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Stories and conversations about the design of modern learning experiences.

Stories and conversations about the design of modern learning experiences.


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Stories and conversations about the design of modern learning experiences.




EP030: Interview with Jonathan Couser

Leading Creative Teams Cara and Joe speak with Jonathan Couser, founder of Arch Impacts, a firm dedicated to helping leaders move along the path toward leading legacies worth repeating not deleting. Jonathan shares his experience and advice around the art and science of leading a team of creative professionals. Jonathan on LinkedInBook: Creative People Must Be StoppedThe Crazy One - Podcast from Stephen GatesEpisode 69: How to fight imposter syndromeConnect with Cara & JoeSupport the...


EP 029: Matthew Confer

Joe Suarez interviews Matthew Confer who is VP of Strategy and Business Development at Abilitie (pronounced ability), an experiential learning company based in Austin, Texas. They discuss various aspects of leadership, decision making, and Matthew's role at Abilitie facilitating leadership simulations. Matthew is also the the host of the Learn to Lead podcast which recently featured Cara North as a guest. Matthew on LinkedInMatthew of Twitter (@matthewconifer)Matthew's TEDx TalkAbilitieLearn...


EP 028: L&D Jobs Series Part 2 – Confessions of an ID Hiring Manager

As part 2 of our learning & development jobs series, Cara North shares her recent experience assuming the role of a hiring manager. While every organization is different and "your mileage may vary," the advice she provides should help L&D job seekers understand what to do, what not to do, and what a hiring manager may be expecting of job candidates throughout the hiring process. Resources shared: TLDC episode recording: Confessions Of An ID Hiring ManagerJob search and career advice from...


EP 027: L&D Jobs Series Part 1 – Advice for Job Seekers

After his recent experience finding a new job in 2019 and being let go in 2020, Joe Suarez decided to turn his misfortune into opportunity and share his lessons learned with others in the learning & development field. That kicked off a 4 part TLDC Job Seeker series. This episode of the podcast is a summary of his presentations along with helpful interjections and resources shared by co-host Cara North. Resources mentioned: TLDC Job Seeker SeriesArticulate's eLearning Heroes ChallengesKristin...


EP 026: 2020 Catch Up with Cara and Joe

After a several month long hiatus, Cara North and Joe Suarez are back to bring listeners up to speed on what they have been up to, how their job statuses have changed, and announce new episodes and It's a swag shop for fun and snarky learning and development themed items and apparel. TLDC Job Seeker Series hosted by Joe Part 1: Moving On After Being Let GoPart 2: Searching & Applying for L&D JobsPart 3: Resumes & Portfolios (sorry for poor audio)Part 4: InterviewsDevLearn...


EP 025: Interview Ankit Shah

In this episode Cara sits down to converse with Ankit Shah, M.Ed who, as you will soon find out, is extremely passionate about diversity and inclusion (D&I). You can connect with Ankit on LinkedIn. Note: This conversation was recorded months before the major inflection point on race that has occurred across the United States. For another, more recent conversation between Cara and Ankit, check out the 7/1/20 TLDC Episode: How to Have Conversations About Race at Your Workplace. Connect with...


EP 024: Interview Betty Dannewitz

In this episode, Cara has a great conversation with self-proclaimed immersive experience designer, Betty Dannewitz. Betty's passion is to help people become better humans and believes innovative technology has an HUGE role in making that happen. Since this episode was recorded, she's started her own excellent podcast, If You Ask Betty. Check it out. Connect with Betty (ifyouaskbetty on social media)Connect with Cara & Joe Support the show Music created by Jahzzar. Show Transcript: North,...


EP 023: L&D Myths

Myths in Learning and Development There are many pervasive myths in the field of learning and development. Despite most being disproved, some continue to be promoted as fact. Some are even dangerously counter-productive to learning. In this episode, Cara and Joe discuss some of these common myths and share their perspectives. Connect with Cara & Joe Support the show Music created by Jahzzar. Show Transcript: North, Cara A. 0:01 They tickle our imagination. They invite others to make their...


EP 022: Interview John Hinchliffe

Cara interviews John Hinchliffe, Instructional Design Expert at UAEU. Connect with John Connect with Cara & Joe Support the show Music created by Jahzzar. Show Transcript: North, Cara A. 0:03 Hi listeners! It's one of your hosts, Cara North. And today I have a very special treat for you on the Instructional Redesign podcast. If you know me, you know that I love conferences. I love going to conferences for the knowledge, but equally as important are the people. Last year I had the opportunity...


EP 021: Instructional Design Skills

What skills does an instructional designer need in 2020? As we move into 2020, Cara and Joe discuss some of the skills they consider to be essential for instructional designers. Soft Skills: CuriosityProject managementAbility to define "what good looks like"NetworkingSkepticism Technical Skills: User experience (UX) designLearning analyticsKnow how to codeVisual Design Video production Connect with Cara & Joe: Twitter: @RedesignPodcast,@CaraNorth11,@Joseph_Suarez Websites:...


EP 020: Video Considerations

What to consider when planning to create a video learning solution... Cara and Joe have a super helpful discussion around many of the considerations that go into the production (yes, it's a production) of video both big and small. Connect with Cara & Joe: Twitter: @RedesignPodcast,@CaraNorth11,@Joseph_Suarez Websites: Support us on Patreon and get podcast updates via Twitter (@RedesignPodcast).Intro music created by Jahzzar.


EP 019: The eLearning Guys

Interview with the eLearning Guys Dave Charney and Nejc Žorga Dulmin host the eLearning Guys podcast where they talk in depth about their favorite authoring tool, Articulate Storyline. So it's only fitting that we have them on the show to talk shop about eLearning development and their latest venture, a video course library called Master Storyline. The guys were gracious enough to provide Instructional Redesign podcast listeners with a 10% off discount on their first purchase at...


EP 018 Catch Up with Cara & Joe

In this episode, we break away from our normal format (if we have one) to catch up on all the great things we’ve accomplished over the past year. So please allow us about 30 minutes to bring you up to speed on what we’ve been up to and pat ourselves on the back a bit. We open by talking about our experiences at the 2018 Central Ohio ATD Learning Technologies and Design Day conference. And I want to quickly mention that the event returns again on Sept 19th 2019. So if you are listening in...


EP 017: Mark L. Sheppard

Interview with Mark L. Sheppard Cara and Joe chat with Mark L. Sheppard, a Senior Learning Consultant from Ontario and self-identified “Unrepentant Geek” with a wealth of L&D experience. The three engage in quite an interesting discussion comparing the work of learning and development to Star Wars. Connect with Mark: Mark on TwitterMark on LinkedIn Connect with Cara & Joe: Twitter: @RedesignPodcast@CaraNorth11@Joseph_Suarez Websites:


EP 016: Jac Hutchinson

Interview with Jac Hutchinson Cara and Joe chat with experienced L&D practitioner, business owner, and fellow podcaster Jac Hutchinson. She shares her origin story and some deeply personal experiences around her decision to first go out on her own and eventually form an incorporated business, eLearning Pros. Jac lays out some great advice for starting business owners or anyone who may consider someday making the transition. Connect with Jac: The Lounge PodcastJac on LinkedIn Jac on Twitter...


EP 015: TLDC (Interview)

What is TLDC and who is it for? Today’s episode consists of the responses to interview questions Cara and Joe posed to Training Learning & Development Community (TLDC) co-founders Brent Schlenker and Luis Malbas. They walked us through the humble, grass-roots origins of TLDC and how it’s evolved over time into a community of L&D professionals. If you like what you hear, find out more at, and look into future online and in-person events they host like the upcoming TLDC19 in Phoenix,...


EP 014: Games – Part 3: Gamified Learning

Games - Part 3: Gamified Learning For months listeners have been anxiously waiting for the epic conclusion to the gaming series trilogy. Will a Jedi return? Will Cara and Joe get back to 1985? Can they escape the island of dinosaurs yet again? And hey, why didn't the eagles just fly them to the end of this episode from the start??? None of that will be revealed. Instead they talk some more about games and learning and whatnot... It's a trap! Links/Resources [SPONSOR] Instructional Design...


EP 013: Learning DevCamp 2018

Learning DevCamp 2018 Conference Recap Pack your bags because Joe and Cara are going back to Salt Lake City, Utah to recap the 2018 Learning DevCamp conference. They'll summarize their experience at the three day event including the eLearning Brother's first ever eLBX event. Links/Resources mentioned in this episode: [SPONSOR] Instructional Design Genius Learning DevCamp Kristin Anthony’s Recaps of Learning DevCamp 18: eLBX Day One Day Two Dear Instructional Designer Podcast eLearning...


EP 012: Chris Straley

What is Instructional Design Genius? In this episode, Joe interviews Chris Straley about his learning and development focused project management platform called Instructional Design Genius (IDG). IDG assists in estimating time & costs associated with development, tracks budget, builds storyboards & communications campaigns, organizes training deployments, and isolates business impact so users can correlate ROI specifically with training. Visit to learn more and...


EP 011: TLDC UK Meetup Recap

How was the 2018 TLDC UK Meetup? On June 21st 2018 TLDC hosted the first (of many?) meetup in the United Kingdom. Cara, despite having her luggage in limbo for a wee bit (#WheresCarasBag), made it to London to attend along with Jo Cook of Lighbulb Moments and former guest of the show Bethany Taylor. The evening event was sponsored by GoodPractice who we want to congratulate on 100 episodes of their great podcast. Lastly, happy birthday to Cara today and a belated to Jo as well! Sponsor: This...