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We provide a unique perspective or unique point of view on a particular topic or set of topics in some direct way associated with the aging process. This content will be available with these broad topics of interest: finance, health & wellness, housing and law. We are convinced that industry professionals, authors and speakers typically have a unique perspective within their area(s) of expertise....which we believe will differentiate our material from any other provider of information associated with the aging process.


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We provide a unique perspective or unique point of view on a particular topic or set of topics in some direct way associated with the aging process. This content will be available with these broad topics of interest: finance, health & wellness, housing and law. We are convinced that industry professionals, authors and speakers typically have a unique perspective within their area(s) of expertise....which we believe will differentiate our material from any other provider of information associated with the aging process.




Adopting a Diet that Adapts to Aging

Jessica Sylvester is a registered dietitian with advanced board certifications in critical care nutrition, diabetes management, and weight loss. She has a Master’s degree from one of the nation’s leading nutrition institutes, Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy. In her private practice, Florida Nutrition Group, Jessica provides both condition-specific nutrition care as well as preventive interventions for preserving health. In addition to providing direct patient...


Fall Prevention: How Adults Over 65 Can Stay on Their Toes and Off the Floor

Amanda Rees is the CEO and cofounder of Bold. Bold’s online platform creates personalized, science-backed programs to address the most fundamental health and wellbeing challenges faced by older adults. Bold provides clinical exercise programs to prevent falls, reduce arthritis related disability, and increase activity levels so that everyone has the ability to age well. Bold partners with healthcare organizations to make these programs affordable and accessible entirely online. Amanda has...


Finding Joy in Dementia - Changing the Stigma

Patti LaFleur is the former care partner to her Mom, Linda, who had dementia. Despite her dementia diagnosis Patti and Linda found joy every day. They were always laughing, singing, dancing, crafting and finding things to celebrate. Patti taught Kindergarten for 9 years before quitting her job to care for her Mom. Now Patti continues to tell their story and share their love on social media as a way to raise awareness and change the stigma around dementia. Follow Knowledgeable...


What is your name again? 3 Tips for remembering names

Rena Yudkowsky, a professional memory coach and geriatric social worker, is the founder of Memory Matters. She teaches online memory improvement courses to mid-lifers and seniors. Over the past twenty years in the field, she has served as the director of an Alzheimer’s unit in an assisted living facility in Maryland, the director of development at a senior enrichment program in Israel, trainer for dementia caregivers, facilitator of support groups, and international lecturer on aging...


Top 10 Ways to Stay Independent and Healthy

Heidi Huynh has spent years working with adults from their 50’s into their 100’s in a variety of settings including their own homes, Independent Living communities, Assisted Living, and Skilled Nursing settings; with the purpose of increasing safety and independence so they can continue to spend time doing what they love and fulfilling their purpose. She is an Occupational Therapist, Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, and entrepreneur striving to share with the world that with the...


Take Control Organizing Caregiver Chaos

Wife, Mother, Author, and Advocate for individuals with disabilities or health concerns. Christy has been in the caregiving field for 30 plus years, starting with family members as well as a respite provider for the ARC of Maryland. She is the mother of a 22-year-old disabled son and wife of 29 years. Christy has been published in the Autism Parenting Magazine, as well as 50 plus Lifestyle magazine and writes a regular column for GiversGuides magazine out of Honolulu, HA called “Ask...


Creative Engagement in Home Care

Patricia Dubroof is the Director of Community Relations for Assisting Hands Home Care. She creates partnerships with our senior communities to share educational and creative tools about the important role caregivers have in our family’s lives. She connects with our families as they enter the caregiver world, listening carefully to their stories and finding solutions to their caregiving needs. Patricia facilitates several programs: Death Cafe, Book Events, What’s Your Plan, and others....


How to Maximize Your Home Care Service

Jennifer Lagemann is a former family caregiver, home care aide, and home care administrator. She also founded NextJenn Copy, a marketing and operations consulting firm for home care agencies from start-up to sell, and also is an active writer, researcher, and journalist in the space. Follow Knowledgeable Aging: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:...


Are you dehydrated? 75% of of Americans are, so let's get drinking!

Ellen Belk is a Silver Living strategist, with an impressive 20+years of operational experience in Senior housing as a holistic Dementia expert, author, trainer and influencer. She brings a unique blend of proficiency in operations, sales, team building, resident experience and innovation to her clients. Belk has a refreshing and straight forward style that leaves a lasting impression on anyone who works with her. As a rising Brand Ambassador, Belk is a trusted voice seeking to share...


Death Doulas Providing Serenity and Compassion at the End of Life

I am a Certified Hospice and Palliative Licensed Nurse with decades of nursing experience. I specialize in taking care of chronically and terminally ill adults as well as the elderly. Because I am passionate about end of life care and death education, I am a supporter of the Death Positive Movement which promotes death awareness. I am ELNEC (End of Life Nursing Education Consortium) Trained which qualifies me to provide education and training on end of life care and education. I am also an...


Technology Toolbox: Up-to-date age-tech tools for supporting elders and their families

Empowering people to thrive – no matter what disability or cognitive disorder they may live with – is the focus of Benjamin’s work as a social gerontologist. Caregiver, activity director, lifelong learning center director, and home repair coordinator were each roles that shaped his understanding of the unique needs of seniors. Currently, he guides the person-centered training for over 2,000 employees in 8 states, drives Koelsch Innovation Lab, and coaches 70+ wellness directors and 32+...


Touch and Communication Between Aging Couples

Judith Sachs is Founder and Director of ANYONE CAN MOVE, an adaptive movement program in Philadelphia, PA. Although she started her professional life on the stage, and then moved to the healthcare arena, she now combines these two passions. Her goal is to get everyone moving, whether in a chair or across the floor. Judith’s programs inspire movement beyond what participants thought was possible. She posits that physical experimentation in a chair, wheelchair or walker can free a body from...


The Power of Prioritizing Yourself as a Caregiver

Kescha Wilson is the founder and CEO of Design Her Queendom, a personal development company deeply committed to helping powerhouse women leaders reprioritize themselves while managing the demands of career and the responsibilities of home. She specializes in work-life integration, self-prioritization, lifestyle restructuring, and burnout recovery. Design Her Queendom was born out of Kescha’s personal burnout recovery experience as a wife, mother, and former Special Agent with the FBI. She...


Life Insurance: It's More Than a Death Benefit

Matthew Erickson is a Financial Advisor with a comprehensive financial planning practice under the firm Northwestern Mutual Park Avenue in New York City. His practice focuses on individuals and families with comprehensive planning across people’s short-term, mid-term and long-term goals and working together to bridge across these over time. He dedicates his practice to promoting financial literacy and economic empowerment and is skilled in helping clients formulate strategies around...


Aging in place: The Benefits of a Mobile Physician

Dr. Kaishauna Guidry, MD, HMDC is a mobile physician based in Southern California. She was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, attended Susan Miller Dorsey High School, then stayed local to attend UCLA. Go Bruins! She has been married to her husband, Javelin Guidry, for 25 years. They reside in Murrieta, California, have three young adult children, & one granddaughter. Dr. Guidry received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, with a minor in Education Studies in 1997. She then...


Caregiver Identified

Malika Moore founded Aging & Amazing, LLC to provide support to Aging & Amazing Adults, Caregivers, and Professionals through innovative and engaging education and consultation etc. Aging & Amazing has evolved into a 24/7 online community designed especially for those aging, caregivers, and any professionals specializing in aging. Its scheduled launch is May 2022. With more than 10 years of experience as a professional, clinician, and business owner Malika champions for older adults and...


“Emotional Economics” — The four keys to understanding your self-worth as you age

Mary L. Flett, PhD is a keen observer of what it means to be an aging adult and offers her unique perspective on embracing the shift that aging brings. She is a passionate and engaging speaker on all things related to aging, and is known for her unique ability to bring humor and compassion to complex and emotionally challenging topics. She recently published a three-book series, “Aging with Finesse”, containing selections of blogs she has been writing for the past four years. After over 30...


Why Choose Assisted Living

Maria Khader has worked in the healthcare field since 1995 specializing in the care of and advocating for the elderly. She established JK House of Grace Assisted Living Facilities in 1995. With Maria as the Director, these homes are recognized by colleagues and medical professionals for providing high quality nursing care, and specializing in the most difficult and complex cases of advanced dementia/behavioral problems. She has fulfilled her lifelong dream, where every aspect of the...


Exercise Basics for Older Adults

Katrina Wolf is the owner of Agewell Senior Fitness. She is an ACSM certified Personal Trainer, an ACE certified Senior Fitness Specialist and has over 20 years’ experience as a Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant working with the geriatric population. Follow Knowledgeable Aging: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn:...


For Most Helpful Apps

Tiffany DiPanni is the Founder of Social Savvy Seniors based out of Palm Beach County, Florida. She offers specialized programs and training to help older adults and caregivers adapt to the digital world we live in. Originally from Rhode Island, Tiffany completed her undergraduate and Graduate School programs in South Florida. After many years pursuing a career in corporate America, Tiffany DiPanni officially established Social Savvy Seniors to empower more seniors with the digital literacy...