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Lead The Way is a platform for stimulating conversation and building connections. Hosted by Anna Gouker, this weekly podcast brings you leaders from all types of backgrounds and industries to find effective ways of creating meaningful change and inclusion in our communities. Graphic Design by: Claudio Moya


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Lead The Way is a platform for stimulating conversation and building connections. Hosted by Anna Gouker, this weekly podcast brings you leaders from all types of backgrounds and industries to find effective ways of creating meaningful change and inclusion in our communities. Graphic Design by: Claudio Moya






Beth Larson Joins Habitat For Humanity

In this episode we learn about Beth Larson and her amazing backgound as a musician and leader. Anna goes in depth about Beth's upbringing and what led her to her role with Habitat For Humanity of Dane County. To learn more about how you can get involved with Habitat For Humanity of Dane County please visit: https://habitatdane.org/


Barneveld Cafe - A Welcome Home to All

In this episode Anna Gouker speaks with Cliff and Yvonne Hooks of Barneveld Cafe. An amazing couple who share there love for the community through good food and free jokes. The Hook's run a non profit cafe that is open to the public, creating a space for all to enjoy the luxury of going out to eat. They run the cafe completely free of charge, setting an astounding example for community outreach. We home you enjoy this episode of Lead The Way with Anna Gouker as it was one of our favorite conversations to date. *Mentioned in this episode Cliff an Yvonne Hooks did end up having to move away from Barneveld and they can be found volunteering daily in there local comunity now.


Joy Willenbrink-Conte: Making an Impact with Music Therapy

In this Episode we learn from Joy Willenbrink-Conte about the many benefits of music therapy. Joy goes in depth on her background and what led her to becoming a music therapist. For those unfamiliar with music therapy she explains it well- "Music therapy can be a space to foster creativity, empower, and build connections, therefore boosting your resilience in response to pain, conflict, loss, and trauma." Joy Willenbrink-Conte There is much to learn in this episode and we hope you enjoy!


Sandy Morales: Empowering Youth in Dane County

In this episode we learn about the amazing mentoring programs they have avialable at Big Brother Big Sisters of Dane County. Sandy Morales goes in depth on her background and what led her to her position at Big Brothers Big Sisters. Listen to learn more about getting involved and how they work "to clear the path to a child’s biggest possible future." https://www.bbbsmadison.org/


Amy Kerwin: Enriching Primates Lives with Retirement

In this Episode we learn from Amy Kerwin and the amazing work she has done with Primates Inc. Founded in 2004 Amy was able to take and learn from her experiences at the University of Wisconsin with rhesus monkeys. She found that these humble animals deserve sanctuary and an enriching life through retirement. Through many barriers Amy was able to create an amazing sanctuary. Not only does Primates inc. provides space for retirement but also acts as a prototype for other communities. We all have much to learn from her work and the rest of the team at Primates inc. primatesinc.com


Christine Benedict: Running with Success!

In this episode, Anna has a wide-ranging conversation with the amazing Christine Benedict, Executive Director of Girls on the Run of South-Central Wisconsin. www.girlsontherunscwi.org Find them on Facebook!


Just Bakery: It's All About Human Connection … And Tea Cookies!

Anna talks with Jaclyn Eitrem and Justin L’Abbe of Just Bakery (a JustDane initiative). Just Bakery is a 12 week educational and vocational training program. The program works with individuals who are experiencing significant barriers to employment (homelessness, justice involved, lack of education, and/or a lack of work history or skills). Visit justdane.org to learn more. Facebook & Instagram: @justbakeryMSN


Karla Thennes: Deep Gratitude for our Community

Anna talks with Karla Thennes, Executive Director of Porchlight. They discuss a wide range of topics, including how Karla originally discovered her passion for working with people experiencing homelessness and Karla's journey of fighting self-doubt as she's grown in her profession. Visit porchlightinc.org to get involved!


Arthur Aston: Mastering This Life

Arthur Aston is Executive Director of Build Jake's Place, Founder of OurView, and host of the OurView podcast. Anna and Arthur discuss the work of promoting inclusion of people with disabilities and what it requires of them both personally. **This interview was recorded during the summer of 2021. Please excuse any reference to the "hot weather" that is incongruent with the temperature outside right now.** Build Jake's Place: www.buildjakesplace.org OurView: www.our-view.com


End Abuse Wisconsin: Speaking the Truth

Anna has a wide ranging conversation about domestic violence with Outreach Specialist, Cia Siab Vang, and LGBTQ and Youth Program Director, Cody Warner, of End Abuse Wisconsin. www.endabusewi.org


Wisconsin State Sen. Melissa Agard: Come Together

Anna has a conversation with Wisconsin State Senator, Melissa Agard. She shares her perspective about many topics, including what has changed in the Madison community, how we can improve inclusion, and ways we can all do our part to come together.


Anna Gouker: Don't Ask Permission to Fly

Anna's book, Don't Ask Permission to Fly, is AVAILABLE NOW on Amazon. Thanks again to Rachel Hermes, she da bomb! Anna's Podcast Picks: Slate Political Gabfest The Megyn Kelly Show Pivot (hosted by Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway) The Remnant with Jonah Goldberg How I Built This with Guy Raz It Was Said


Rep. Francesca Hong: Game Changer

In this episode, Anna talks with Representative Francesca Hong, the breakout political star who won an extremely competitive state assembly seat and is now serving Wisconsin’s 76th District. In addition to her public service, Rep. Hong is co-owner of the restaurant, Morris Ramen, and co-founder of Cook It Forward. Learn more at cookitforward.com


Laura Gmeinder: Ignite Your Potential

This episode is all about improving self belief and figuring out how to lean into your unique ability to lead, something that is a struggle for us all and a topic that really resonates with Anna. Laura Gmeinder is a former Human Resources executive turned Business & Leadership Coach. She has been highlighted in many major publications for her expert ability to help women transform their lives and businesses. Learn more at www.lauragmeinder.com


Valerie Zaric: Future-Proof Career

Anna talks with Valerie Zaric, host of Future-Proof Career, a podcast that will ease your anxieties around career decisions and help you take control of your future. Valerie's background uniquely enables her to guide listeners in a positive direction. The last year has brought so much struggle to so many people. Valerie shares with her audience what to consider before pivoting their careers towards new possibilities. Check it out at www.valeriezaric.com


Jeff Burkhart: Improving Literacy for a Brighter Future

Did you know that 55,000 adults in Dane County struggle with literacy? That's enough to fill more than three Kohl Centers! In this episode, Anna speaks with Jeff Burkhart, Executive Director of Literacy Network of Dane County, about the important work they do. Visit www.litnetwork.org for more information.


Helen Osborn-Senatus: Reaching a Fully Nourished Community

It's a new year, and there's no better time to highlight good leadership than 2021! In this episode, Anna talks with Helen Osborn-Senatus, Program Manager of The River Food Pantry, the Madison area’s busiest food pantry. As it says on their website, The River serves over 1,000 households every week in pursuit of their vision: a fully nourished community. Visit riverfoodpantry.org for more information.


SlowFood UW: Food for Thought

In this episode, Anna talks with Connor Raboine, Co-Executive Director of SlowFood UW. Check out the links below for more information: Fair Share’s website: https://www.csacoalition.org/ Robert Pierce, here is his website as well: https://southmadisonfarmersmarket.com/ current programming for SlowFood UW -https://slow-food-uw.square.site/ https://www.facebook.com/slowfooduw https://www.instagram.com/slowfooduw/?hl=en


Leah Rolando: Speak Up for Mental Health

Let's talk mental health! Leah Rolando is Suicide Prevention Coordinator at Mental Health America of Wisconsin. We recorded this conversation towards the end of September, which was National Suicide Prevention Month, and during the course of the conversation, she had a lot of great things to share about how to speak up for yourself as well as how we can all show up better for one another. Visit mhawisconsin.org for more information and resources!


Rowan Childs: Book Smart

In this episode, Anna has a conversation with Rowan Childs, founder and executive director of Madison Reading Project. Learn more about the work of the Madison Reading Project and their upcoming virtual event Whiskey and Words: www.madisonreadingproject.com Also, check out the 2016 Kids Count Data Book (aka Race To Equity Report): https://racetoequity.net/2016-kids-count-data-book/