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Episode 4: Reformed Biblical-Theological Foundations for Christian Cultural Activity

Gregory Baus' text here: https://honest2blog.blogspot.com/2022/01/reformed-biblical-theological.html The question is: After the fall, are believers now able in Christ to eschatologically fulfill the cultural mandate as it was given before the fall in order to bring the consummation of God's kingdom? The proper orthodox neocalvinist answer is: absolutely not. Primarily an appreciative response to Charles Lee Irons' Upper Register video/podcast episode on The Usefulness of Biblical Theology for Ethics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVkJMD3U7vQ I offer 4 points of clarification. 1. After the fall, cultural life remains thoroughly religious, against a sort of scholastic view. 2. A Christian believer's cultural activity can involve the subjective recognition of God's reign, and so be an expression of God's kingdom. 3. Societal communities or "structures" of society are not the law order or "Structure" for creation (in the Structure/Direction distinction). 4. In addition to Biblically specified morality, a believer's subjective sanctification of (recognition of God's reign in) their cultural activity also involves increasing conformity to other God-given norms for cultural activity.


Episode 3: You Should Know Herman Dooyeweerd

a brief intro by Gregory Baus and Steve Bishop https://thelaymenslounge.com/you-should-know-dooyeweerd/ Including Dooyeweerd's bio, some key issues in his philosophy, a few key writings (and, in the text article, suggestions for further reading).


Episode 2: What is Reformed libertarianism / Reformed anarchism

https://sites.google.com/view/reformed-anarchism Reformed libertarianism (and Reformed anarchism) is a view of politics, or civil governance, informed by a Reformed theology and a Reformed philosophy. This statement summarizes a Reformed view of 1.) culture, 2.) society, and 3.) civil governance.


Episode 1: Romans 13 and stateless civil governance

see article version here: https://libertarianchristians.com/2021/11/24/romans-13-and-stateless-civil-governance-a-reformed-view/ Gregory Baus on a Reformed view of Romans 13 and libertarian anarchism (stateless civil governance). additional notes: https://mereliberty.com/romans13/ reformed anarchism, reformed libertarianism