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France has been motivating people for decades to create and live a more inspired life. La Vie Creative is a weekly podcast all about creatives in Paris and beyond, hosted by American Expat Krystal Kenney. Designed to help you enrich your inner artist and tap into your innovative gifts.

France has been motivating people for decades to create and live a more inspired life. La Vie Creative is a weekly podcast all about creatives in Paris and beyond, hosted by American Expat Krystal Kenney. Designed to help you enrich your inner artist and tap into your innovative gifts.


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France has been motivating people for decades to create and live a more inspired life. La Vie Creative is a weekly podcast all about creatives in Paris and beyond, hosted by American Expat Krystal Kenney. Designed to help you enrich your inner artist and tap into your innovative gifts.




EP 154: Valerio Lysander, a chamber pop singer/songwriter

Valerio Lysander is a chamber pop singer/songwriter. Based in London but originally from Italy, Valerio has built his career in the UK and abroad, performing in England, Scotland, Italy, France, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands and Hungary. In 2016 he was among the 10 nominees for Best Male in the Best of British Unsigned Awards and Ryan, new single released in the same year, was broadcasted by BBC Introducing. In 2017 he was among the finalists of the Coffee Music Project and Pride’s Got...


EP 153: Paris History Avec A Hemingway (Claudine Hemingway)

In the spring of 1972, my grandparents ventured off for a trip to Paris for the very first time. My grandfather being the ever-curious traveler, he loved spending his days exploring the cobbled streets that he could walk on for hour after endless hour, and his daily one-man gratinee de l’ogninon hunt looking for the best bowl he could find in Paris. Wondering the streets taking countless photo after photo and documenting what he did in his journals, he fully lived and took in all the amazing...


EP 152: Francophile winemaker and stylist Pirrie Wright

Born into a Francophile winemaking family, Pirrie has always had a passion for fashion and old-world glamour. Under the amazing tutelage of Est Ovest Style’s co-owners, and coupled with her innate work drive, she found her passion for trends and for styling and fit for every unique body. From Portland Oregon, she moved to New York City and assisted one of the top stylists at the prestigious Bergdorf Goodman. Pirrie is now living in Paris and working as a personal and editorial stylist. She...


EP 151: Paris History Avec a Hemingway (Ladies of Luxembourg Gardens Part 2)

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Ep 150: Chatting with a Jamaican writer based in France, Alecia McKenzie

Alecia McKenzie is a Jamaican writer based in France. Her first collection of short stories, Satellite City, and her novel Sweetheart have both won Commonwealth literary prizes. Sweetheart has been translated into French (Trésor) and was awarded the Prix Carbet des lycéens in 2017. Other books include Stories From Yard (first published in Italian translation as Racconti giamaicani), Doctor’s Orders and When the Rain Stopped in Natland. Her most recent novel is A Million Aunties. ​ Her...


EP 149: Paris History Avec a Hemingway (Ladies of Luxembourg Gardens Part 1)

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Ep 148: Landen Kerr's Paris Photography and Travel Planning

A little about me…I first moved to Paris in Fall 2012 for a semester abroad program. At the time, I had absolutely no idea how I would fall completely head-over-heels in love with the city. I returned the following summer for another study abroad program. It was during that time that I first imagined myself living in Paris full time. Life happened, but I never let go of my dream of living in Paris. Five years later, the stars aligned for me and I moved from Dallas, Texas to Paris. My daily...


EP 147: Paris History Avec A Hemingway (The Myths of Ernest Hemingway)

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Ep 146: Frances takes us inside the world of Versailles Immersive Experience with Eat the Cake Studio

FRANCES BIO: Frances is a Latina powerhouse creative with over 30 years of experience in the arts and entertainment industry spanning theater, cinema, and video games. She has a passion for creating rich and dynamic story worlds that conjure curiosity and inspire play. She is co-founder and CEO of Eat the Cake Studio, a women-run immersive entertainment studio dedicated to redefining the experience of storytelling and audience engagement. Frances is also passionate about history and thrives...


EP 145: Paris History Avec A Hemingway (Francoise I)

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Ep 144: Rosa Jackson is a chef in the South of France offering cooking classes and now her very own cookbook!

Rosa Jackson never looked back after tasting her first coffee éclair at the age of four, when her family came to live in Paris for a year. After working as a food writer for a daily newspaper in Canada, she moved to France in 1995 and founded Paris Market Tours (now Edible Paris), which was the first company to offer tours of the city’s food markets. Rosa long dreamed of combining market tours with cooking classes, and chose Nice for its vibrant food market and unique culinary traditions...


EP 143: Paris History Avec A Hemingway (Ladies of Monet)

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Ep 142: CC Aoustin is the cofounder of PARTOUT - A collective of Anglophone women artists, based in Paris

CC Aoustin is a native New Yorker, growing up in a melting pot of cultures in and out of her home. She has a BA from Queens College, in psychology and Fine Arts. She attended New York University’s Masters in Art Therapy Program, where she practiced for 13 years until moving to France. She reconnected with art through photography, by creating her own backdrops. Caroline has exhibited her art in NYC & Paris. And now happily living the French dream, she didn’t even know she had! PARTOUT - A...


EP 141: Paris History Avec A Hemingway (Versailles)

The Chateau Versailles, just the name evokes glamour, golden splendor and the regal days of France. We cover it all today on the newest episode of Paris History Avec a Hemingway. Versailles began in 1604 when Louis XIII would come out to the woods to hunt and decided to build a hunting lodge. In 1623 a small lodge next to a windmill that sat on top of a low hill was the humble beginning that is hard to imagine today. Louis XIII would gather his hunting friends and head out to the lodge. His...


Ep 140: Joanne Kimes talks about her new book “Finding Paris: A Novel.”

Joanne Kimes was a television writer in Los Angeles when she became pregnant and soon realized the road to procreation was plagued with miserable potholes. So she wrote a book called, “Pregnancy Sucks” that became a best-seller and led to a dozen other titles in her “Sucks” books series. She’s appeared on the Today show, written dozens of magazine and website articles, and has just released her first fiction book, “Finding Paris: A Novel.” While she currently lives in Los Angeles, she hopes...


EP 139: Paris History Avec A Hemingway (Madame Elisabeth)

In our final episode about the ladies of Marie Antoinette there wasn’t anyone closer in those final months than her sister in law Madame Elisabeth. The youngest child of Louis and Marie-Joseph, her older brothers would become king over the next 70 years. Born on May 3, 1764 a year later her father died and she spent most of her time in the shadow of the older brothers living a carefree life at court. When she came of age, Louis XVI wanted to marry her off but she begged him not to so she...


Ep 138: Angels of Paris with Rosemary Flannery

Rosemary Flannery has lived in France since 1989 and enjoys dual French-American nationality. She graduated with honors from Columbia University in 1985 with a degree in French language and literature. On the show today we talk about her love of Paris and the Angel statues that surround the beautiful streets of the city. She has written multiple books and now spends her time painting portraits as well. Learn more here: Support the show...


EP 137: Paris History Avec A Hemingway (Madame Campan)

Madame Campan was one of the only women to work for Marie Antoinette, survive the Revolution, work for Napoleon and end with another Bourbon king when most didn’t survive past Marie Antoinette. Jeanne-Louise Henriette Campa was born October 2, 1752 in Paris. Her father was a foreign affairs clerk sent to London to work on the 1763 peace treaty and took a large role in her education. Teaching her italian and english she also became well versed in the piano, guitar and harp. At 16 years old...


Ep 136: Croatian Musician, Bojan Kupirovic, shares his rock band in Paris!

I'm a musician. Learned to play guitar in high school after I watched the movie The School of Rock with Jack Black which inspired me so much that I became a rocker and wanted to have a band! Since then I realized that music is the language in which I can express my feelings, myself, and feel good about it. I lived in a small, conservative city in Croatia where people believed that if you listen to rock or metal and have long hair means you are a Satanist and drug addict. So it was hard to...


EP 135: Paris History Avec A Hemingway (Gabrielle de Polignac)

In this week's episode of Paris History Avec a Hemingway, we continue on with another lady of Marie Antoinette. Gabrielle de Polignac was a constant source of gossip from Versaille to Paris. The fun-loving Polignac was born September 8, 1749, in Paris into the French noble family of the Nouilles. Married in 1767 to Jules de Polignac, captain of the Royal Regiment and a member of the court at Versailles. Through her sister-in-law who was the lady of honor to Madame Elisabeth, she was invited...