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Welcome to the Life‘s Hard, Succeed Anyway podcast, where you will hear transformational stories, positive encouragement, and practical strategies from host Allan Blain and his guests to help you grow your mindset, reach your potential, live your dreams and experience a purpose driven, impact filled life! Learn from those that have learned the hard way so you don't have to. Allan’s Free Resources: Follow Allan: Facebook | Instagram | Podcast Facebook | Tiktok To be considered on the show, contact us here..


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Welcome to the Life‘s Hard, Succeed Anyway podcast, where you will hear transformational stories, positive encouragement, and practical strategies from host Allan Blain and his guests to help you grow your mindset, reach your potential, live your dreams and experience a purpose driven, impact filled life! Learn from those that have learned the hard way so you don't have to. Allan’s Free Resources: Follow Allan: Facebook | Instagram | Podcast Facebook | Tiktok To be considered on the show, contact us here..






026. The Real Jason Duncan: The Importance of a Positive Mindset When Going Through Challenges

The Real Jason Duncan shares about three major life challenges that all hit in 2019...A major issue with a family member, having to fire a business partner, and getting taken by his (then) best friend, for over six-figures in a real estate deal gone wrong. Who is Jason Duncan? Meet The Real Jason Duncan - a renowned entrepreneur, author, and podcaster, who is dedicated to helping fellow business owners find their true purpose in life. He believes that anyone can run a profitable business...


025. HIGH PERFORMANCE TIP: 7 Bible-Based Success Principles

Life's Hard, Succeed Anyway podcast host, Allan Blain, shares seven bible-based principles that have been key factors in his ability to grow an international business over the past 8 years that now includes 10,000 others, spanning 10 countries, doing millions of dollars in annual revenue. Who is Allan Blain? Allan Blain is the former owner and CEO of a $40 million real estate investment company. After realizing that he was not pursuing his true purpose and calling, he launched what he...


024. John Hans: From $60 Million in Debt to Debt-Free!

John Hans discusses the challenges of taking on $60M in debt to start a new business with a partner and the struggles involved. He also shares how during this same time his wife, Deb was diagnosed with breast cancer, even having it return twice. Who is John Hans? John grew up in a Christian home where his mom taught him how to love Jesus. His dad was a basketball coach, which is the sport John played all the way through college. For most of John’s life he has been an entrepreneur, which...


023. Nicole Blain: Wife of Podcast Host Allan Blain, Shares Her Many Life Struggles

Nicole Blain shares about growing up as a latchkey child, visiting her father in prison, having a teen child diagnosed with cancer, another child hospitalized with seizures, her own past health challenges, making 22 moves in 30 years of marriage, dealing with Allan's past alcohol issues, having two other children who struggled in active addiction, and much more, all while being a positive, encouraging and incredible wife, mother and co-founder, along with Allan, of their multi-million dollar...


022. Dr. Darin Wilson: Two-Time National Athletic Director of The Year - Succeeding After Divorce

Dr. Darin Wilson shares some of the challenges he experienced while walking through a painful divorce years ago, the lessons learned along the way and some tips for others who desire to enjoy success in their relationships. Who is Dr. Darin Wilson? The host of the popular podcast Life Coaching for Men, Dr. Darin Wilson brings his wisdom, relationship coaching, and leadership to men throughout the world. Darin's coaching spans 1000's of hours, helping men improve their most precious...


021. Gabe Booher: Son Born with Cystic Fibrosis, $1.2M in Medical Bills, Bankruptcy

Gabe Booher shares the challenges he and his wife Mandy faced dealing with 7 years of infertility, the birth of their son Troy (8) who has Cystic Fibrosis, their resulting $1,200,000 in medical debt and bankruptcy. Gabe's attitude, mindset and wisdom is sure to be a great encouragement.. Who is Gabe Booher? Growing up in a musical family that toured six months of each year Gabe had an untraditional education. His experiences gave him a hunger for a lifestyle of freedom. At 19 he began his...


020. HIGH PERFORMANCE TIP: Importance of a Vision

Allan shares insights about how your vision can help you live a more productive, fulfilling, inspiring and successful life, and how it can also help you avoid poor choices that could damage your life's work. If you've ever thought it may be too late to reset, refocus and relaunch with a new, fresh vision for your life, think again. Thank you for listening! Please check out our free resources at Contact Allan at To be considered on the show, please...


019. Joyce Martin Sanders: Member of Award Winning Gospel Trio, The Martins, Shares Past Struggles

Joyce Martin Sanders shares about her failed marriage, personal and professional breakdown, business and financial challenges associated with the 2020 pandemic, and raising a special needs daughter, and many of the lessons she's learned along the way. Who is Joyce Sanders? Joyce Martin Sanders is one third of the award-winning gospel trio, The Martins. The siblings have been making music together since she was 10 and she has penned many of their hit songs through the years. Joyce is...


018. Chad Johnson: Coach to Millionaires Rises from Poverty, Depression and Self Sabotaging Thoughts With This Key

Chad Johnson shares about keys to overcoming his past poverty, depression, crippling sin, and self sabotaging thoughts to becoming a leader or leaders, successful entrepreneur, husband, father, author, speaker and living a truly successful and extremely impactful, purpose-filled life! Who is Chad Johnson? Chad Johnson is a believer, husband, father, adventure athlete, entrepreneur, author, speaker and coach to elite-level business owners. His passion in life is helping others create...


017. Joel Merritt: Obesity, Alcoholism, and Depression Led to Major Life Changes and Success!

Joel Merritt shares about being a 4th generation member of a 12,000 acre family farm in California, which also included a 65,000 acre cattle operation, and leaving it all at age 39 to relocate his family to Indiana at God's leading, He talks about how through that journey, he lost over 100 lbs, was freed from alcoholism and other health issues, and now enjoys a thriving marriage, family and two other successful businesses in Indiana. Who is Joel Merritt? Joel Merritt grew up in a farming...


016. Dean Ives: Thriving After Losing 11 year Old Daughter to Cancer

Dean shares candidly about what it felt like to have their 9 year old daughter diagnosed with a brain tumor, eventually pass away at age 11, and lessons learned along the way. Who is Dean Ives? Dean is the Regional Manager of all the Fleet Feet Nashville locations. Dean also sits on several advisory boards at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, where his daughter, Sydney, was a patient. His roles there include Bereaved Parent Educator, Bereaved Parent Mentor, Member of the Quality of...


015. HIGH PERFORMANCE TIP: Maximize Your Success by Mastering Your Mind

What would you do if you found a simple way to help you to be happier, healthier, and more prosperous? In this episode, Allan shares the importance of controlling our thoughts and harnessing the power of the subsconscious portion of our minds to work for us rather than against us. Thank you for listening! Please check out our free resources at To be considered on the show, please complete the contact form here.


014. SFC Joseph James: Lost Both Legs in War on Terror Yet Accomplishing Things Most Will Never Attempt

Bronze Star and Purple Heart recipient, SFC Joseph "Joe" James (retired) shares about the struggles he went through after losing both legs to a roadside bomb during the war on terror in Iraq in 2008, and some of the incredible things he is doing today. Who is Joe James? Sergeant First Class (SFC) Joseph James served in the United States Army for over 9 years and deployed 4 times during the War on Terror to Afghanistan and Iraq. He is a Bronze Star and Purple Heart recipient. In 2008,...


013. Josh Clark: From Poverty & No HS Diploma to Successful Entrepreneur and 2022 US Senate Candidate

Josh Clark shares about struggles growing up as the "poor the poor talked about" with insecurities ranging from a lack of high school diploma, to severely bucked teeth, to . And shares many valuable lessons he has learned along his path to being a successful husband, father, State Rep, and entrepreneur. Who is Josh Clark? Josh is an entrepreneur, former Georgia State Legislator, former U.S. Senate candidate and until recently an Executive Vice President for an International nutrition...


012. John Crist: From Addiction to Comedian with Millions of Followers

John Crist shares about the importance of not being afraid to fail, and speaks candidly about his past failures, including his personal issues with alcohol and his perspectives on life, business and overcoming challenges. Who is John Crist? John is one of today’s fast-rising stand-up comedians, with more than 1 billion video views, over 5 million fans on social media and sold-out shows from coast to coast making PollStar’s top 100 global tours list in 2019 with over 197,000 tickets sold....


011. Dwight Johnson: Goat Farmer With No High School Diploma to Multi-Million-Dollar Businesses Creator

Dwight Johnson shares about insecurities he's had to deal with as a result of not graduating high school and never obtaining a high equivalency certificate, and the internal self doubt and negative self talk he's had to overcome. .He also shares a great deal of knowledge and wisdom on this episode resulting from his years of continuing (informal) education of reading, listening, studying and most importantly applying the knowledge he has learned as he continues to succeed in a big way in...


010. Ray Higdon: Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, $1 Million in Debt to Building Inc 5000 Business

Ray Higdon speaks candidly about going from foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce and $1 million in debt sleeping on a friends couch in 2009, to building an Inc 5000 company and being one of the elite trainers in the nearly $200 billion/year direct sales industry. Who is Ray Higdon? Ray Higdon is the bestselling author of Time, Money, Freedom and a highly respected expert who works with high achievers to help them master their emotions and reach their full potential in business and in life....


009. Shannon Payton: Raised in Cult, Infertility, Adoption, Now Viral Social Media Comedian

Shannon Payton ("Shanny Pants") discusses challenges of growing up in a cult, infertility, adoption, dealing with "haters" as a social media influencer, and the importance of being authentic off and on social media. Who is Shannon Payton? Shannon is a 41-year-old wife and mother of three kiddos ages 14, 10 and 9. When one of Shannon’s social media videos went viral it opened up a whole new world for her. She now has many viral videos and hundreds of thousands of social media followers. She...


008. Cody Hollister: Community College Football Underdog to Playing in the NFL

Cody Hollister, a Tennessee Titans wide receiver, shares about his struggles of going from an All State high school football state champion to an unknown, 9th receiver at a community college, and how he worked through challenge after challenge with his no quit mindset to now be playing in the NFL today. Who is Cody Hollister? Cody Hollister is a wide receiver for the Tennessee Titans. Cody played high school football at Mountain view High School in Bend, Oregon with his identical twin...


007. Christina Swyers: From Struggling Single Mother With Limiting Beliefs to Top St Louis Realtor

Christina Swyers talks about the limiting beliefs and mindsets that held her back for many years as a young, struggling single mother and the changes that took place to allow her to become one of the nation's top realtors. Who is Christina Swyers? Christina Swyers is a top St. Louis, Missouri Realtor, global team leader, social media influencer, and a "digital mayor" of her town. She has become a multiple six-figure earner utilizing unorthodox career tactics to grow and scale her business...