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In Your Element - with Giam Swiegers - former CEO Aurecon - Sydney, Australia .

EPISODE SUMMARY Giam Swiegers was the Global Chief Executive Officer of Aurecon - a global engineering, management and specialist technical services company from February 2015 to January 2019. A global business leader who is in his element when working in a team environment solving complex problems and strategies to help reposition organisations for their future success. Recently retired, Giam discusses his work and shares his passions for sailing, jazz and his strong conviction - **why**...


In Your Element - with Leyla Okhai Founding Director of Diverse Minds UK

Leyla discusses her work in Diversity, Inclusion, Culture and Wellbeing, as well as her intriguing interest in deserts and love of camels. She has an impressive background from her tenure at Imperial College, London where she was the Head of Centre for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. She also worked at the University of Oxford for six years, specialising in increasing applications from underrepresented BAME young people. Leyla explains how TetraMap has become an important tool in her...


In Your Element - with Andrew Melville - Journalist, Storyteller, Writer, Editor

We talk with Andrew Melville, a long time friend of TetraMap and also the editor of our book ' Develop People and Business the way Nature intended'. Andrew narrates part 2 of the book for our listeners, and in this short reading he describes how nature's basic elements - earth, air, water and fire are metaphors for behaviour.


In Your Element - with Ian Blackwell, Executive Coach and Team Effectiveness Facilitator, Astra Zeneca, UK

Ian Blackwell is an Executive Coach and Team Effectiveness Facilitator at Astra Zeneca in the UK. Astra Zeneca is one of the world's leading Bio-Pharmaceutical companies, who employ almost 60,000 people globally. Ian describes TetraMap as a game changer for teams at Astra Zeneca. He says " it validates people, it enhances their self-esteem and most importantly, allows for difference to be seen as a team strength."


In Your Element - with Andrew Melville - Journalist, Storyteller, Writer and Editor - New Zealand

We talk with Andrew Melville, a long time friend of TetraMap and also the editor of our book ' Develop People and Business the way Nature intended'. Andrew narrates part 1 of the book for our listeners, and briefly tell us his own story - meeting TetraMap and how it has helped fulfill his passion - to connect people of difference.


In Your Element - with Sarah Dwyer, Marketing and Events Expert , New Zealand

Sarah's role at TetraMap International in marketing where she and worked with us for four years. Just before she moved on to a new opportunity we took some time to gain her insights. This was a truly beneficial working relationship and partnership, and definitely one that left both parties in a better place than when we started. In this episode, Sarah discusses what she's learned from integrating TetraMap into her approach to work and family life. She describes TetraMap as a way of life, a...


In Your Element - with Fred Tan, Managing Director, Genium and Company, Singapore

FRED TAN, MANAGING DIRECTOR AND CO-FOUNDER, GENIUM & CO In our volatile and uncertain world, individuals, teams and organisations need to face the challenges of today and embrace the opportunities of tomorrow by developing future leaders today. Drawing on his personal journey in organizational learning and personnel management, as well as his operational exposures to Timor-Leste, Aceh and the United Nations Headquarters in New York, Fred is passionate in helping organizations develop...


In Your Element - with Anne Clews, Head of Performance Learning, Curium Solutions, UK.

Anne highlights her 10 year journey with TetraMap and how she has integrated the Four Elements of Nature into her work and life- and explains how doing so has changed her worldview. She gives tips and insights into developing great teams and how understanding the importance of being quiet can add significant value. Her favourite quote from Susan Cain's book " Don't think of introversion as something that needs to be cured" gives us all some excellent reminders. Lots packed into 18 minutes!


In Your Element - Trailer

One minute summary of the podcast's aim. Sets the context for guest interviews.