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This podcast is devoted to providing busy women with tools and information to incorporate environmentally-sustainable practices into their daily routines.

This podcast is devoted to providing busy women with tools and information to incorporate environmentally-sustainable practices into their daily routines.


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This podcast is devoted to providing busy women with tools and information to incorporate environmentally-sustainable practices into their daily routines.




14: Upcycled Snacking with Shannon Neumann from CaPao

Today’s episode is all about upcycling. Meriam Webster defines upcycling as “to recycle (something) in such a way that the resulting product is of a higher value than the original item: to create an object of greater value from (a discarded object of lesser value).” In our private Facebook community group Love Earth Big (you can find the link to that group in the show notes), many of you share incredible upcycling projects that you have done at home, including upcycling lamp shades into...


13: Sustainable Empowerment with Meghan Forest Farmer, Founder of The Bright Factory

In this episode, I have an amazing conversation with Meghan Forest Farmer. We talk about her mission to kick start a garment factory that is utilizing sustainable fabrics and empowering women who are often over looked. In this episode, we will learn about The Bright Factory and Meghan provides amazing tips at the end of the show on how to shop sustainability. Currently the Bright Factory is in their last few days of their kick starter campaign. Please join me in being apart of something...


12: REDUCE & Personal Finances with Heather Oynes, Financial Coach

In this episode, financial coach, Heather Langford Oynes, explains how applying intentionality and creating a spending plan for our finances can be great for personal peace and the environment. Heather is a wife, mother, and money stewardship coach. Her passion is empowering others to give more, save more & become debt free! To connect with Heather, visit her community group at CREATED for MORE: A Financial Stewardship Community for Christian Women Facebook Community Page. Won't You Be...


11: Eco-Mindset - Discovering Your Why

After a few months hiatus, I'm back and ready to start us off with a Eco-Mindset Challenge. In this episode I explain what an Eco-Mindset means and why understanding "your why" is so important. Don't have a why? No worries! I'll talk you through defining one! Find us on Facebook @ Join the community @ Follow us on Insta @lifeontheupcycle


10: Ethical and Sustainable Clothing with Kristi Soomer, Founder and CEO of Encircled

In this episode, Kristi Soomer, the founder and CEO of Encircled, discusses with me what makes Encircled both ethical and sustainable. During this episode, she gives insight into what a capsule wardrobe looks like (which is a great way to have a sustainable closet if you are busy and short on time) think less laundry and faster morning routines! Kristi shares her personal experience as a business owner during the pandemic and ended the episode with a challenge that empowers all of us to be...


9: Not Another COVID-19 Episode, A Story of Hope and Courage

In the midst of all the uncertainty and stress that COVID-19 has brought all of us on one level or another, I wanted to provide everyone with a non-COVID-19 related story of hope and courage. In this episode, I spoke with Toya Stone, the host of Hi There Love. We talked about all the things! The story of building her tiny house from YouTube videos, how living in a tiny house has made her family live a life of more intention (including more eco-friendly choices), surviving Hurricane Harvey...


8: Your Succulent Guide for a Healthier Home with Rachael Cohen, Owner of Infinite Succulent

In this episode, we talk succulents and plants with Rachael Cohen, the Owner of Infinite Succulent. Rachael provides amazing insight into the health and mental benefits of integrating succulents and plants into your home. Rachael talks about the current state of the environment and urges us all to take a stand for the Earth during times of uncertainty. Lets Love Earth Big! Social Up With Us! Instagram @lifeontheupcycle Life on the Upcycle Facebook Page Life on the Upcycle Facebook...


7: Maintaining Mental and Environmental Wellness During A Pandemic

Did you know that several research articles have observed a link in air pollution and mental illnesses (such as depression, dementia, anxiety, and suicide)? I sure didn't! In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Michelle Borunda, a licensed clinical social worker from Fort Worth, Texas. Michelle works with adolescents and adults on life transitions, anxiety, trauma, and many other mental health obstacles. Michelle and I talk about the mental health challenges of social...


6: How to Live Sustainably in a Social Distancing Climate

This episode is dedicated to ideas that will help you navigate sustainable living in a social distancing climate. In this episode, I share how our family is using this time to learn and grow. I also will give you tips on how to navigate the toilet paper situation, just in case it persists; a few resourceful activities you can do with your kiddos; and ways to extend kindness and grace to yourself, others, and our healthcare workers. Please, won't you be social with us? Instagram...


5: Sustainable Camping with Andee Chamberlain of Texas Parks and Wildlife

In this episode, I sat down with Andee Chamberlain, Sustainability Programs Manager for Texas Parks and Wildlife. We discussed a few of the department's sustainability efforts in our state parks, including the installation of solar panels, rural recycling programs, the Dark Skies Program, and the opening of the Palo Pinto Mountains State Park. Additionally, Andee shares insights into some of the parks she has visited and gives her favorite eco-friendly camping tips! Please, won't you be...


4: Combating the Rhino Crisis with Dr. Michael Slattery, Professor and Director of the Institute for Environmental Studies at TCU

Rhinos are being brutally poached at a rate of more than three per day. We could lose this magnificent species by the middle of this century. Dr. Michael Slattery, Professor and Director of the Institute for Environmental Studies at TCU, breaks down the Rhino Crisis situation in South Africa and provides actionable ways listeners can be apart of the solution. The TCU Rhino Initiative is a collaboration between the Institute for Environmental Studies and rhino conservationists in the Eastern...


3: How to be Efficient with Your Food and Time - Julie Kennedy, Owner of Raw Wellness

Julie Kennedy of Raw Wellness is a pro at making health and wellness accessible to busy families. She says, “You might be tempted to think ‘Oh it's just one can on the street, one piece of trash, it's not that big of a deal. But if we keep picking up one piece here and there it's going to add up, it's going to add up a lot. It's the same with self-care, it's the same with our health. A little bit here and there it doesn't have to look like this big extravagant expensive thing." According to...


1 : Setting the Stage - An Introduction of What to Expect

The quick and dirty of what the Life on the Upcycle Podcast is all about! Simply, helping busy families along the journey of living an eco-friendly centered lifestyle. Can we be “Social?” Instagram @lifeontheupcycle Life on the Upcycle Facebook Page Life on the Upcycle Facebook Community Page


2 : Tackling Waste Reduction with Moxie Space Professional Organizing

Tackling the larger environmental issue of waste can start at home. Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of clutter or "stuff" in your home? Sara Fritsch, the owner of Austin-based Moxie Space Professional Organizing, and her intrepid team of organizers believe that an organized home leads to less stress, better health and more energy to spend on what, and who, you love. She walked me through the steps to maintaining an organized space, how to give unneeded "stuff" a second life,...