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The House of L podcast is an intimate look at media in all forms and how it works. Let Laurence Holmes take you behind the curtain with your favorite media personalities.

The House of L podcast is an intimate look at media in all forms and how it works. Let Laurence Holmes take you behind the curtain with your favorite media personalities.
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The House of L podcast is an intimate look at media in all forms and how it works. Let Laurence Holmes take you behind the curtain with your favorite media personalities.




Episode 21: Charles "Peanut" Tillman

This was a lot of fun. The people have been asking for Charles on the podcast. This is a combo interview. The first part was supposed to air on the Score, but the Cubs schedule made me condense it. So here's the WHOLE thing! Eventually, Charles starts interviewing me (He's pretty good at it).


Episode 20: Bears 24 Seattle 17

The Bears won, but there were some ugly moments by the offense. Mitchell Trubisky struggled, but the defense kept Russell Wilson on the run. Here's my breakdown of the game and what was going on at NBC Sports Chicago studios.


Episode 19: Michael Kim

Michael Kim and I did a national sports show for awhile. I consider him a friend, colleague, and mentor. We talk about that. We also discuss his days at ESPN, learning from Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann and what it was like launching ESPNNews. He took a year off from the business and traveled the world with his family. Really interesting dude, with some great thoughts about the business.


Episode 18: Packers 24 Bears 23

The Bears played a great 1st half. Everything looked perfect and then Aaron Rodgers showed you why he's the baddest man on the planet. I have some thoughts about all the good we saw and where things went wrong.


Episode 17: Kopech (DAMN!)

White Sox prospect Michael Kopech is going to have Tommy John surgery. I'm in my feelings about it, like most Sox fans. So I talk about what this means and you'll hear from Rick Hahn and Michael Kopech. This sucks, but it's probably, eventually going to be ok.


Episode 16: Shannon Ryan

Small-Town Girl makes good in the big city! This was such a great conversation. Shannon and I talked about her humble beginnings in Ohio, how Philly toughened her up, and why she laughs when fans in Champaign think she's citified. Plus, we both share fears about where journalism is going and Shannon opens up about being a white mom, raising a black son.


Episode 15: Khalil Mack Trade

Since I don't have a show today, I wanted to share my thoughts about the Bears trading for pass rushing monster, Khalil Mack. I explain why I think it's a move that can change the trajectory of Ryan Pace's tenure. Also, in this episode, my wife falls down the stairs, while I was recording (she's alright though).


Episode 14: Barry Rozner

Barry Rozner is one of the best storytellers in the business. The Daily Herald columnist & Hit & Run host sat down with me and talked about his humble beginnings as a beer vendor. Turns out, Barry is in the Baseball Hall of Fame (kinda). What was it like making deadline for Game 7 of the World Series? And, Barry shares his thoughts on fatherhood.


Episode 13: Sarah Spain

Sarah Spain's way into the sports world was unorthodox, but fascinating. We sat down and discussed her love of Saturday Night Live, gaining confidence as she rose up the ranks at ESPN, dealing with twitter trolls and being a role model. Sarah was on my hit list of guest when I started the podcast and this conversation, exceeded my expectations. Also, in the listener email segment, I drop the F bomb (Clutch The Pearls).


Episode 12: Lin Brehmer

This week, I sat down with one of radio's best DJs, Lin Brehmer. We talked about the art of DJing, vinyl vs cd vs digital and why WXRT just sounds so good. Oh, and it wouldn't be a conversation with Lin without talking Cubs. That's in here too.


Episode 10: Ben Bradley

I thought that this would just be two friends who have known each other for 30 years shooting the breeze, but it turned into a very serious conversation about the state of news. If you know Ben, you know that he's a fun and most times silly guy, but he takes storytelling VERY seriously. The WGN Anchorman & I discussed the news industry as a whole.


Episode 9: Dan Zampillo (Me & Z Show)

Dan Zampillo is my old on-air partner. Back in the late 90s early 00s, we had a ridiculous weekend, late-night show on The Score. I thought we had a chance to be big as a duo, but it wasn't meant to be. Z went into management. He's now the Operations Manager for ESPN Radio-LA. He offers some great advice for broadcasters, we talk about how the industry has changed since we started and why he broke up a good thing.


Episode 8: Mike Hall

Mike Hall was the winner of ESPN's Dream Job, but he's gone on to do so much more than that. He's now one of the main faces of the Big Ten Network and his show "Sports Lite" teaches us not to take sports so seriously. Mike and I talked about navigating being a contest winner at ESPN (not everyone was nice to him) and what it's like to launch a network. We also giggled...


Episode 7: Justin Roman

One of the more surprising sitdowns that I've had so far. Justin Roman has had many lives. He was star high school athlete, in a boy band, a successful singer/song writer, and for the last 16 years, he's been 1/2 of the Stylz & Roman show. Once on pop station B-96, now having success doing country at US99.


Episode 6: Kyle Higgins

This week I sat down with one of my favorite comic book writers. Kyle Higgins is a writer and director who's written Batman for DC, Captain America for Marvel & C.O.W.L. for Image. We talk about what it's like to create at that level. It may not be all it's cracked up to be. Great conversation with an intelligent and passionate subject.


Episode 5: U of C Sports History

The University of Chicago is known for its academic reputation, but it has one of the most fascinating Athletic histories. I had an incredible conversation with Dave Revsine about Amos Alonzo Stagg's rule of the university when it began, but a friend at U of C, told me another crazy sports story from Hyde Park, so I wanted to share it with you.


Episode 4: Mark Schanowski

NBC Sports Chicago's, Mark Schanowski and I sit down for a really quick, but dense conversation about the broadcasting business. How does a 30-year veteran adapt? Mark tells great stories about covering Michael Jordan, Jordan vs LeBron, advice for his daughter who's in the business now and his one career regret.


Episode 3: Cheryl Scott

This week, I sat down with ABC 7 Chicago Meteorologist, Cheryl Scott. We talked about how she went from track star at an Ivy League school to media star. It's two old friends catching up, but we did talk about some serious issues too, like: Body image, people thinking she's mean cause she's shy and the dark side of fame. Oh...and her Eagles winning the Super Bowl.


Episode 2 Jason Goff Part 2

In this episode, Jason and I talk about how his career at the Score ended and why it hurts so much. We talked about the merits of discussing issues of race on sports radio. Finally, Jason explains his next move.


Episode 2: Jason Goff

This week, I sat down with Jason Goff. Jason came by the house to discuss his life in radio. In Part 1, we talked about developing sound, how fear fuels him, and how he went from producing an afternoon drive show, to hosting it. The conversation was real and emotional.