEDD Records. This is a catchy fresh tune that you'll want to make part of your play list! 3. Cathy Nesbitt explores the world of Laughter Yoga as a trained Ambassador....


Lynda Peacock on Autism, Musical Guest Ryan Holdsworth gives us Coast Fire, 4 Fans Talk Sports Debut! Article: "I Think You're Missing My Point", and go with me Across The River!

Welcome to Summer and while we continue to have fun, we also continue to learn! 1. Canadian Parent Lynda Peacock from Ontario talks with us about parenting children with autism, identifying, diagnosing, and getting support. Lynda gives fantastic insights and inspiration as she shares her story. 2. Ryan Holdsworth is our Musical Guest from Welland, Ontario who lets us listen in on Coast Fire as we learn about the COVID-19 born Holdzy Project and his new EP, "Guard Down" available on...