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Episode 31 – Britannica Digital Learning – Darcy Carlson

This week, we’re back at Britannica Digital Learning, and we are speaking to Darcy Carlson, who is Director of Education Consultants at Encyclopaedia Britannica Darcy discusses Britannica’s pioneering educator outreach program in the U.S. She explains how Britannica is reinventing the concept of the encyclopedia, emphasises the goal of “information literacy,” and shows that knowing how to optimise learning digitally is a key component of success.


Episode 30 – Britannica Digital Learning – Hannah Creelman

This week, we’re back at Britannica Digital Learning, and we are speaking to Hannah Creelman, who is Head of Training and Development for Britannica in Sydney, Australia. Hannah explores outreach from the perspective of Australasia, using work with the indigenous population as an example. She emphasises how fact-checked information empowers young people on the move from education into work and how they can transfer the sort of learning tasks they did in school into future employment.


Episode 29 – BAE Systems

Have you ever considered a career in cybersecurity? Probably not, but we think it should be high on your list of options for the future. No degree is required, and only 60% of the available jobs are currently filled. As a result, this means the salaries are very attractive indeed! We recently attended 'Cyber Recoded', Europe's largest Cyber Security Event that took place in London. At the event, we caught up with Luke Pollard from BAE Systems Applied Intelligence. BAE Systems Applied...


Episode 28 – GIA – The Gemological Institute of America

What if we told you there is an organisation that has an annual $2,000,000 scholarship programme available to students just like YOU. You would say "tell me more", right? Well, this week we have a fascinating conversation with Brenda Harwick, who is Senior Manager of On-Campus Instruction at the GIA. That's the Gemological Institute of America. An ethical and pioneering organisation responsible for the grading of diamonds and other gems. With a mix of online and offline education programmes,...


Episode 27 – Cultural Fit- Britannica Digital Learning

This week, we’re back at Britannica Digital Learning to meet the people behind the product and to find out 'what makes a great team'. We start our conversations with Caroline Kennard, the International Business Development Director. We ask Caroline whether cultural fit is more important than a degree. The answer might surprise you! Our journey then takes us to Emma Cork who is the UK Sales Manager. Emma centres on the qualities and skills required to be successful in the sales department....


Episode 26 – Independent Schools

This week we’re talking to John Edward, who is the Director of the Scottish Council for Independent Schools. We touch on a wide range of topics relating to education and what the future looks like for students entering the workplace of the future. John has a unique viewpoint on education and provides fascinating insights. He also offers excellent advice to students who are making the transition from education to employment.


Episode 25 – The Future of Learning – Leah Mansoor – Senior VP of Britannica Digital Learning

This week we’re talking with Britannica Digital Learning, and their Senior Vice President of Digital Learning, Leah Mansoor. Britannica, formerly known in the analogue world as Encyclopedia Britannica is one of the companies dedicated to reliable and verifiable information online. In a world awash with fake news, access to a reliable and verifiable toolkit has never been more important, especially in the education sphere. We explore a range of topics related to learning in the digital space,...


Episode 24 – Vaco Recruitment

In this week's show: We turn our attention to the USA, and a company voted number 4 by Forbes in the recruitment industry. Vaco recruitment provides expert consulting, permanent placement, executive search and strategic staffing for companies around the world, in the areas of accounting, finance, technology, healthcare, operations, administration and more. As a premier talent solutions firm, Vaco connects people to their dream jobs and helps leading companies find talent to grow their business....


Episode 23 – Timpson – ‘Great Service by Great People’

In this week's show: We have a shining example of how to treat employees, and a notable -success on the challenged high street– the two couldn’t possibly be linked, could they Darren Burns, UK National Recruitment Ambassador for Timpson, delivers real insight into how they will continue to hire a socially diverse workforce. Delivering a lasting social impact, whilst increasing the bottom line, Timpson is streets ahead when it comes to companies who operate with a purpose! Something we know...


Episode 22 – Student Experience – Elisabetta Salvai

In this week's show.... We have an exclusive interview with a young European named Elisabetta. A young Italian who is working and living in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. Elisabetta shows how to study and earn good money at the same time, without breaking into a sweat – well, just a little bit. Happy at work and a very satisfied online student – Elisabetta’ route to a traditional degree is brilliant. An inspiration to students around the world!


Episode 21 – Alexander Lowry – Morgan Chase, Gordon College

In this week's show We have an exclusive interview with Alexander Lowry. Alexander is Executive Director of the M.S. in Financial Analysis Program at Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts. Alexander is a seasoned executive with over 15 years’ experience in financial services and strategy consulting, assisting private and public sector companies aross North America and Europe. Before joining Gordon College he was the Deputy Chief Operating Officer of the Philanthropic Foundation at JP...


Episode 20 – University Or Not

In today’s program: We examine the different earning projections depending on whether you go to University or not. We look at a some dodgy practices as Universities advertise themselves to would be students. And finally, we recount the heartfelt plea of a long distance trucker who fears he will lose his job to robots. Job Ready, Employer Says Yes!


Episode 19 – Rise Of The Robots

In today’s program: We examine how AI will affect the law profession in the future, with details of an experiment where Lawyers were defeated by the bots. We look at a situation where a human was able to beat the AI, even though the AI was able to perform far more calculations and moves than the human participant. And finally, we examine the ethical arguments of AI and proposed regulations to ensure that the future landscape is a fair one. Job Ready, Employer Says Yes!


Episode 18 – Humans vs AI

In today’s program: We examine the job implications of alpha go’s historic defeat of humans at the ancient game of Go. We look at one young person’s rubbish experience of a modern apprentice in the U.K And finally we examine Bill Gates predictions for job losses through robotics and his proposed solution of a robot tax


Episode 17 – Jobs Jobs Jobs

In today’s program: We explore exciting developments in AI and automation as applied to the aviation industry. We learn whether globally the number of job applicants will be met with the appropriate number of jobs over the next ten years. And why teaching young people just to pass exams provides a hollow education experience. Job Ready, Employer Says Yes!


Episode 16 – Facial Recognition

In today’s program: We look at how your face is being tracked and analysed in a variety of different industries. The 10 best part time jobs for students as they attend university. The hard edge values of a broad education as the pesky robots march on and start taking jobs. Job Ready, Employer Says Yes!


Episode 15 – University Applications

In today’s program we focus on applications to University. We look at University league tables in the U.K for teaching quality and the student experience. The best and the worst! We discuss why students need to scrutinise courses as customers. We demonstrate how to make your personal statement stand out. And finally, we feature the ground breaking, modernised education curriculum in Finland. Job Ready, Employer Says Yes!


Episode 14 – Best JobSectors For Pay

In today’s show we are looking at: The best job sectors for pay. Detailed advice from the Eduvate catalogue about getting your “foot in the door” with great cover letters. A study that suggests overuse of your smartphone can cause emotional harm. And finally, are coding boot camps facing a set back? Job Ready! Employer Says Yes!


Episode 13 – Nationwide Building Society – Kelly Cowe

In today’s show we have a fascinating interview with a Senior Manager at The Nationwide Building Society, in the U.K. We hear about what a building society is, and the wide range of opportunities available for graduates and non graduates at Nationwide. We also get an insight into how they progressed through the company from a junior to senior level as a non graduate. Job Ready! Employer Says Yes!


Episode 12 – UK Higher Education

In today’s show we report on the UK education sector falling behind some of its European partners on education provision. As we approach a period of the year when job interviews are in full swing for school leavers, we have a collection of top tips from our illustrious faculty of business leaders to help them. And finally in our feature on artificial intelligence, we report on the view of the charismatic Elon Musk and his concerns of artificial intelligence and warfare, and the threat to...