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Tavis Beem and Danny Hauger discuss the “why” of teaching. Through interviews, empowering stories, current events, and teachable moments, Beem and Hauger bring inspiring stories from the classroom to the podcast.

Tavis Beem and Danny Hauger discuss the “why” of teaching. Through interviews, empowering stories, current events, and teachable moments, Beem and Hauger bring inspiring stories from the classroom to the podcast.
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Tavis Beem and Danny Hauger discuss the “why” of teaching. Through interviews, empowering stories, current events, and teachable moments, Beem and Hauger bring inspiring stories from the classroom to the podcast.






Tips for maintaining classroom engagement Teacher Panel #3 Inspiring Teachers Ep. 49

Jeremy Williams in Abu Dhabi @JWilliamsEDU, Scott Nunes in Modesto, California @MrNunesTeach, Jesus Huerta, @JesusH1979, Paul Gordon @TeachtheTech, and Danny Hauger talk about how to have a strong end of a school year, their journeys in education, and their commitment to improvement in education. This panel from California and Abu Dhabi gives some great tips for engaging elementary and high school activities for engagement through the end of the year that provides meaningful project based...


Best Advice for Beginning Broadcasters and Sports Podcasts with Morgan Ragan Ep 60

Morgan Ragan co-hosts the Duece and Mo Podcast, she is the broadcast voice of the Stockton Kings Basketball Team, and an inspiring role model for Northern California sports fans. Morgan has been hard at work in the fields of sports and broadcasting for years. In this interview she talks about the key aspects to being successful in sports broadcasting and tips for maintaining relationships and networking in the field of sports and radio with Danny Hauger.


Josh Call Has Students Write Thank You Letters in Math Inspiring Teachers Ep. 48

Josh Call - Long term math substitute talks about returning to education from a family filled with teachers, and his journey in education. His interview is a humorous look at making connections and bringing gratitude to the profession of teaching. Josh is working diligently to instill positive relationships with his students, their outlook on math, and their engagement in the classroom. Recorded live at the 2019 Action research Conference at St. Mary’s College. Questions for our next...


Sarah Musimeci Studies Reciprocal Teaching in Action Research inspiring Teachers Ep. 47

Sarah Musimeci - Sarah is a High School English teacher in the East Bay Area of California. At the St. Mary’s Action Research Conference, Sarah presented her research on the subject of reciprocal teaching in the high school classroom. Sarah discusses how assigning students to have roles has revitalized her classroom participation.Listen to this interview to find out how reciprocal teaching can help your classroom! Inspiring Teachers Episode was Recorded live at the 2019 Action research...


Dr. HeidiMarie Rambo Talks about the Importance of Action Research Inspiring Teachers Ep. 46

Dr. HeidiMarie Rambo - Dr. Rambo tells us about how being an exchange student in Finland, and immersion into another culture, launched into a career as a language learner and inspiring teacher for English Language learners. . This experience inspired her to help develop teacher’s capacity to work with English Language Learners to give them the tool they need to bridge the language gap. As the director of Saint Mary’s Action Research Conference, Dr. Rambo oversees a variety of research...


Karen Vigna and her Action Research on Communication at School Ep. 45 Inspiring teachers

Karen Vigna - Karen is a High School English teacher who is graduating from Saint Mary’s with a focus on communication. She emphasizes the importance for teachers to communicate with other teachers to combat isolation. Recorded live at the 2019 Action research Conference at St. Mary’s College. Questions for our next episode or guest ideas? Write us! Follow us on Instagram @InspiringTeacherShow Subscribe to our Podcast on iTunes...


Stacey Dempsey Talks About Local City and Regional Government Ep 43

Stacey Dempsey Talks About City and Regional Government as Guest Speaker in Mr. Hauger's Government Class. Stacey Dempsey works with the City of Brentwood, California and the local youth community to engage students in their community and government. She is an inspiring teacher because she seeks to inform and bring in many students to become more knowledgeable about the inner working of the city they live in. Questions for our next episode or guest ideas? Write us!...


Joe Heffernan talks about how Woodshop Changed his Educational Life Ep 44 Inspiring Teachers

Teacher turned administrator Joe Heffernan joins us live from St. Mary’s College to discuss the role of education in his life, and his personal journey. We talk to Joe about his high school experience and how his shop class got him graduation, his transition to the military and into education. We reflect on the importance of being genuine with students. Joe was an energetic lead-off guest who was an attendee of St. Mary’s Action Research Conference when we met and recorded this interview,...


VJ Keosian on Keeping Pace for Educational Growth Ep 42

VJ Keosian is the definition of energy education. He competes and participates in fitness challenges around the state of California and is always challenging himself. A teacher that can handle the physical demands of these challenges is sure to challenge himself to grow as an educator. VJ steps in studio with Danny and Tavis to talk about his growth in teaching and why he dedicates his energy to helping the students of the future. In our discussion with this empowering special education...


Robert Ward, Andrew Marotta, and Ron Lewis on Students Expecting Success and Giving Choices Ep. 41

Welcome to Inspiring Teachers #41, an interview panel with engaging educators around the United States. (Subscribe on iTunes) Today’s Inspiring Teachers: Returning to Inspiring Teachers to spread more joy, author of the blog, 26-year ELA teacher extraordinaire Robert Ward From Milford, Pennsylvania, he is a Husband, Father, HSPrincipal, Author, and NCAA Hoops Official. For this man, no educational topic is out of bounqds (referee pun!) its Andrew...


Panel of Inspiring Teachers Discuss Positive Effects of Social Media for Teachers Ep. 40

Tavis and Danny host the first-ever group panel episode of Inspiring Teachers. It is a superhero team of teachers discussing highlights of the week in the classroom, and the positive potential of Social Media for teachers! [Podcast -] This panel is a positive looking at why we teach, and how we share information that encourages and motivates other educators. Watch the video for this panel episode of Inspiring Teachers. Featured guests: -Becky Schnekser...


Tavis and Danny MidSummer Update and Enlightenment Gallery Walk on AmpedUpLearning Ep 55

Danny and Tavis talk about their mid-summer experiences, thoughts, reflections, and accomplishments of the 2019 summer. They reflect on building a guitar from (save $10 with promo code HAUGERHISTORY (unpaid link), planning lessons, and enjoying the gift of time. Summer is a great time to refresh, learn a new skill, and prepare to sharpen skills for the classroom. Enjoy this live bonus episode with Danny Hauger and Tavis Beem. “A Broadcaster’s Secrets to Teaching” e-Book is...


EduMagic: A Guide for Preservice Teachers with Dr. Sam Fecich Ep. 39

Author of EduMagic: A Guide for Pre-service Teachers, watch our interview on YouTube Dr. Sam Fecich has invested many hours into finding creative ways to approach education. Dr. Sam is a Professor with a mission, and she wants to play her part in elevating the field o f professional education. Through intentional communication and relationship-building, Dr. Sam is a reflective and diligent teacher dedicated to improving her practices and helping other educators. Dr. Sam joins Danny to talk...


Mark Miodownik Tells us How Liquid Rules and Inspires Teachers Ep. 38

Mark Miodownik knows that Liquids Rule, and you can read all about it in his latest book. This flowing story about how liquids change our lives will really make a splash. No more puns will be allowed, but the conversation really flows into some interesting tributaries. Take a listen and find out more about this amazing writer and inspiring teacher of mechanics, engineer and Materials Scientist. We talk about the journey of life, asking questions about the things we see around us, the quest...


Growing Confidence as a Kindergarten Teacher and Impacting the Future Ep 37

Mellisa Aiello-Beem joins Tavis and Danny in studio to talk about her 8 years as a Kindergarten teacher in California’s east Bay. from reward charts to the fun moments of daily class, this is an open dialogue about caring for students and continually reaching out to build classroom community and development. Mellisa talks about growth in confidence and how she developed as a teacher. The three discuss current discussions in teaching, reaching out to students with extra learning needs, and...


From Track and Field to Facing Fears with Amanda Alford Inspiring Teachers episode 36

Don’t be afraid. Not anymore! Amanda Alford is here with us today on Inspiring teachers. Facing Your Fears Host, Science Teacher extraordinaire, put on your safety goggles, because this is about to get interesting. Trained Google educator, presenter, and blogger, thanks for joining us Amanda! We talk about common fears that teachers share, how to overcome them, and how to develop the relationships that strengthen our roles as teachers. Amanda Alford’s Twitter -...


Benefit Mindset in the Classroom with Robert Ward Inspiring teachers Episode 35

Robert Ward is an ELA pro with blogging and growth to the ceiling of the classroom. He cares about the formation of character as well as skill in the English language, and he is an author that believes that your mindset matters. His four books center on altruism, kindness, and doing the right thing for the community. Robert joined us from Los Angeles and talked about feeling great about teaching, caring for students, and the benefit mindset. He wants teachers and students to expand from the...


In-House Episode with Danny and Tavis Featuring Teaching Tips and Tricks Ep. 34

Danny and Tavis sit down in studio to discuss the importance of reading, how to read effectively, perception vs reality, kindness, and making positive comments to parents. We discuss the latest events and projects in our woodworking and Social Studies classes. We catch up on our planning and Danny’s Master’s of Arts in Teaching Vlog, and how diversity can make a meaningful and deep impact in the climate of our classrooms. We also spotlight 3 Twitter comments featuring Tips and Tricks from...


Jeffery Frieden Talks about Teaching Inquiry, Evaluating with Individual Students Ep. 33

Jeffery E. Frieden is a great follow on Twitter @MakeThemMastrIt and a super Inspiring Teacher currently in riverside, California. We discuss ways to stay engaged with students grading and evaluating personace with students, valuing diversity in the classroom, perception vs reality, and how to make meaningful impact in the classroom. You can learn more about Jeffrey Frieden and find his resources at Questions for our next episode or guest ideas? Write us!...


Running Like a Pirate and Pacing Yourself in the Classroom with Adam Welcome Ep. 32

My next guest runs more miles than I talk, and that’s saying something. He reminds us that complaining is not a strategy, that hard work pays dividends, and that we can inspire and innovate if we explore the ways of our own improvement as teachers. Some would even say he Runs Like a Pirate, more on that shortly. From Lafayette, California, where I taught for four years, and is the guest that connected to the internet for the shortest physical distance, we could have met for coffee, but...