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Two-time US Women’s Chess Champion Jennifer Shahade hosts the official podcast of US Chess Women, where she interviews female chess champions and leaders.

Two-time US Women’s Chess Champion Jennifer Shahade hosts the official podcast of US Chess Women, where she interviews female chess champions and leaders.


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Two-time US Women’s Chess Champion Jennifer Shahade hosts the official podcast of US Chess Women, where she interviews female chess champions and leaders.








Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade ft. Luciana Morales LK046

Jennifer welcomes Women’s International Master Luciana Morales to Ladies Knight. Luciana is a three-time Continental Champion, the first Peruvian woman to qualify for the Women’s World Champs and an Olympian captain and player. Now hailing from Brownsville, Texas, Luciana works for chessable, where she was recently promoted to Classroom Manager. She goes by “Mom’s Gambit” on social...


Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade ft. Tatia Skhirtladze LK045

Jennifer welcomes Tatia Skhirtladze to Ladies Knight. Skhirtladze is the director and producer of “Glory to the Queen”, a documentary film exploring the outstanding success of Georgian women in chess, focused on four legends of the game: Nona Gaprindashvili, Maia Chiburdanidze, Nana Ioselaini and Nana Alexandria. Jennifer and Tatia speak about highlights from her film,...


Ladies Knight Q&A with Jen Shahade LK044

In a special episode of Ladies Knight, Jennifer Shahade takes on listener questions, ranging from a member of her girls chess club who struggles with closing winning positions, to previous guest Laura Smith on how Jennifer would approach a return to professional chess. She also answers a question from podcaster Daniel Lona who asks about...


Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade ft. Yosha Iglesias LK043

Jennifer is joined by Yosha Iglesias, a multi-talented chess professional: a FIDE Master, composer, coach and YouTuber. She also works for chess24, and is among the top ten female players in France, (ranked #9 in June 2022). Jennifer and Yosha speak about how the Eureka moment of solving a chess problem can be similar to...


Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade ft. Jessica Era Martin LK042

Jennifer interviews author, chess coach as well as a longtime friend of Jen’s, Jessica Era Martin, to Ladies Knight. Jessica is the founder of Over the ChessBoard, a coaching organization dedicated to bringing chess everyone. A published poet and frequent contributor to chesskid, she’s also the author of several books, including two 2022 titles, Chess...


Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade on the Road, ft. CHESS QUEENS LK041

In this special episode of Ladies Knight, host Jennifer Shahade invites you to join her on the road, starting with her Chess Queens book launch in London, where she visited a girls school called Sarah Bonnell, a women’s group called the “Trouble Club”, and our friends at the London Chess & Bridge Shop. She moves...


Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade ft. Anastasiya Rakhmangulova LK040

Jennifer welcomes Women’s International Master and former Ukrainian Champion Anastasiya Rakhmangulova to Ladies Knight. Jennifer first heard about Anastasia, who goes by “Nastia”, in the 2020 Isolated Queens tournament, an online event that Jen hosted with Alexandra Botez at the start of the pandemic. Almost two years later, Nastia began to update her Instagram followers...


Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade ft. Martha Fierro LK039

Jennifer Shahade welcomes a chess champion, friend and leader to Ladies Knight: Martha Fierro of Ecuador. Martha is a woman with many titles: she’s a FIDE Vice President, an International Master, a Women’s Grandmaster, International Organizer and a two-time Olympic medalist. She’s also one of Jennifer’s earliest inspirations: Jennifer first met Martha at a small...


Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade ft. Ella Papanek LK038

US Chess expert and quant sports trader Ella Papanek joins Jennifer Shahade on Ladies Knight for a fascinating discussion. A recent graduate of Harvard University, Ella works at the Susquehana International Group (SIG), a global quantitative trading firm in the Philly area. Her interests span from chess to poker to sports, and of course- statistics, her major...


Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade ft. Rusudan Goletiani LK037

Jennifer welcomes International Master Rusudan Goletiani to Ladies Knight. Goletiani is a three-time World Youth Champion, a two-time Olympic medalist and a former US Women’s Champion- she took Jennifer’s title in 2005! Rusudan recently gave a riveting presentation in the girls club at the K-12 Nationals in Orlando, Florida, about the struggles she encountered on...


Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade ft. Donna Dodson LK036

Jennifer Shahade welcomes artist, sculptor and Fulbright Scholar Donna Dodson on to the GRID. In 2018, Dodson created an epic chess set for a show at the Boston Sculptors Gallery, “the Match of the Matriarchs,” and she invited Jennifer, Daniel Meirom and Kledia Spiro to collaborate with her. The centerpiece of the show was a chess set...


Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade ft. Nadya Ortiz LK035

Jennifer speaks on Ladies Knight to Nadya Ortiz, a chess champion who now works as a senior software engineer at Apple. Born in Ibague, Colombia, Nadya talks about growing up in a lower-income family that supported her chess career, which led her career and life to flourish. She speaks about classism, and the power of...


Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade ft. Sarah Chiang LK034

Our September Ladies Knight guest is NM Sarah Chiang, a graduate of Washington University in Saint Louis, a med student and an advocate for girls and women in chess. She is one of a handful of female players who have played in both the US Women’s Championship as well as the US Junior Championship. During...


Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade ft. Isabelle Choko LK033

Ladies Knight welcomes Holocaust Survivor, author and 1956 French Women’s Chess champion, Isabelle Choko. Born on September 18, 1928 in Lodz, Poland, Isabelle Choko was two weeks away from her 11th birthday when Nazi Germany invaded Poland on September 1, 1939. Isabelle and her loving parents were among 160,000 sent to the Lodz ghetto. Her father...


Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade Featuring Laura Smith LK032

Jennifer brings National Master and chess coach and streamer Laura Smith to Ladies Knight. Laura talks about her very early beginnings in the game and her current passion for chess in education and streaming. A mom of three, Laura gave birth to twins at the start of the pandemic and talks about the joys and struggles of...


Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade ft. Judith Kiragu and Dr. Philip Mwashe LK031

In a special double-header, Jennifer interviews entrepreneur and organizer Judith Kiragu and chess patron Dr. Philip Mwashe on the origin story of the Lighthouse Chess Club in Mombasa, Kenya. Kiragu and Mwashe speak about changing the landscape of chess in Kenya by founding the club in May 2017. Throughout its four year history, they advance education through...


Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade Featuring Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein LK030

Jennifer Shahade welcomes theoretical physicist, author and chess enthusiast Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein to Ladies Knight. Prescod-Weinstein’s new book, The Disordered Comsos: A Journey into Dark Matter, Spacetime & Dreams Deferred is our current Madwoman book club selection. The book is both an ode to her love for physics and astronomy, a tour of some high and lowlights...


Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade Featuring IM Irene Kharisma Sukandar LK029

This month’s Ladies Knight features IM Irene Kharisma Sukandar, the first WGM from Indonesia, a five-time Olympian and the fifth ranked player in her country of any gender. Irene was recently featured in the most viewed chess match of all time, with 1.3 million peak viewers, shattering previous records many times over. The...


Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade Featuring Courtney Lauren Penn LK028

Jennifer welcomes long-time friend Courtney Lauren Penn to Ladies Knight. Courtney is a producer and the founder of Renegade Entertainment. In addition to being a player in Hollywood, Courtney is also a chessplayer: she was ranked in the top fifty female players in the country for six years, and played in the very first SuperNationals. She is now partnered...


Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade Featuring Sabrina Chevannes LK027

Women International Master, author and entrepreneur Sabrina Chevannes is our February guest on Ladies Knight. Sabrina talks about how she transitioned from chess to her current career leading a full service creative agency. She also gives Jen some advice on her own brand and the US Chess Women brand. They move on to discussing Sabrina’s books, “Chess for...