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#21 How To Calm The F Down With Jay Cole

In this weeks episode of Killing The Void I Talk with Jason Cole. He talks about being a yoga instructor and writing his self help book (How to Calm The F--- Down) on yoga and mediation. Twitter - killingthevoidp #killingthevoid #podcast #yoga #meditation #class #instructor #relax #calm #jaycole Links To Jay Cole &...


#20 Radio Host to Sports Podcaster

This weeks episode of Killing The Void I Talk with Patrick Voss. He talks about being a radio host and podcaster in Sports. Get some podcast advice and learn a bit more about his sports show! Twitter - killingthevoidp #killingthevoid #podcast #sports #radio #socialmedia #networking Here's his JTT Show...


#19 Illegal To Citizen In The Air Force

This weeks episode of Killing The Void I interview Jay. He talks about what its like coming to the United States as and illegal immigrant seeking a safer place to live. He becomes a citizen and pays his country back by joining the Air Force and serving his time. He has learned to embrace the american culture and prosper doing so!


#18 Starting A New Business With Trenisha Marie's Help!

In this episode of Killing The Void Podcast I interview Trenisha Marie on what its like helping new startup businesses. She created a business that focuses on helping new small business get started in the correct way. She helps get the correct paperwork filed for an LLC. Helps document and categorize files, assist in marketing,...


#17 Visiting Thailand With Sean Scott

Welcome back to another episode of Killing The Void Podcast! In this episode I interview Sean Scott on what its like visiting Thailand and Cambodia as an American tourist. Enjoy the listen and find out why Thailand is such a nice travel destination! Twitter - killingthevoidp #killingthevoid #podcast #thailand #cambodia #travel #food #bangkok #angkorwat #american


#16 Real Story On MAGA Hat Covington Student Incident

Killing the void in today's podcast episode with the true events that happened last week in the Covington pro-life rally incident. The teens were put on fire by social media over the smirking at an elderly native american man beating his drum. A couple days later the real truth came out when a 2 hour video of the incident came out. This video showed the teens being harassed by a black hate group. It also showed the native american man walking up to the teens and invading their space while...


#15 Earth and Politics Heat Up Over Global Warming

Join me in this Killing The Void Podcast episode as I go over the current mood in climate change and the ongoing political battle over global warming. Is its truly happening and why? #killingthevoid #podcast #earth #politics #iceage #globalwarming


#14 Yellow Jackets Swarm As France Burns

Join me in this Killing The Void Podcast episode as I go over the current mood of France and their ongoing yellow jacket revolution sparks by a gas tax. As well as their demands and future plans. I wish you all a wonderful x-mas season! #killingthevoid #podcast #france #yellowjackets #revolution #protests


#13 Living With Schizophrenia

In this episode of Killing The Void Podcast we go over Schizophrenia. My guest speaker Andrew has live with it for close to 15 years and shares his story with us. I feel honored to have him on the show. Sharing things like this is very hard for most people. But he did it out of a favor to me and to those listening that maybe have an untreated case of it. If you think you do, please go see a therapist at your local mental health facility. They really do help and so do...


#12 - Maga Bomber & Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter

In today's episode of Killing The Void Podcast I cover the Maga Bomber Cesar Sayoc and the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter Robert Bowers. Delve into the dark news that had landed on us just before Halloween and the Elections. Host - Andrew Parks #killingthevoid #podcast #news #october


#11 - 35+ October World/USA News Stories Recap

This Killing The Void Podcast Episode is on the main news stories around the world and United States. I go over 35 top news stories that you may have missed. Host - Andrew Parks #killingthevoid #podcast #news #october


#10 - Venezuela Starves As Inflation Rate Passes 1 Million

This weeks Killing The Void Podcast Episode is on Venezuela's economy crash. It's citizens are starving to death literally. The country is ran by a socialist dictator and their inflation rate is well over 1 million percent. The only people thriving in this country are gangs. The regular citizens are trying to flee the country. Host - Andrew Parks #killingthevoid #podcast #starve #Venezuela #dictator #maduro


#9 - Lupus Awareness Month

Link To Lupus Walk/Donation-> In this episode of Killing The Void Podcast, the goal was to bring Lupus Awareness to the forefront of peoples minds. Remind them to wear purple for the month of October and to attend the walk to end lupus now and or donate any amount at their website to help find a cure. (Rest In Peace Amber Saina, we'll always love...


#8 - Brief History of Cannabis + Interview With Quinten Arroyo On Weed

This weeks Killing The Void Podcast Episode is on Marijuana. As a non smoker I've always been curious about weed and its associated paraphernalia. This episodes guest speaker asked for the setting to be relaxed as if we were just hanging out talking like friends. So if your a seasoned pothead you may just want to listen to the brief history of cannabis. If your a curious about it as I was than I hope you listen to the full episode. I enjoyed doing this one. We had lots of laughs! Guest...


#7 - Cryptocurrency Interview + Electroneum On The Rise - Zach

We take a delve into the future of currency in Killing The Void Podcast Episode 7. This episode is meant to enlighten anyone and everyone interested in learning more about the cyrptocurrencies such as BITCOIN for example. We've all heard about them on the news or internet. My guest speaker Zach covers everything you should know about it in an easy going manner. For those of you already into the crypto market we also cover ETN/Electroneum in this episode. /...


#6 - South African Land Expropriation aka Stealing Land From White Farmers

Killing The Void Podcast Episode #6 Your host Andrew Parks intended this episode to fill that void in your mind when it comes to current foreign politics that border on being a humanitarian issue. This episode will enlighten you on whats really going on in South Africa in regard to land expropriation. The government is trying to amend their laws to steal land from all white farmers. They believe this is restitution for how their ancestors were treated when they first encountered white men in...


#5 - Interviewing A Medium: Ghosts, Aliens, Angels, Demons - Robbert van den Broeke/Johny Webb

Listen along in this Killing The Void podcast episode as Andrew Parks interviews a Medium connected to the Source (God). We delve into crop circles, ghosts, aliens, god, angels, demons, 3rd eye, higher consciousness, reincarnation, near death experiences, etc. Please visit our website for more info


#4 - Interviewing Remote Viewer: Aliens, Dinosaurs, Volcanoes - Captain Max

Journey into Area 51 and beyond as Andrew Parks interviews his guest Captain Max Steel on Killing The Void Podcast. This episode will cover Max's time in the military as he enters Area 51 and inspects UFO's, talks to aliens, remote views dinosaurs true history, and danger of volcanoes. We hope to bring you a second part to this episode and more after that! Visit our website to learn more.


#3 - Interview With A California Firefighter - Logan Johnson

Listen along in Killing The Void Podcast as Andrew Parks interviews a real California Firefighter. This episode goes over becoming a Firefighter, duties as one, effects on those around you, pay, community, and California fires in 2018.


#2 - Farriers Expectations Of Horse Owners

This episode (2) of Killing The Void Podcast by Andrew Parks goes over the expectations Horseshoers have in regard to their clients/accounts. This episode is the result of many private messages I have received asking me to make such an episode. I was reluctant at first, not wanting to rub my own client the wrong way. I hope I don't and instead impart some form of enlightenment for horse owners. Please listen to episode 1 for 10 common questions answered by a Farrier. You may find my episode...