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Episode 12 | The Things You Wished You Knew About Classroom Projectors, With Head of Epson - Nikki Young

We added two bonus episodes because we always like to over-deliver, and promise something, and deliver a little bit more! ... or maybe we just really like doing this show, so we continued! Our technology based episodes have been some of the most popular, this one is another on that same note. We have the Head of Epson for WA on this show, Nikki Young. Epson products feature in 8 out of 10 classrooms and we frequently see the lack of knowledge that cost schools a fair bit of time, money,...


Episode 11 | STEM Junior School Masterclass - How To Create Activities To Achieve Curriculum Outcomes - Jesse Ussi

Buy 10, get 2 free! That's right, we love to over-deliver and add value so as a thank you for your support, we've added 2 bonus episodes for your listening pleasure. The feedback we received on episode 9 with David Brown was really positive, for the actionable activities, STEM based projects, and technology use for effective teaching. So, for this bonus episode we've reached out to another specialist in this area, a specialist STEAM coordinator and thats Jesse Ussi. Jesse is an EPI CT...


Episode 10 | Secondary Teacher of The Year Finalist - Creating A Teaching Philosophy, Culture & Lab Tech - Shaloni Naik

Our guest for this episode is Shaloni Naik - a level 3 classroom teacher at Ashdale Secondary College. Now, what's interesting about this interview is that Shaloni is a very straight talker, and most of my guests are, so we get straight to the point and you don't have to put up with much fluff throughout, she also speaks very well which makes for entertaining listening. Shaloni is a finalist for Secondary School Teacher of the Year, her school has been nominated for an array of awards,...


Episode 9 | STEAM Tech Expert On Eliminating Fear of Technology - Coding, No Photocopying, STEM Activities & More - David Brown

Our guest today is an obsessive runner and incredibly experienced technology integrator in education - David Brown. If there is someone who knows how to integrate technology into day-to-day teaching (not just for the novelty factor, the cool gadgets, and the esoteric) but to actually achieve better results, to minimise repetitive work, to increase collaboration, to create a learning experience, to even fast track curriculum outcomes - it is David. Now, he marries the knowledge in...


Episode 8 | CEO of Science Teacher's Association, Being Productive, and Key Takeaways From 35+ yrs in Education - John Clarke

Today’s guest is John Clarke who is the CEO of Science Teachers Association of Western Australia. John is one of the most experienced educators that I have had the privilege of speaking too. He has 35+ years of experience in education and it has spanned from being in the trenches to observing from high level, so he speaks from both ends, which was unique. And, as his life in education has been split into 3 10 year segments, the first 10 year stint was done in catholic education, the second...


Episode 7 | Tackling The Rise Of Mental Illness In Students & Staff, The How To Guide of Wellbeing In Education & Battling Workloads - Laura Allison

If you're a new listener, thank you for joining us. I'm sure you'll find great value out of this one. It is a really great one for you to jump in. If you're someone who has made his or her way through every episode then hi-five to you, we really appreciate your support. Today's guest is Laura Allison (2015 WA School Psychologist of the Year), and she is joining us on the podcast to highlight one of the most important, yet one of the most overlooked aspects of education. Now, we're starting...


Episode 6 | Education’s IT Zen Master One Week Before Retiring, Having Complete Control in Complete Chaos - Graham Pilsworth

Today’s episode has a very interesting story behind it. The guest is Graham Pilsworth, and why it is interesting is due to the fact that I know Graham relatively well, we worked with him for the past many years at his role at one of the largest public schools in the state - Baldivis Secondary College. But I reached out to Graham and wanted him to be one of the guests on the podcast, and he said “Sure! I’m retiring in two weeks so you’ll have to make it work in that timeframe.” Which I...


Episode 5 | How To Spot Entrepreneurial Traits In Students, Helping Find The Right Job, And 800,000 Enriched Students - Jeremy Chetty

This episode is a treat, literally - for jam-packed information and to change your thinking, this is the silver bullet. Because my guest is an incredibly sharp thinker and has such clarity of thought, I was amazed at the insights he brought straight off the bat because due to his busy schedule, he had no time to prepare, and I had to throw him some curve balls straight up. My guest is Jeremey Chetty, the co-founder of the largest student membership organisation in the country, which I’m...


Episode 4 | Building a Personal Brand That Gives You Power, Getting More Funding, and Education Marketing Secrets from WA's Expert - Zion Ong

Today, I get to chat in-depth with a good friend of mine and I push him to reveal his secrets and frontline strategies that people actually pay him 10’s of 1000’s of $$$ for. So its a bit of a treat for you guys. This guest is Zion Ong and we actually met through business. Zion is one of the reasons we have taken our business (K2 Audiovisual) from three guys, a van and $500 to the largest AV technology provider in education in under three years. He is the mad man of the digital advertising...


Episode 3 | Why The Education System Is Broken, Get Rid Of Worksheets & Testing, And Create Your Own School - Suzy Urbaniak

This is going to be a bit of a ‘high energy’ episode, one that will have you infuriated or fired up to make a change yourself, and have you sitting on one side of the fence by the end of it. My guest, and the person I want to introduce you to is Suzy Urbaniak, the purple coloured, spiky haired, passionate educator who is driven to make a change in education policy and also bring about education reform. She is a wildcard, and if someone is likely to make a change to how we see curriculums...


Episode 2 | Becoming Principal of Largest School in Australia, Why You Should Reward Teachers Publicly, And Innovation - Donella Beare

This was one of those interviews that, after not having breakfast or lunch and doing three recordings back-to-back, you’d expect to be tired and want to go home and collapse. However, I was kind of excited to share this with everyone that I immediately went back and started working on the intro. Donella Beare is the Principal at one of the largest private independent schools in Australia. 2,300 students, 400 staff, across 3 geographical campuses. The school I’m talking about is St...


Episode 1 | The $1 Million Teacher, Nobel Prize for Teaching, and Stephen Hawking's Private Notes - Ric Johnson

This one of the most exciting chats so I want to try and get straight into it. If you are passionate about making a change and you want to hear how someone has done it, what kind of mindset it requires, you’ll love this. So today, our guest for episode one is Richard Johnson. Most of you are probably already familiar with his name. He is the first Australian to be nominated for the Nobel Prize of Teaching. Equivalent is the Nobel Teaching Prize, where Richard “Rick” (as he’s better...