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In this episode, Kurt, Maile and Micheala discuss a wide range of things from college and the price of textbooks, to the Huskers, Scott Frost, to driving with Maile. The crew is joined by Mad Scientist, Jessica, of the Edgerton Explorit Center. She talks about the partnership between the Edgerton and The Leadership Center and their upcoming “Cooking With Chemistry” Camp. They delve into leadership, more Husker Football and everything in between. Oh, and Kurt does his impression of Maile’s...


Episode 9: What is hospitality?.m4a

In today's episode, we have a guest, Chef John, joining the crew to discuss hospitality. Kurt, Chef John and Micheala were just having a conversation about hospitality and work when Maile seized the opportunity to record. This is a good one. Both Micheala and Chef John went to school for areas of hospitality, while Kurt and Maile went to school to be educators. Though their backgrounds are different, their passion for the work they do in the field they happen to all work together in, is...


Episode 8: We Talk Black RIffle Coffee Company, Our First Jobs And More.m4a

In this episode, the crew discusses coffee. Oh the beautiful bean. This week our office has been checking out Black Riffle Coffee Company. Kurt has potentially ingested too much coffee, if that is possible. To the heart of things, we discuss our first jobs, the skills we learned and their impact. We discuss our new team members and how wonderful it is to have them here. There is a number of juicy nuggets in this episode. Enjoy. For those of you interested in employment check out:...


Episode 5: The Crew Discusses Leadership And Its Various Definitions.

In this episode, the team takes some time to muse over airplane mode and what is its real purpose? Kurt has a new hashtag, #kurtsquirks. Micheala is struggling a bit with words and would like a disclaimer. With that said, Kurt issued a brief to the team for this week’s episode. We are discussing leadership and its meaning. Kurt has a hypothesis: that individuals go through a progression of understanding what leadership is. The team discusses this hypothesis and the variety the answers...


Episode 4: April Showers Bring Snow Plowers. Snow Plowers bring Pilgrams... m4a

and Maile. It's been awhile. With all the conversational antics, a great many topics arise including the great debate between pterodactyl or pterosaur, Maile's need to name everything, all while Kurt peppers the entire episode with his numerous accents. The Canadian Geese come back up again too. To the heart of what we do here, Dario discusses all he and his crew do to prep for spring and summer. We talk about some of the neat recreational opportunities we offer including paddle boats,...


Episode 3: Taking The Show On The Road For Workshops, Interviews and So Much More..m4a

This episode is full of kinds of new things. Kurt, Micheala & Maile hit the road for the 90th Nebraska FFA State Convention in Lincoln where they did workshops for both Middle School & High School students as well as interviewed a potential intern and checked out some great Lincoln offerings. Recorded in a hotel room at night, you will quickly learn that we aren’t night time podcasters. That aside, there is lots of inside, Michaela meows and Maile breaks into song. Enjoy. Next week we are...


Episode2: We Have Guests, Geese, and Memories..m4a

This week on the Hospitalityc Authority Podcast, Kurt & Maile have guests. That's right, we have real live guests. We are so excited to be joined by Nebraska State FFA Officers, Isabelle Stewart & Hailey Coufal to discuss what they happen to be up to during their stay at The Leadership Center. They reminisce about their year as officers, Maile makes a terrible pun and Kurt is grossly outnumbered by ladies while learning how to properly spell names. It's an enjoyable podcast. Thank you so...


Episode 0: Did you invent a word?

While we are trying a new recording space and a new mic setting, we also learn that Kurt had some announcer aspirations, that we may have made up a word and a little about Go Big Give, which is the little engine making May 3 a huge day of giving. Thanks for joining us and remember, we aren't pros at podcasts but we are at hospitality. Have the best day.


Pilot of a Pilot of a Pilot, Pilot.

Our first try at a podcast. In this episode we test out our recording space, equipment and discuss our "Why".