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Lead The Way is a platform for stimulating conversation and building connections. Hosted by Anna Gouker, this weekly podcast brings you leaders from all types of backgrounds and industries to find effective ways of creating meaningful change and inclusion in our communities. Graphic Design by: Claudio Moya

Lead The Way is a platform for stimulating conversation and building connections. Hosted by Anna Gouker, this weekly podcast brings you leaders from all types of backgrounds and industries to find effective ways of creating meaningful change and inclusion in our communities. Graphic Design by: Claudio Moya


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Lead The Way is a platform for stimulating conversation and building connections. Hosted by Anna Gouker, this weekly podcast brings you leaders from all types of backgrounds and industries to find effective ways of creating meaningful change and inclusion in our communities. Graphic Design by: Claudio Moya






Wisconsin State Sen. Melissa Agard: Come Together

Anna has a conversation with Wisconsin State Senator, Melissa Agard. She shares her perspective about many topics, including what has changed in the Madison community, how we can improve inclusion, and ways we can all do our part to come together.


Anna Gouker: Don't Ask Permission to Fly

Anna's book, Don't Ask Permission to Fly, is AVAILABLE NOW on Amazon. Thanks again to Rachel Hermes, she da bomb! Anna's Podcast Picks: Slate Political Gabfest The Megyn Kelly Show Pivot (hosted by Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway) The Remnant with Jonah Goldberg How I Built This with Guy Raz It Was Said


Rep. Francesca Hong: Game Changer

In this episode, Anna talks with Representative Francesca Hong, the breakout political star who won an extremely competitive state assembly seat and is now serving Wisconsin’s 76th District. In addition to her public service, Rep. Hong is co-owner of the restaurant, Morris Ramen, and co-founder of Cook It Forward. Learn more at cookitforward.com


Laura Gmeinder: Ignite Your Potential

This episode is all about improving self belief and figuring out how to lean into your unique ability to lead, something that is a struggle for us all and a topic that really resonates with Anna. Laura Gmeinder is a former Human Resources executive turned Business & Leadership Coach. She has been highlighted in many major publications for her expert ability to help women transform their lives and businesses. Learn more at www.lauragmeinder.com


Valerie Zaric: Future-Proof Career

Anna talks with Valerie Zaric, host of Future-Proof Career, a podcast that will ease your anxieties around career decisions and help you take control of your future. Valerie's background uniquely enables her to guide listeners in a positive direction. The last year has brought so much struggle to so many people. Valerie shares with her audience what to consider before pivoting their careers towards new possibilities. Check it out at www.valeriezaric.com


Jeff Burkhart: Improving Literacy for a Brighter Future

Did you know that 55,000 adults in Dane County struggle with literacy? That's enough to fill more than three Kohl Centers! In this episode, Anna speaks with Jeff Burkhart, Executive Director of Literacy Network of Dane County, about the important work they do. Visit www.litnetwork.org for more information.


Helen Osborn-Senatus: Reaching a Fully Nourished Community

It's a new year, and there's no better time to highlight good leadership than 2021! In this episode, Anna talks with Helen Osborn-Senatus, Program Manager of The River Food Pantry, the Madison area’s busiest food pantry. As it says on their website, The River serves over 1,000 households every week in pursuit of their vision: a fully nourished community. Visit riverfoodpantry.org for more information.


SlowFood UW: Food for Thought

In this episode, Anna talks with Connor Raboine, Co-Executive Director of SlowFood UW. Check out the links below for more information: Fair Share’s website: https://www.csacoalition.org/ Robert Pierce, here is his website as well: https://southmadisonfarmersmarket.com/ current programming for SlowFood UW -https://slow-food-uw.square.site/ https://www.facebook.com/slowfooduw https://www.instagram.com/slowfooduw/?hl=en


Leah Rolando: Speak Up for Mental Health

Let's talk mental health! Leah Rolando is Suicide Prevention Coordinator at Mental Health America of Wisconsin. We recorded this conversation towards the end of September, which was National Suicide Prevention Month, and during the course of the conversation, she had a lot of great things to share about how to speak up for yourself as well as how we can all show up better for one another. Visit mhawisconsin.org for more information and resources!


Rowan Childs: Book Smart

In this episode, Anna has a conversation with Rowan Childs, founder and executive director of Madison Reading Project. Learn more about the work of the Madison Reading Project and their upcoming virtual event Whiskey and Words: www.madisonreadingproject.com Also, check out the 2016 Kids Count Data Book (aka Race To Equity Report): https://racetoequity.net/2016-kids-count-data-book/


Dr. Roxie Hentz: A Master Educator

If you’re looking for some light and inspiration, this is the episode for you. Anna recently had the chance to have a conversation with Dr. Roxie Hentz, the founder and CEO of CEOs of Tomorrow, a nonprofit organization that offers social entrepreneurship workshops and courses to young innovators and problem solvers inspired to shape their world. Visit CEOsofTomorrow.com for information about the organization as well as Dr. Hentz' book "It’s my Business: Inspiring Students’ Ideas for a...


Rita Mae Reese: The Artful Life

Rita Mae Reese is an award-winning poet and author whose work has received a Rona Jaffe Foundation Writer's Award, a Stegner fellowship, and a "Discovery"/The Nation prize. If that was not enough, Reese is also the Literary Arts Director at Arts + Literature Laboratory, a community-driven contemporary non-profit arts organization supporting the visual, literary, music and performing arts based in Madison, Wisconsin. Visit ritamaereese.com and artlitlab.org for more info.


Amie Hoag: The Greater Goodman

Anna was able to speak with Amie Hoag, assistant director of communications and annual giving at the Goodman Community Center in Madison. If you are not already familiar with Goodman, it is a local nonprofit that offers a huge amount of support, services, and programming that is available to people in the Madison community. Visit goodmancenter.org for more info and you can follow them on Twitter at @GoodmanCenterWI


Hon. Everett Mitchell: Reflection of True Greatness

Anna had the chance to speak with Dane County Circuit Court Judge Everett Mitchell. Judge Mitchell’s previous roles include assistant district attorney in Dane County and director of community relations at UW Madison. As he serves on the bench today, Judge Mitchell is also lead pastor at Christ The Solid Rock Baptist Church. Facebook @ Christ The Solid Rock Baptist Church


Special Episode: Waking Up to a Revolution

In this episode, we focus on this moment of opportunity for change. Anna has two conversations with Wisconsin community leaders about organizing, teamwork, and what comes next in creating social equity and racial justice in our society. First, Anna speaks with Dwight D. Williamson, Jr., an organizer with Black Lives Matter in Milwaukee. Then, Angela Lang, Executive Director of BLOC (Black Leaders Organizing for Communities) joins Anna for a wide-ranging dialogue. Visit www.blocbybloc.org...


Kelly Hora: Wellness and Healing in a Pandemic

We are living in a very frightening and unusual time. For that reason I was so glad to have the chance to talk with our guest in this episode who has a calm and reassuring presence as well as much wisdom to share. Kelly Hora owns and operates Bluestem Acupuncture in Madison.In this episode, we have a wide-ranging conversation about how she stumbled into her profession and her practical tips for getting through this strange moment. For more about Bluestem Acupuncture: madison-acupuncture.com


Jonathan Solari: The Dance of Our Time

Connecting through art is essential now more than almost any other time. Our guest in this episode is Jonathan Solari, the CEO of Madison Ballet. Jonathan is leading an organization that’s doing everything possible to serve the needs of our community with what they do best; creating beauty in life through performance. Anna first met Jonathan a couple of years ago through the new leader’s council fellowship program, which they completed in the summer of 2018. He is a great example of...


(BONUS) Paulo Delgado: Dane County Neighbors Helping Neighbors

It was not long ago -- although it feels like forever! -- that the coronavirus caught us all by surprise, shifting our lives in a new direction. Many of us are struggling to find meaningful ways to use our time in quarantine. In this bonus episode, we had the opportunity to talk with a man at the center of a new Facebook group called Dane County Neighbors Helping Neighbors, which demonstrates the best of our community.


Claire Oleksiak: Sustain for the Future

This is the decade to deliver on sustainability, that is what all of the experts are saying. In this episode, we learn what it means for the local community in Dane County Wisconsin. Claire Oleksiak is Executive Director of Sustain Dane, a nonprofit organization that serves Madison and the rest of Dane County by inspiring, connecting and supporting individuals and larger groups to reach sustainable solutions. Just before social distancing became our way of life, we caught up with her at...


Tehmina Islam: Consent Centered Care as a Revolution

Back in late February, before all of our lives changed due to a global pandemic, I had the distinct pleasure of talking to Tehmina Islam. She is a Madison based Certified Professional Midwife with a strong passion for consent centered care. We recorded the following conversation, which touched on many things including her unique style of treating pregnant people, their bodies, and their babies. You can find out more about Tehmina and her services at accessmidwiferywi.org.