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Stories of learning in and out of school, and interviews with teachers, students, and school leaders. Artwork by the inimitable Enrique "Chikle" Lugo

Stories of learning in and out of school, and interviews with teachers, students, and school leaders. Artwork by the inimitable Enrique "Chikle" Lugo


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Stories of learning in and out of school, and interviews with teachers, students, and school leaders. Artwork by the inimitable Enrique "Chikle" Lugo




S2E22 - Don Berwick on Building Courageous Networks

Episode Notes Learn more about Don Berwick and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement at http://www.ihi.org/


S2E21 - Supporting LGBTQ+ youth, with Rick Oculto

Episode Notes Resources referenced in this episode: Our Family Coalition https://ourfamily.org/ ONE Archives Foundation https://www.onearchives.org/ Teaching LGBTQ History http://www.lgbtqhistory.org/ Billy DeFrank Center https://www.defrankcenter.org/ The LGBT Youth Space https://youthspace.org/ Our Germs, Our Future. Human Microbiome as a Community of Self. | Miriam Lueck Avery | TEDxMarin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJTjuiYrmFs California History-Social Science Project,...


S2E20 - Radical Reengagement: Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales

Episode Notes PIN@Y EDUCATIONAL PARTNERSHIP Deeper Learning Conference


S2E19 - Storytelling in Mexico

Episode Notes Full episode transcript here There's nowhere in the world quite like the Habla Center in Mérida, Mexico. Teachers go there for professional development and come back talking about it the way people talked about being at Woodstock. To understand where the magic comes from, Alec spoke to the founders, Marimar Patrón Vasquez, and Kurt Wootton. The roots of Habla turn out to include Brazilian dancing, 19th century literature, and alcohol-smuggling ancestors! To learn more about...


S2E18 - The AbleGamerz Project

Episode Notes Student Product Gallery Project Overview Video


S2E17 - Teaching Consent: Beyond "No Means No"

Episode Notes Jean and Alec interview Marcy Clayson, of Planned Parenthood, about how to teach kids about consent, plus a whole lot more about sex, gender identity, and relationships. Sex Ed To-Go Marcy's email address: mclayson [at] planned.org

S2E16 - Supporting kids' mental health as we return to the classroom, with Cat Magielnicki

Episode Notes You can find Cat Magielnicki on Instagram: @the_feelingsteacher The CompassEd website is CompassEdConsulting.com You can email Cat at Cathryn@compassedconsulting.com

S2E15 - Deeper Learning 2021 Special Episode: Addressing Equity & Racism in Schools, with Ron Berger

Episode Notes Full Episode Transcript Here This episode is a recording of a "Den Talk" from the 2021 Deeper Learning Conference, on “Leading School Staff in Work to Address Equity and Racism.” It's hosted by Ron Berger, Senior Advisor for Teaching and Learning at EL Education, and he’s speaking to Laina Cox, Middle School Principal at Capital City Public Charter School, in Washington, DC, Justin Lopez-Cardoze, a Middle School Teacher at Capital City Public Charter School, and Arria Coburn,...

S2E14 - What Can School Learn From After-school?

Episode Notes In Search of Deeper Learning, by Sarah Fine and Jal Mehta This Teenage Life Website (you can also find it wherever you get your podcasts) The Center for Research on Equity and Innovation at the High Tech High Graduate School of Education Read a full transcript here


S2E13 - Don Berwick on Improvement as Learning

Episode Notes Learn more about Don Berwick and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement at http://www.ihi.org/ The book Don recommended is The Improvement Guide Learn more about the Center for Research on Equity and Innovation here A full transcript is available on the Unboxed Website

S2E12 - Ayo Magwood: Preparing students to Understand, Discuss, and Dismantle Racism

Episode Notes The transcript of this episode is here You can download Ayo's lesson plan and slides for The Blind Man and the Elephant here You can download a slideshow of maps showing racial and economic segregation across the USA here A collection of statistical evidence about systemic racism is here You can find out more about Ayo's workshops and online courses here Send Ayo an email: ayo.magwood [at] gmail.com


S2E11 - We're about ALL kids, and ALL kids being successful”: Dr. Adriana Lepe-Ramirez, Principal of Escondido High School

Episode Notes The CARPE College Access Network Cesar's Recommended Educated Guess Episodes Ep.041: Don Dumas aka Don the Jeweler | San Diego County Teacher of the Year Ep.045: Stephanie Brown | Principal of Lincoln High School Ep.044: Dr. Rob Rubalcaba AKA Professor Shadow | Umoja | Pillars of the Community Rodrigo's Recommended Educated Guess Episodes EP024 | DrChrisEmdin | RealityPedagogy |#HIpHopEd EP027 | OSCAR DE LA TORRE | PYFC | SantaMonicaSchoolBoard EP021 | Gerardo Huidor |...


S2E10 - Rachel Angeles "Making Sense of This"

Episode Notes Little Things Are Big: Jesús Colón You can read a transcript of this episode HERE


S2E9 - Pro Sessions: Banishing Awkward Silence from Breakout Rooms, with Kat Wu

Episode Notes You can read more about Kat Wu and rest of the High Tech Middle Media Arts 7th Grade Team here If you have an idea for a pro session, or a teaching question you want help with, send an email to unboxed [at] hightechhigh.org


S2E8 - Pro Sessions: Shane Duenow on parallel prototyping & using Padlet for critique

Episode Notes You can see a screenshot of Shane's padlet here Shane Duenow's Digital Portfolio The research article on parallel prototyping: "Parallel Prototyping Leads to Better Design Results, More Divergence,and Increased Self-Efficacy" Make your own padlet here Gravit, the online vector design app, is here


S2E7 - "If it doesn't work for teachers, it doesn't work": Dr. Simon Breakspear on how schools can help teachers master their craft just by coming to work every day

Episode Notes Episode Transcript HERE Further reading: 0:38 The Innovation Unit, where I used to work 0:44 Agile School Leadership 0:50 Teaching Sprints 2:05 The OECD and PISA 4:54 Valerie Hannon 4:59 Tony Mackay 5:03 Michael Fullan 5:16 Michael Fullan, "Large-scale Reform Comes of age" 6:38 Andreas Schleicher 8:16 Jeffrey Sachs 15:10 Anthony Bryk on Networked Improvement Communities 15:28 Nelson Gonzalez 17:41 Anthony Bryk, Learning to Improve 18:11 IDEO Design Thinking,...


S2E6 - “Nobody dresses like that here”: Enrique “Chikle” Lugo on helping students of color navigate white spaces

Episode Notes Read a full transcript of this episode HERE Follow Chikle on Instagram: @chikle79 Check out all his merch at https://chikle79.bigcartel.com/ Podcasts: Emo Brown, The Saddest Mexican Dale Gas Confidentials


S2E5 - Spreadsheets vs. Inequality in New York City Schools

Episode Notes You can read a full episode transcript here


S2E4 - Screen Time: How Remote Learning Feels to Students

Check out the "This Teenage Life" website at https://thisteenagelife.org/ You can also find it on Apple podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts! There is a transcript of this episode here


S2E3 - "How to Teach Us" and how kids found real data

Read the book here Check out the student survey here