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Podcast dedicated to connecting the higher education tech manager community through topical discussion and interviews on classroom and AV technology.

Podcast dedicated to connecting the higher education tech manager community through topical discussion and interviews on classroom and AV technology.
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Podcast dedicated to connecting the higher education tech manager community through topical discussion and interviews on classroom and AV technology.








054: CCUMC 2019 Preview with the three Presidents Kathleen Dooley, Jim Pierret, and Gina Sansivero

CCUMC 2019 is upon us! We have a great introduction and preview to the upcoming Consortium of College and University Media Centers' Annual Conference being held October 2-5, 2019, at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY. We have the three presidents on with us today: (1) Past President Kathleen Dooley, Director of Media Resources at Midwestern University; (2) Current President Jim Pierret from Carleton College (Retired); and (3) President-Elect Gina Sansivero, VP of Marketing and Corporate...


053: Nathan Paterson from Australian National University Returns to the Show

Nathan Paterson, Audiovisual Architect at Australian National University in Canberra, AU, rejoins the show. Formerly at Abertay University in Scotland, Nathan discusses what it is like to transition from one role to another, including traveling across the globe to do so. What are some of the similarities? What are the differences? What type of learning curve exists when moving from one campus with its technologies and procedures to another? Hear him discuss how ANU seeks to ensure there are...


052: Jason Ward and Chris Smith from UK-based Involve VC Discuss the Importance of Investing in Vendor Relationships

As tech managers, we cannot succeed without relationships, especially our vendor relationships. Joe talks with Jason Ward and Chris Smith from UK-based Involve VC about the importance of understanding client needs, as well as the future direction of pro-AV. We discuss cloud services, benefits vs. technology, AVaaS, PSNI, InfoComm, podcasting, and why Aston Villa is the best football team in English Premier League. Jason is the Sales & Marketing Director and Chris works as the Channel Manager...


051: Neil Morris from the University of Leeds UK Discusses His Recent Lecture Capture Study

Neil Morris, Chair in Educational Technology, Innovation and Change for the School of Education and Dean of Digital Education at the University of Leeds UK, joins to discuss his recent study on the effectiveness of lecture capture titled, "Lecture Recordings to Support Learning: A Contested Space between Students and Teachers." Which disciplines can gain the most value from a lecture capture solution? Are they effective, and what do they mean for the in-class experience? We discuss the...


050: Thank You CBU - Joe and the AV Staff Reminisce over their 3 Years Together

The Big 5-0! There's no better way to celebrate the fiftieth episode than by spotlighting those who have made all of my success possible: my team at CBU. Joe chats with Randy, the manager, 5 current student workers, and 1 former student worker.


049: Mike Pedersen from Iowa State University joins to talk about integrator relationships and his transition to Higher Ed

Mike Pedersen, Audiovisual Experience Manager at Iowa State University and the AVIXA 2018 CTS Holder of the Year, discusses his transition from working for an integrator, Mechdyne Corporation, for nearly 19 years to being in higher education, leading the team responsible for maintaining the AV systems in over 200 university classrooms. What are some things that integrators should understand about tech managers and what should tech managers know about integrators? Oh, and hear his perspective...


047: Kevin Hartman from the University at Buffalo, School of Management, Talks Video Delivery and Production

Kevin Hartman, Multimedia Technician for the University at Buffalo School of Management joins the show to discuss the Digital Access Working Group (DAWG). Buffalo's lecture capture and studio recording allows student flexibility in scheduling and attendance. We discuss the process and ultimate decisions behind the development of the program's AV. Kevin comes form a broadcast background; hear how that can apply to being a higher ed tech manager. Most importantly we discuss why my L.A....


046: Donovan Monday from West Virginia University

Donovan Monday, Network Engineer for Health Sciences at West Virginia University, joins to discuss the challenges of being an isolated campus, and need to bring installation and service in-house. Learn how they utilize video and lecture capture in order to serve users from across the region. We also recap #InfoComm19 and the AVIXA Tech Managers Council and Forum.


045: Gina Sansivero and Corey Moss Join to Discuss the Practice of Trade Show "Booth Babes" and #WomenInAV

What is the proper protocol for booth scanning? After some outrageous practices seen at #InfoComm19 (@InfoComm / @AVIXA), Gina Sansivero (@GinaSans) from Atlas IED (@Atlas_IED) and Corey Moss (@cbmoss) from Convergent AV (@Convergent_AV / @The_AVLife) join to discuss the practice of trade show "booth babes" and #WomenInAV. Gina and I joined the AV Road House (@road_av) hosted by Corey, where he started the discussion. We continue the conversation here. Listen to the original episode here:...


044: Josh Kaufman from Tufts University Talks about Accessibility and Universal Design

What is Universal Design and how can it assist us in better classroom planning and integration? What can we do for better Accessibility for students and faculty? Josh Kaufman (@avforaccess), Multimedia Specialist, at Tufts University (@TuftsUniversity) joins to discuss this important topic. He gives us three takeaways we can institute right now to improve the learning experience for those requiring added assistance. This is a personal one for me. Take a listen to find out why. This episode...


043: Live Recording from the Starin booth at InfoComm19; Co-hosted by Joe Way and BC Hatchett

Live from the Starin booth at #InfoComm19, Joe is joined by BC Hatchett as guest co-host. We discuss the official launch of HETMA, while being joined by victims of the Beach Ball Conch and winning the InfoComm swag game. Hear from Steve Standers of NC State, Josh Kaufman from Tufts, Gabe Moronta of Zoom, Nyere Hollingsworth from MITRE, Collin Nixon of Vanderbilt, Jimmie Singleton from CBU, Chris Neto from Starin, and Craig Shibley from CBU and CheckMyAV.com. We all discuss topics across the...


042: Charmaine Torruella, Chairperson of the AVIXA Diversity Council and Global Services Manager at Verrex

Diversity matters. Today we welcome Charmaine Torruella (@CharmaineTorru2), Chairperson of the AVIXA Diversity Council (@AVIXA) and Global Services Manager at Verrex (@Verrex) to discuss the mission of the council, its initiatives, and upcoming InfoComm 2019 (@InfoComm) events in Orlando. We talk about the importance of education, opportunity, and showing empathy. This episode is brought to you by Sound Productions, SoundPro.com (@SoundPro).


041: Craig Shibley, Audio Visual Services Manager at California Baptist University and CheckMyAV.com

Craig Shibley (@CraigShibley), Audio Visual Services Manager, at California Baptist University (@CalBaptist) joins to discuss CheckMyAV.com (@checkmyAV), his events support role at CBU, and InfoComm (@InfoComm) expectations. Oh, and beard oil (@EsauGrooming)? This episode is sponsored by Sound Productions, SoundPro.com (@SoundPro).


040: Joshua Curlett, CEO of Sound Productions, SoundPro.com, Discusses the Importance of Distributor-Customer Relationships

Joshua Curlett (@JoshuaCurlett), CEO of Sound Productions (@SoundPro) in Irving, TX, joins the show to talk about the importance of the distributor/reseller and end user relationship. We talk about building partnerships to assist in getting competitive pricing, design assistance, and training for your team. In higher ed, we can't thrive without our relationships. This episode is brought to you by Sound Productions, SoundPro.com.


039: Northwest Managers of Educational Technology Keynote 2019 by Dr. Joe Way, Las Vegas, NV, Hosted by UNLV

In this episode, Joe presents the Keynote Address titled "Because of My Podcast: Seven Lessons Learned and Three Predictions" that was delivered to the 2019 Northwest Managers of Educational Technology (@NWMET) Conference in Las Vegas, NV, hosted by UNLV. Special thanks to the Frank Alaimo, Scott Menter, and the team at UNLV, as well as NW/MET president, Raul Burriel for the invitation! Be sure to check out 2020 conference at Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA. This episode is brought to you...


038: PSNI Global Alliance Supersummit End User Panel

While our daily routine is focused around technology, it's the relationships with our industry partners that are most important. In February, I had the honor of sitting on the PSNI Global Alliance (@PSNI_AV) Supersummit End User panel, hosted by Tim Albright (@TDAlbright) from AV Nation (@AVNationTV), that included a number of incredible colleagues including Nick Miller (@NickMil), Bradford Benn (@BradfordBenn), Dawn Meade (@AVDawn), Nyere Hollingsworth (@NyereH), and myself (@josiahway) to...


037: Tim Van Woeart from Rutgers University

Tim Van Woeart, Senior Project Supervisor, at Rutgers University and crew member on The AV Life joins the show. Hear how Rutgers leverages technology to answer real-world problems through immersive classrooms with life-sized video lecture halls. This episode is sponsored by Sound Productions, SoundPro.com.


036: Randal Murphey from California Baptist University Discusses the NWMET and Almo E4 Experience

Randal Murphey, Manager of Multimedia Services at California Baptist University, joins the podcast to discuss his recent experiences at the Northwest Managers of Educational Technology conference at UNLV in Las Vegas, NV, and Almo E4 Experience in Costa Mesa, CA. We talk about the end user attendee perspective and lessons learned. Oh, and the incredible keynote speaker at NWMET. This episode is sponsored by Sound Productions, SoundPro.com.


035: Lance Beaumont, Associate Professor of Music and Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Program Development, from California Baptist Un

Lance Beaumont (@LanceBeaumont), Associate Professor of Music and Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Program Development, at California Baptist University School of Music (@CBUMusic) joins the show to discuss the creation of two new AV-heavy programs. Joe and Lance talk about how course design and AV are integral in the success of the new studio-based Commercial Music degree and virtual-hybrid Worship Arts M.A. degree. As AV becomes central to the discipline, as tech managers we need to...