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Media Hub for JMBS: Blog, Podcast, Videos. About wilderness guiding, teaching, expeditions, & the woods life. Registered Master Maine Guide, Est. 1999.

Media Hub for JMBS: Blog, Podcast, Videos. About wilderness guiding, teaching, expeditions, & the woods life. Registered Master Maine Guide, Est. 1999.
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Media Hub for JMBS: Blog, Podcast, Videos. About wilderness guiding, teaching, expeditions, & the woods life. Registered Master Maine Guide, Est. 1999.






What Is Your Baseline? | JMB Podcast Episode 75

Episode 75 starts with a government conspiracy (to us, anyway) regarding whether the whoopie pie is the official state dessert or just the state treat of Maine, then we discuss how a hornet’s nest has stopped us from being able to print anything at the field school for a few days. Next we discuss the […]


Information Vs. Education | JMB Podcast Episode 74

There are three jobs that go with running a school: presenting information, having students do something useful with that information, and assessing the student to see where they are on the continuum of experience. However, most outdoor schools are simply venues for information to be presented. Information is not the same as education. In fact, […]


Traditional Canoe Skills & Why They Matter | JMB Podcast Episode 73

Episode 73 of the Jack Mountain Bushcraft podcast was recorded in the Guide Shack on Saturday, July 27th immediately following the Riverman canoe expedition skills course. I was joined by Brian Manning, Darrin Baird and Blake Towsley, and we discussed the course, learning traditional canoe skills and why they matter in the modern world. PHOTO: […]


7 Non-Bushcraft Skills Learned On The Wilderness Bushcraft Semester | JMB Podcast Episode 72

Very few people who play sports will become professional athletes. But in addition to the obvious physical benefits of playing sports, we learn other things that are applicable and valuable off the field. It’s the same with bushcraft and survival training. As this field continues to grow exponentially, it’s important to remember that not everyone […]


Solos & Maintaining Relationships While Working Outdoors | JMB Podcast Episode 71

Episode 71 was recorded at a remote campsite in the North Maine Woods while students were out on solos. We discuss solos and how far students have come during the course. Then we address a listener question regarding the challenge of maintaining relationships when working away from home for long stretches of time. PHOTO: Recording […]


Final Semester Expedition | Jack Mountain Bushcraft Podcast Episode 70

We’re nearing the end of our spring 2019 Wilderness Bushcraft Semester. Today begins week 8, and we’re headed out for the final expedition of the course. This means you won’t hear from us for a few weeks as we’ll be off the grid. In this episode we talk about the realities of being consistent with […]


How To Choose A Wilderness Immersion Program | JMB Podcast Episode 69

How to choose a wilderness immersion program is the topic for episode 69 of the Jack Mountain Bushcraft Podcast. Christopher and I discuss the three things a potential student should ask themselves and the ten things a student should look for in a school. Having run such programs for over 20 years, I hate surprises. […]


Course Assessment Systems And Why Learn Latin Plant Names | JMB Podcast Episode 68

Episode 68 of the Jack Mountain Bushcraft Podcast is about the assessment system we use for our immersion programs. Christopher and I discuss the role of assessment on a long-term program, the crucial role of academic study to learn deeply, and a true story that drives home the need to learn the scientific names of […]


The Experiential Anthropological Approach | JMB Podcast Episode 67

Episode 67 of the Jack Mountain Bushcraft podcast starts with a rant against how outdoor living was broken into two options by a tv writer in 2009: tactical or hippie. Then we talk about the Jack Mountain approach which is neither of those options; the experiential anthropological approach. We talk about how experience shapes a […]


Challenges Of Being A Professional Guide | JMB Podcast Episode 66

Episode 66 of the Jack Mountain Bushcraft Podcast is about the challenges that come with the job of being a professional guide and outdoor instructor. While what we do can look idyllic from the outside, it’s not without difficulty. Christopher and I discuss 8 specific challenges that come with the job: You are never off […]


Halfway Day, Spring ’19 WBS | JMB Podcast Episode 65

Episode 65 of the Jack Mountain Bushcraft Podcast, recorded on Halfway Day on the spring, 2019 Wilderness Bushcraft Semester course. We catch up with the students and get some of their insights, discuss Christopher’s love affair with his new (to him) canoe, and talk about possibly differentiating the spring and fall semesters in 2020, with […]


All Knowledge Is Local | JMB Podcast Episode 64

Episode 64 of the Jack Mountain Bushcraft Podcast is about how all outdoor knowledge is local knowledge, and how the idea of a global expert is a myth. For the episode I was joined by old friend and frequent podcast guest Blake Towsley. PHOTO: Allagash falls from the canoe, taken summer 2018. Kid-Friendly? Profanity In […]


Student’s Perspective Of The Wilderness Bushcraft Semester | JMB Podcast Episode 63

For episode 63 of the JMB Podcast we gathered with the students on the current Wilderness Bushcraft Semester in the Guide Shack on a cool morning before heading down to the river. We check in with Jeremy and Anthony and get their perspective on the course, the realities of living outdoors, using hand tools, and […]


How To Know A Place | JMB Podcast Episode 62

Episode 62 is about how to know a place. Part of what we teach on our immersion programs is how to be at home in the forest. This includes both academic and experiential components, which we discuss. We also talk about the Masardis glacier and give an update about our articulation agreement with the University […]


Standards-Based Professional Training: What It Means | JMB Podcast Episode 61

Episode 61 is about standards-based professional training. We’re speaking to potential students and giving them an idea of what to expect. In a nutshell, it’s hard, there’s a lot of work, and you have to be mature to to deal with the adversity it produces in a positive way. When things don’t go your way, […]


Spring Semester, Week 2 | JMB Podcast Episode 60

In episode 60 Christopher and I get caught up with current events, talk about carving canoe paddles and discuss the winter and how the snow is still hanging around. PHOTO: Shot from a fire tower in the North Maine Woods. Links: JMBS Calendar. iTunes Link | Play, Download Or Subscribe In iTunes Stitcher Link | […]


Brushfire Rendezvous & Pulling A ’94 Ski-Doo Out Of The Snow | JMB Podcast Episode 59

The Jack Mountain Bushcraft Podcast is back. After an extended stay off the grid running our winter programs, we’re back in the world with new episodes. Episode 59 is all about the Brushfire Rendezvous, coming to the field school October 11-13, 2019. Before we get to talking about it, we discuss the events of the […]


Scott Oeth From Bull Moose Patrol | JMB Podcast Episode 58

Scott Oeth is the owner of Bull Moose Patrol, a Registered Maine Guide, a Jack Mountain Bushcraft School alumnus, a featured speaker at Canoecopia and the Outdoor Adventure Expo and a father of 3. Raised in Madison, Wisconsin and active in scouts, Scott lives with his family in the twin cities of Minnesota. In episode […]


Blake Towsley On Winter Camping & Making Gear | JMB Podcast Episode 57

Blake Towsley is an old friend, purveyor of uncouth fire side talk (his description), and the owner of Le Club De Raquette de SRF. In this episode we discuss winter camping, winter weather trends, his line of traditional snowshoe and canoe gear, freedom cabbage, and upcoming winter camping trips. PHOTO: Blake and Tim in the […]


Jeff Hatch, Raven Wilderness School | JMB Podcast Episode 56

Jeff Hatch is the owner of Raven Wilderness School in western Massachusetts, an ambassador for Fjallraven, has more instagram followers than we can count, and is an all-around great guy. Ed Butler and I sat down with Jeff on a breezy day to discuss his school, the role of social media in promoting small business, […]