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Join Amber (@MomOfAllCapes) and her kids at their kitchen table, where family discussions are fun and informative! Learn from experts and explore innovative ideas that push for more meaningful, equitable, and compassionate K12 learning experiences for kids, parents, and educators.


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Join Amber (@MomOfAllCapes) and her kids at their kitchen table, where family discussions are fun and informative! Learn from experts and explore innovative ideas that push for more meaningful, equitable, and compassionate K12 learning experiences for kids, parents, and educators.




Let’s Talk About Redefining Geek with Cassidy Puckett

What does it mean to be “good” with technology? What are the 5 hidden habits of tech-savvy teens? How can educators and parents support technology learning habits in young people? In this episode, we sat down with Cassidy Puckett, assistant professor of sociology at Emory University. Cassidy is the author of REDEFINING GEEK: Bias and the Five Hidden Habits of Tech-Savvy Teens. Cassidy brings us research findings on digital equity; tangible tips for supporting young people of all backgrounds...


Let’s Talk About Civil Discourse with Joe Schmidt and Nichelle Pinkney

“Social Studies is the curriculum of how we live our life.” YES! In this episode, we sat down with veteran educators Joe Schmidt and Nichelle Pinkney, co-authors of Civil Discourse Classroom Conversations for Stronger Communities. How do we leverage intellectual discomfort to grow and challenge ourselves and each other? What is the role of civil discourse in the social studies classroom and in other important spaces? Joe and Nichelle discuss how we work together to be better and why we...


Let’s Talk About Empowering Digital Leaders with Jennifer Casa-Todd

Social media isn’t going anywhere. And neither is technology. So how do we help kids learn leadership skills and interpersonal skills so they can have successful social media experiences In this episode, we sat down with Jennifer Casa-Todd teacher-librarian, author, and co-founder of the Global Education Student Chat to discuss how parents and educators can support young people as they explore the digital space. Connect on Social...


Let's Talk About Education, Play, and Equity with Karyn Allee, PhD

How does chronic stress impact the brain? How does play support pro-social behavior in kids? What are misnomers about Title 1 schools? How can we better equip new teachers working in high-challenge schools so they can meet the needs of the students in their communities? How do we tell the difference between poverty stressors and brain function and learning disabilities or ADD, ADHD? Grab a pen and get ready to take notes! In this episode, we sat down with Dr. Karyn Allee, veteran educator...


Let's Talk About Civics and Youth Voice with Elizabeth Clay Roy, Generation Citizen

What is action civics? Why is student voice so important, especially right now? How can we use informed civics and action civics more efficiently together? How can we expand our understanding of what equity in civics could mean? So many questions! Civic education plays an important role in building a more inclusive, participatory, and equitable democracy. In this episode, we sat down with Elizabeth Clay Roy, CEO of Generation Citizen, a national nonprofit committed to providing youth with...


Let’s Talk About News and History with David Olson, Retro Report

What makes current events so important? Where does news intersect with history? How do we find resources to support important civic conversations? What should parents understand about the importance of social studies and civic education, current events, or media literacy? In this episode, we sat down with David Olson, the Director of Education at Retro Report, a non-profit media company dedicated to connecting history to today’s news. Learn more about this wonderful resource and what David...


Schooling Through The Pandemic… What’s Changed?

We started our podcast to discuss K12 education as a project and a response to COVID-19 with our first episode, “Schooling Through An Apocalypse.” What’s changed in education since lockdown happened in March 2020? Lots! In this episode, we discuss Virtual Academy, how schooling has evolved over the last two years, and more. Mom gets feedback on her parenting during the pandemic… and there is a bird by our window looking for love. (Shoutout to the Vernal Equinox! What, whaaat!!!) Are you...


Welcome Back, it’s Black History Month… What, whaaat?!

Welcome to season 3 and Happy Black History Month! We open up the season with a discussion on current events, books we’re reading, and how we plan to set the tone for this upcoming season. FYI… we are working on a new sound setup. We haven’t learned it all yet and appreciate your patience. We are attempting to capture all the nuances of the conversation by recording the whole table. Don’t forget to tell us “What’s On Your Mind?” Are you saddled with a troubling situation? Curious to hear...


Let’s Talk About Financial Planning with Cristina Briboneria

Financial literacy and financial freedom are interconnected. As we think ahead to the upcoming year, setting goals is always a great way to establish solid footing. Setting financial goals… that’s boss level! How do we bring our young people along as we learn more about financial planning and financial literacy? What can parents and educators do to support good financial habits in kids? How can we adults shift how we see financial freedom? In this episode, we sat down with Managing...


Speaking Life Into Our Students with Ashley Tucker

Many discussions on equity often fail to center the needs of special education students. In this episode, we sat down with Ashley Tucker, special educator, Dean, social-emotional learning enthusiast, and Ed Leadership student at Teachers College. On her Instagram she shares anti-racist, trauma-informed resources. We discuss a variety of techniques and strategies parents and educators can use as they learn emotionally alongside their students. Follow on Social...


Historical Empathy, Making it Real for Kids with Dr. Katie Perrotta

Do history, civics, and empathy work together? YES… yes, they work together! And if we allow them to work together, our students gain an appreciation for the act of “doing” social studies and history. We can make history come alive when students have the opportunity to explore cultural, gendered, and racial perspectives within the context of a historical period as part of their own understanding of civic agency. In this episode, we sat down with Dr. Katie Perrotta, Assistant Professor of...


We The Gamers… Civics and Gaming with Dr. Kat Schrier

Games are not only fun pastime activities, they’re great vehicles for learning. How can we use games to teach civics skills, social-emotional learning, and digital citizenship? How might we use games to teach us how to be together? In this episode, we sat down with Dr. Kat Schrier, Director of Games/Associate Professor at Marist College. She is also the Founder/CEO of PlatyPlay, LLC, which specializes in designing and researching games for learning and inclusion. Follow on Social...


Valuing Early Childhood Education with Annette Serwanga M.A.Ed

When executed well, early childhood education (preschool and nursery school) establishes a solid foundation with long-lasting impact on a child's social-emotional and educational journey. However, many parents (and even educators) do not understand how critical the 0 to 5 years are for establishing long-term success. How do we best connect the care and learning happening in preschool to the care and learning in K12 classrooms? What should parents look out for when selecting learning...


Black Teachers Matter with Hiewet Senghor

There are increased benefits for all students, but specifically for Black students, when there are Black teachers in the classroom. How do we build pipelines that increase the number of Black educators in our schools? How can programming and networks support best teaching practices for Black educators as they support their Black students? In this episode, we sat down with Hiewet Senghor Founder and CEO of the Black Teacher Collaborative - a social entrepreneurship venture, provides an...


Raising Digital Natives with Dr. Devorah Heitner

Technology is a tool for innovation, a medium for self-expression, and an opportunity for us to push the boundary of what we know. Technology and the internet hold the potential to be leveraged for immense good, as well as, extreme ill intent. Often parents and educators are worried about the ways in which young people will use technology negatively. Instead, we should model positive tech habits for our kids, discuss our expectations for them when they're online, and get a lot more curious...


Building and Nurturing Supportive Communities with Camille Robinson

Every parent could use more support and more joy. Did you know that you could be a catalyst for support and for joy not only in your own life but in the lives of others? What are you pouring into the communities you’re part of? How are you sharing your expertise and wisdom with others? How do community members support each other and learn from one another? In this episode, we sat down with Camille Robinson (Camille Joy), mother of five, host of the Moments of Joy podcast, and founder of The...


School Librarians Matter with K.C. Boyd

Does your school have a full-time school librarian? Are you aware of what your school library can do for your students? It’s more than just passing out books and supporting language arts. Our school libraries are at the heart of all subjects and learning at schools… including math and science. How can schools better leverage the knowledge and expertise that school librarians bring? And what can school librarians do to build bridges and a deeper understanding of what they can provide? In...


Narratives: Moving From Empathy to Action with Lee Keylock

How can we use stories to bring together people of differing opinions, experiences, and perspectives to create a more nuanced understanding of the human condition? Stories have the power to build bridges, foster community, facilitate understanding, and strengthen bonds. Stories can heal communities. Stories can help us discover collective joy or understand shared traumas. But what we choose to do after hearing another person’s story is what’s most powerful. In this episode, we sit down with...


Reclaiming Our Collective History with Larissa Lam and Baldwin Chiu

How can we live history, right now, today? History comes to life when we can connect legislation, Supreme Court rulings, and major historic events to real people. When we understand the impact of historic events and decisions on people’s lives, we gain the humility and empathy to dissolve barriers that prevent us from connecting with others and learning from past mistakes. In this episode, we sit down with filmmakers, podcasters, and content creators, Larissa Lam and Baldwin Chiu to learn...


Engaging The Expert Effect with Grayson McKinney and Zach Rondot

School should be a place where kids love to go, not a place where kids have to go. But what can educators (and even parents) do to engage students in learning that truly speaks to their interests? How can we bring in outside content experts to expand our lessons beyond the textbook and create lasting memories for our young people? We sat down with The Expert Effect co-authors Grayson McKinney - a fifth grade teacher, technology facilitator, educational writer, speaker, and Zach Rondot - a...