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Media Hub for JMBS: Blog, Podcast, Videos. About wilderness guiding, teaching, expeditions, & the woods life. Registered Master Maine Guide, Est. 1999.

Media Hub for JMBS: Blog, Podcast, Videos. About wilderness guiding, teaching, expeditions, & the woods life. Registered Master Maine Guide, Est. 1999.
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Media Hub for JMBS: Blog, Podcast, Videos. About wilderness guiding, teaching, expeditions, & the woods life. Registered Master Maine Guide, Est. 1999.






Scott Oeth From Bull Moose Patrol | JMB Podcast Episode 58

Scott Oeth is the owner of Bull Moose Patrol, a Registered Maine Guide, a Jack Mountain Bushcraft School alumnus, a featured speaker at Canoecopia and the Outdoor Adventure Expo and a father of 3. Raised in Madison, Wisconsin and active in scouts, Scott lives with his family in the twin cities of Minnesota. In episode […]


Blake Towsley On Winter Camping & Making Gear | JMB Podcast Episode 57

Blake Towsley is an old friend, purveyor of uncouth fire side talk (his description), and the owner of Le Club De Raquette de SRF. In this episode we discuss winter camping, winter weather trends, his line of traditional snowshoe and canoe gear, freedom cabbage, and upcoming winter camping trips. PHOTO: Blake and Tim in the […]


Jeff Hatch, Raven Wilderness School | JMB Podcast Episode 56

Jeff Hatch is the owner of Raven Wilderness School in western Massachusetts, an ambassador for Fjallraven, has more instagram followers than we can count, and is an all-around great guy. Ed Butler and I sat down with Jeff on a breezy day to discuss his school, the role of social media in promoting small business, […]


Being Prepared For Winter With Ed Butler, Working Class Woodsman | JMB Podcast Episode 55

Ed Butler, the Working Class Woodsman, stopped by and we spent an hour and a quarter talking about winter preparedness, the changing face of the forest in northern New England due to economic pressure, what you should carry with you, the boiling point of propane and butane, and a bunch of other winter-focused things. I […]


Winter Expeditions In Alberta With Dragan Uzelac | JMB Podcast Episode 54

Dragan Uzelac is the owner of Niko Wilderness Education in Beaver County, Alberta and a Jack Mountain alumnus. In this episode of the podcast we discuss guided winter expeditions that Dragan will be leading this winter. We talk about making the gear needed for winter trips, the importance of planning ahead, and why it’s amazing […]


Liquid Sessions Surf School In Costa Rica With JMB Alum Donovan Burgess | JMB Podcast Episode 53

Donovan Burgess is the founder of Liquid Sessions Surf, a surfing school and full-service travel company in Pavones, Costa Rica, as well as a Jack Mountain Yearlong Immersion Program alumnus. Through Liquid Sessions Surf, Donovan offers a variety of learn to surf programs, including a month-long immersion into the skills and lifestyle of surfing that includes […]


Updates, UMPI & Building On Land You Own | JMB Podcast Episode 52

It’s been almost two months since we released a podcast. In this episode I discuss what we’ve been up to, tell some stories about the history of the folk school, and finish with talking about digital sharecropping, why we’re migrating all of our media to our own sites and why we recommend you do the […]


Teen Wilderness Living Semester | JMB Podcast Episode 51

In episode 51 of the podcast Christopher and I recap the 2018 season with our youth program, the School Of The Forest, and talk about the Teen Wilderness Living Semester coming in 2019. As part of the discussion, we discuss the difference between wilderness living skills and actually living in the wilderness. It is something […]


Eating Well On The Trail And Listener Comments | JMB Podcast Episode 50

In episode 50 of the Jack Mountain Bushcraft Podcast we discuss listener comments, the role of alcohol on the trail, and how important food and eating well is on expeditions. PHOTO: Newly-carved paddles being used for the first time. Links: The Woods Cook: Outdoor Cooking With A Professional Guide by Tim Smith iTunes Link | […]


Expedition Behavior & Leadership | JMB Podcast Episode 49

Episode 49 of the Jack Mountain Bushcraft Podcast is all about expedition behavior and leadership. Expedition behavior is outdoor education-speak for working as a team. On a chilly Saturday morning in the Guide Shack Tim, Christopher and Colin were joined by Blake Towsley for a discussion on good and bad leadership and how leadership skills […]


Thru-Hiking The Appalachian Trail With David Callison | JMB Podcast Episode 48

David Callison hiked the Appalachian Trail from north to south , finishing in March of 2018. He’s also a participant on our fall, 2018 Wilderness Bushcraft Semester. We discuss hiking the trail, why you should plant to hike from north to south to have a better experience, and learn about his most and least favorite […]


Women In Bushcraft | JMB Podcast Episode 47

Episode 47 is about women and gender in bushcraft. Christopher and I were joined by Allison Figueroa and Regina Beach, both of whom are participants on the fall semester. They share their insight into the role that gender plays on women getting into the outdoor industry, gear, and the “pink tax” women often pay for […]


The Path To Becoming A Bushcraft Instructor | JMB Podcast Episode 46

Episode 46 of the Jack Mountain Bushcraft Podcast is about the path to becoming a reputable instructor. We discuss the necessary steps, finding your voice as an instructor, overcoming imposter syndrome, and the role of being an assistant instructor or teaching assistant as part of a long-term development plan. PHOTO: Poling practice on the river. […]


Wilderness Bushcraft Semester Week 1 Review | JMB Podcast Episode 45

On episode 45 Christopher and I are joined by Allison Figueroa, a student on the fall Wilderness Bushcraft Semester who is taking a semester off from her studies at Boston University to attend Jack Mountain. We discuss how she’s settling into the semester, how the experience of being here fits with her expectations, her take […]


Fall 2018 Bushcraft Semester Begins | JMB Podcast Episode 44

On episode 44 of the podcast I’m joined by Christopher and Colin, recorded during our morning instructors meeting on Wednesday, August 22nd. We cover four topics: welcome to the fall semester, our systems-based approach to outdoor living at the field school and on the trail, some points about our educational philosophy, and the wild bounty […]


What We’ve Been Up To | JMB Podcast Episode 43

We’ve been out on the land and off the grid for a month and a half, so this is the first podcast in a while. In it I talk with Christoper and Ed about what we’ve all been up to. For me, it’s been the Wilderness Canoe Expedition Semester, from which I just returned. We […]


Party In The Gaspésie | JMB Podcast Episode 42

We just returned from an epic canoe trip on Quebec’s Bonaventure River. For episode 42 of the podcast, Colin Clifford, Christopher Russell and I discussed the trip over coffee in the Guide Shack. We talked about what they got out of the trip, the impact of the hit song Party In The USA on the […]


Spring 2018 Wilderness Bushcraft Semester Wrap-Up | JMB Podcast Episode 41

Episode 41 was recorded in the Guide Shack on June 14th, the final night of our spring, 2018 Wilderness Bushcraft Semester course, our 43rd long-term program. I was joined by Christopher Russell, as well as Tom and James who were both students on the course. We talk about our final trip, their experiences on the […]


Current & Upcoming Events | JMB Podcast Episode 40

Episode 40 of the JMB Podcast is about current and upcoming events. Christopher and I discuss what we’re working on to upgrade the field school, upcoming trips and programs, stocking our pond with brook trout, and our new team resiliency training. Links: Team Resiliency Training At Jack Mountain Autumn Woodsman Course Family Bushcraft Week, School […]


Minimum Vs. Displaced Impact | JMB Podcast Episode 39

Episode 39 of the JMB Podcast begins with Ed’s review of the New England Bushcraft Show, moves to a discussion about appropriate gear for specific situations, then a discussion of minimum versus displaced impact, and lastly a cross-cultural view of different approaches to ecology, specifically regarding the Cree idea of continued use for sustainability of […]