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Indian Mutiny Of 1857

When India erupted into rebellion during the 1850's, it should have come as no surprise. The British Empire, working through the British East India Company, had overstretched its authority on the subcontinent. While grievance after grievance was ignored or minimized by the British administration, chunks of the native population grew restless with anger. By 1857, peace was hanging on by only a thread, yet the British occupiers failed to recognize the danger they faced. Their fates hung in...


Pinochet's Military Dictatorship

Nobody likes an autocrat, right? There's something so offensive about a single person being allowed to rule an entire country, but somehow it happens anyway. While we've all heard about Hitler, Mao, and Stalin, there have been countless other dictators striving to impose their rule across history and the world. In Chile during the early 1970s, one man took advantage of a chaotic situation, seizing the reigns and running the country into the ground. For most of the 70s and 80s, he...


Episode 9 - Crusades, Part 2

On this episode of History's Worst, the Crusades reach their maturity. Heroes arise in both the Christian and Muslim worlds, laying the stage for one of the most memorable battles in medieval history. But decay follows glory, and the Christian cause is obscured by politics, power, and money. The old world burns as a consequence, and new powers rise to shape the future.


Episode 8 - Crusades, Part 1

Is there anything more dangerous than a religious conflict? For many in the middle ages, the short answer was "no". From all across Europe, peasants, knights, and kings set off on a campaign to take Jerusalem in the name of Christ. For the people of all faiths caught in their trail, little more than death and misery was in store. My name is Dillon Ameigh, and on this episode of History's Worst, we'll be visiting the Crusades.


Episode 7 - Bataan Death March

There's no doubt about it - World War 2 was all too full of horrible moments. From the Holocaust to Stalingrad to Nanking to Hiroshima, the scale of human suffering was positively staggering. The Philippines were not spared. When Japan invaded the islands, the American and Filipino defenders found themselves cut off and desperate. When they were forced to surrender, their lives became a nightmare beyond comprehension. My name is Dillon Ameigh, and on this episode of History's Worst,...


Episode 6 - Iran-Iraq War

This undeniably pivotal event in modern middle east history set the stage for both Iraq's eventual decline and the consolidation of internal power by Iran's revolutionary regime. Often overlooked by those in the west, the Iran-Iraq War of the 1980's was one of the deadliest conflicts of the 20th century. My name is Dillon Ameigh, and on this episode of History's Worst, I'd like to tell you all about it.


Episode 5 - The Donner Party

Go west! The advice that changed the United States of America forever was that simple. Going west, however, was not always an easy feat. Over deserts, mountains, and rivers, families, animals, and wagons laden with belongings crawled along, drawing ever closer to the Pacific Ocean. Some made it, some stopped short, and others died along the way. On this episode of History's Worst, we'll take a look at one of the most memorable stories from this difficult time of westward expansion....


Episode 4 - The Korean War

North and South Korea are not a natural arrangement. If you've ever wondered how we reached the situation we see today on the Korean peninsula, the Korean War is the place to look.


Mini Episode - Chemical Weapons & Warfare

Today, on History's Worst's first mini episode, I'll give you a quick history of chemical warfare. In light of recent events in Syria, I think it is important that we understand what chemical weaponry is and where it came from. No event in the world lacks a backstory, and chemical warfare is no exception.


Episode 3 - The Trail of Tears

America has a lot to be proud of, but that doesn't mean it is a country with an innocent past. We like to think that ethnic cleansing and land seizures are events that only happened in far away nations. We don't often talk about the fact that it has happened here before. On this episode of History's Worst, you'll learn about the removal of five Native American tribes - the Choctaws, Chickasaws, Creeks, Seminoles, and Cherokees - during the national tragedy now known as the Trail of Tears.


Episode 2 - The Black Death

Ring the church bells and throw on your mourning clothes... and then stop when city officials tell you that it's hurting morale. After all, at least a third of Europe is dead! That's right, folks - today is the day we explore the Bubonic Plague, the Great Mortality, the Black Death. Come on in, the plague pit is fine!


History's Worst, Episode 1 - The Russian Revolution

History is a dark place. Join me for an overview of its worst moments. On this episode, we're diving into the Russian Revolution.