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Unlock remarkable tips and tricks for improved recordings in your studio. Unusually great for beginners and professionals.


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Unlock remarkable tips and tricks for improved recordings in your studio. Unusually great for beginners and professionals.




From Average to Amazing: Transform Your Lead Vocal Mixes with These Techniques

Chris and Jody get down and dirty with tactics for mixing lead vocals. The prep steps that should be taken. The EQ and compression techniques. The FX used. Plus there's an extra bit end that helps to really blend a vocal into a song.


From Hardware to Heaven: The Best Reverb Emulations Revealed

Chris and Jody unleash their favorite picks for reverb emulations. What are the 6 hardware boxes that have been made into a great reverb emulation. There's also some bonus emulations for something different from hardware. Listen in to find out the picks we make.


Unlocking the Secrets of Plugin GUIs: What Makes Them Good or Bad?

Chris and Jody tear down the concepts on plugin GUIs. Talking about the evolution of plugin interfaces, what makes them good, what makes them bad. How they affect workflow and more.


Discover 5 More Useful Mix Tips That Will Elevate Your Tracks

Chris and Jody return to the well of mix tips with five more tips to keep in mind. What type of things to do before you blow your mix vibe. Should you rely on presets? What to do to breath a little life into tracks. How democratic should you be. When should you start over? All these things get mulled over and more! ** Jody is using a Telefunken M80 into the Apollo on this episode.


Unleash Your DAW’s Full Potential with These Awesome 3rd Party Tools

Chris and Jody dive into some useful 3rd party tools meant to up your DAW's already powerful capabilities. From pitch correction, to time correction, to noise removal and all types of things in-between. Strap in and come along for the outside your DAW excursion.


From Blues to Metal: Unveiling the Secrets Behind Classic Guitar Tones!

Chris and Jody head out on the highway of getting Classic Guitar Tones. What amps come to mind for which genres. Are there a particular effects used for each setup. Which guitars, etc. Jump in the van of guitar history and come along for the ride. Including examples of each.


Get ready for a Shockwave: Crushing Recording Myths

Chris and Jody court their 5 most common recording myths and lay them out cold with a KO punch. Do you need everything under the sun? How many mics do you need? Do you need the most expensive gear? All this and more is discussed to hopefully end the myths that surround our lives in regards to recording and mixing.


Discovering the Ultimate Audio Magic with the TC2290 Deep Dive

Chris and Jody go round and round, side to side into a deep dive of the TC2290 Digital Delay unit. As per all other deep dives on ItRS it's a history of the unit. Also taking a look at the interface and all the modules and what they do on this incredible sounding hardware delay.


Discover the Hidden Magic of Pink Noise: Your Secret Weapon for Improving Mixes

Chris and Jody go for the noise, pink noise that is. What is pink noise? How does it differ from white noise? Is it useful for mixing? Is it a good learning tool? What is the process for using it to mix? All these questions are considered, plus a whole lot more as it relates to pink noise and using it to improve your mixes.


Unlock Your Mixing Potential with These 10 Incredible Tips and Ideas!

Chris and Jody list out 10 tips & ideas to help you and your mixing. EQs, compression, delays, volume levels, etc. We run the gamut in these 10 tips that should easily improve your efficiency and efficacy. Plus there's a story about a hi-hat and guitar with how they clashed.


Discovering the Hidden Gems of the H3000: An Exciting Journey into its Interface and FX!

Chris and Jody jump into a deep dive of the H3000 from Eventide. The original ultimate harmonizer multi-fx box. A little history, a little interface, a whole lot of fx and where it's leading into the future.


From Overwhelm to Outstanding: Mastering the Madness of Endless Music Tools!

Chris and Jody reflect on all the tools we have available to us to create, produce, mix and master music today. Do we have too many options? Are all of them needed? Is there a healthy balance to the tools we have and how often we use them? Come on in and find out how they deal with the overload that exists today.


Sample Libraries Uncovered: How to Manage Like a Pro for Efficiently Organizing and Future-Proofing Your Collections

Chris and Jody take a look at sample libraries. Hold your horses, this isn't about our favorite libraries, but rather about how to manage and store them in your computer system. What are some best practices and some of the various means that they can be managed when they get to some unwieldy sizes. It's all in the name of keeping them tidy, clean, and future proofed.


Unleashing the Power of the AMEK Console: A Deep Dive into the Unique Audio Experience

Chris and Jody get into an in-depth look at the AMEK Console emulation. A little history of the AMEK console itself, who created it and went it entered the world. How accurate is the AMEK 9099 to its hardware predecessor? Did Plugin Alliance get everything emulated exactly or did they take some liberties? What do we enjoy and find super annoying about this console emulation? Find out now!


Plugin Folder Management: The Simple Guide to Keeping Your DAW Organized

Chris and Jody take a peek into their respective plugin folders. Talking about keeping them under control. When to prune them from getting too bloated. Do plugins get installed into multiple locations? Is there a preferable means to keeping them organized? What methods do we use and for which DAWs is that effective? Let's open up the envelope. It's also not unlikely that there will be some nonsense discussed.


Uncovering the Secrets of Clipping Audio - A Noisy Adventure

Chris and Jody get a little noisy with the art of clipping audio. Where does clipping originate from and why is it sometimes a good thing and often times a bad thing? Are there different kinds of clipping? What is the use of clipping? Do Chris and Jody use clipping? It's all about clipping in this episode.


Compression vs Limiting: Which One Reigns Supreme? Find Out Now!

Chris and Jody get into the weeks working on defining what is compression vs what is limiting. Hence Compression vs Limiting. Which do they tend to use and why. What particular compressors or limiters are their goto units of choice. There's even examples as to where each are used and why.


From Echo to Epic: The Simple Guide to Creative Delays

Chris and Jody go canyoneering to explore the use of delays. Come on a slot canyon adventure as they discuss different types of delays. What are they good for? What to think about when you select the time value of a delay and how it affects the song and a mix. Get ready for something more than an echo, it's creative uses for delays.


Introducing the Hyperswitch from Seymour Duncan

Chris and Jody get their hands on the Hyperswitch from Seymour Duncan. This is a rig rundown of what the Hyperswitch is, what it can do and how hard it is to install in your guitar. The world of multiple humbucker pickups in guitars with 5-way switches will never be the same. The Hyperswitch comes into the world literally destined for greatness and it does not disappoint. Come along for the ride!


Switching DAWs: A Great Guide to Choosing the Right One!

Chris and Jody extrapolate from last week's listener request and talk about the concept of switching DAWs. Is it a good idea to switch to another DAW? What are things to consider? What DAW should you choose? What are the pros and cons to some DAWs and why does it matter? What DAWs do we use and why, it's all in here.