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The Anniversary Episode - #008 - Hannah O'Brien - Confident Cannabis

Celebrate the anniversary of the Hash It Out Podcast with a personal update from founder and host, Micayla Harland! I give first hand insight into where I've been, what I've been doing (spoiler: cooking up a tiny human), and what's next for Hash It Out Productions. After the brief intro, Hannah O’Brien of Confident Cannabis sits down with me to discuss the company mission to bring transparency to cannabis test results in the latest Hash It Out episode. We chat about how Confident Cannabis’...


Growing Great Cannabis - 007 Erika Winters and Mike McGowan

In the latest episode of Hash It Out, I sit down with two very experienced growers – Erika Winters of Everbloom Consulting and Mike McGowan (a.k.a. Karmicheal) of King’s Cannabis. This is not, however, an episode to learn how to grow Cannabis. Rather, we take a deep dive into the different philosophies and cultivation practices that exist in the industry to empower consumers to be able to make informed decisions around who they want to support and ultimately, what they want to put into their...


The CBD Episode - 006 Anna Symonds - East Fork Cultivars

This episode is all about CBD. We are going to dive deep into the science behind this seemingly miracle molecule – what it can help alleviate and dosing recommendations. I catch up with Anna Symonds of East Fork Cultivars to ask way too many questions as she patiently answers each one, meticulously.


Pushing The Boudaries of Normalization - 005 Alex Berger - Magic Number

In this episode of Hash It Out join me as I talk to Alex Berger, co-founder and brewer for Magic Number. Magic Number is a craft cannabis infused beverage company based in Bend, OR. In this episode we discuss their origin story, product offering, sourcing and processing practices, and the cannabis industry’s effect on adjacent industries. Additionally, we delve into the following topics: • Edibles as a consumption method, their benefits, and the difference in effect vs. smoking or vaping...


004 Intentionality in Cannabis - Kenan Hester - Critical Source

An amazing episode that covers a dynamic range of topics. Tune in to hear what similarities there are between the cannabis industry and the wine industry and how looking at these similarities can garner best practices as well as a unique look into the future of cannabis. We talk about the extraction process, what goes into making a high quality oil, from start to finish. The conversation is rounded out with a focus on what values are important to hold front of mind while moving forward in...


003 Unlocking The Potential of a Budtender - Brent Bradley - Green Health

This is an episode filled with hope for the future. What is the untapped potential of a Budtender? What can customers expect, or even demand, from the service they receive? How are Budtenders influencing the culture of the cannabis industry? What responsibilities do they have when it comes to making meaningful change? How do Budtenders effect the stigma around cannabis? How can they contribute to the fight for racial equality? What questions should they be asking themselves to effectively...


002 Community is the Crux - Anna Kaplan - Sugartop Buddery

Join us for this episode showcasing a conversation with Anna Kaplan where we delve into the origin story behind Sugartop Buddery. We get into what fuels her passion, Sugartop's dedication to supporting our community, the challenges they face as a small family run business, and what we're excited to help cultivate in the future of the cannabis industry.


001 The Future of Cannabis - Trey Willison - Eugenius

In this episode, catch up with Trey Willison, founder and owner of Eugenius, an eco-friendly recreational cannabis production with a passion for unique cannabinoids and terpenes, located in Springfield, OR. Topics covered in this podcast include: -The state of Oregon's medical cannabis program -Overproduction as an obstacle and what we can do about it -Hemp as a strong pillar of the future -Oregon's upcoming agricultural revolution -The impact legalization is having on Oregon's local economy