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Creators, teachers, and explorers inspire you to follow your greatest passion and get what you want out of life.

Creators, teachers, and explorers inspire you to follow your greatest passion and get what you want out of life.


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Creators, teachers, and explorers inspire you to follow your greatest passion and get what you want out of life.




Explore Your Spiritual Evolution with Jennie Lee

Author and yoga therapist, Jennie Lee, has a passion for all things yoga and spiritual self-development. As a lifelong student of yoga, yoga philosophy, and spiritual psychology, Jennie has an extensive toolbox of practices that allow for optimal wellbeing and purposeful living. Spirituality and self-development are terms we are hearing more frequently than ever before. While everyone has a different lens that they view this through, Jennie’s position is that spiritual self-development is...


9 Tips for Working From Home

It’s time for another solo show where Britt explores topics that impact your enthusiasm—positively, negatively...or all of the above. “Work from home tips” was the winner in a social media poll Britt ran to see which topic listeners wanted to hear on the next solo show. Working from home is an extremely relevant topic for much of the world and many of you. Britt takes a different approach from the plethora of work-from-home tips content already in existence by not encouraging you to try to...


Give Yourself the Grace with Bobbi Kahler

Personal Change Chef and podcast host, Bobbi Kahler, is on a mission to help others live fulfilling and authentic lives. As someone who was once told that she should not be alive, Bobbi has gone on a journey to rebuild herself and her health. When we feel empty, it’s natural to want to blame others. But what if, rather than looking outward, we looked within and realized that we already had all the solutions? Bobbi had this epiphany during what she calls her “country music year” at the age...


Use Your Voice to Make a Living with Jodi Krangle

A voice actor, singer, and audio branding enthusiast, Jodi Krangle has made a living with her voice while staying true to herself and her creative passion. In this episode, Jodi talks about her journey as a voice actor and the winding road she took to get to where she is today. She talks about pursuing your art—and how working in a related practice helps you preserve your enthusiasm and remain connected to your creativity. Our conversation also touches on making pivots, what Jodi has...


How to Become an Unshakable Optimist with Lucy Liu

Life coach and podcast host, Lucy Liu, is on a mission to inspire hope, optimism, and joy. Helping others live the life of their dreams is the driving force behind all that she does. In this episode, Lucy shares her experience of trying to make a name for herself as an actress while sharing a name with a famous actress—and how this coincidence diminished her confidence. Rather than living in the other Lucy Liu’s shadows, she put in the work and discovered her passion for spreading optimism...


Pivot Like You Mean It with Kate McCulley

Kate McCulley, better known as Adventurous Kate, is the publisher of, a renowned women’s solo travel blog. Along with being a prolific travel blogger, Kate knows how to pivot and she has adapted incredibly well to the times. When the travel industry ground to a halt, Kate made strategic decisions that have allowed her to stay connected to her enthusiasm while continually uplifting other women. Kate shares actionable tips from her Patreon course, where she teaches...


Being a Life Enthusiast with Britt Skrabanek

To kick off the new year on a fresh note, we are mixing things up for the first episode of 2021 with a Love Your Enthusiasm host takeover. Britt Skrabanek is interviewed by a guest from the early days, author Victoria Dougherty, talking about being a life enthusiast. After being on the air for nearly eight months, Britt thought it was a good idea for you to get to know her a bit more by being in the guest hot seat herself. In this episode, Britt talks about holding onto your life...


What to Take with You From 2020

Talking about 2020 is enough to make most of us want to curl up in the fetal position until the year is over. Why on earth would we want to reflect on a year that was synonymous with loss, uncertainty, and disruption? Because loss often goes hand-in-hand with beautiful and unexpected gains. In this special end-of-the-year episode, Britt talks about how this year impacted our enthusiasm and what we can take with us into 2021. As the year draws to a close, many of us are falling into the...


Breathe, Focus, and Be Fierce with Carolyn Colleen

During difficult periods, we are told to take things one day at a time. But what if even that seems like too much? Carolyn Colleen, the founder of FIERCE Network, believes that by taking things five minutes at a time, we find what serves us best. Hardships have been the name of the game this year. While it’s all too easy to write off 2020 as a total loss, Carolyn believes that by reflecting on what we have gained, we see how resilient and resourceful we really are. Carolyn talks about how...


Sharing the Beauty of Sharks with Mareike Dornhege

As a shark ecologist, explorer, divemaster, and one of the only women to host Shark Week 2020, Dr. Mareike Dornhege is making great strides in challenging the perception of sharks and sharing their beauty with the world. When most of us think about sharks, the likely images that come to mind are of those of monsters eating humans. However, this could not be further from the truth. As someone who loves to root for the underdog, it was natural for Mareike to be enamored by sharks. She...


Choosing Empowerment Over Fear with Angela Ortiz

Angela Ortiz is the CEO of Place To Grow, a volunteer-led nonprofit that strives to connect and inspire a rising generation of leaders in disaster-stricken Tohoku communities. Angela believes that by embracing fear, we empower ourselves so that we may empower others. After seeing the aftermath of the 2011 tsunami, earthquake, and nuclear meltdown in Tohuku, Japan (known as 3/11), it was only by overcoming the trauma of her experience that Angela was able to take on the monumental...


Balancing Business and Life with Violette de Ayala

For Violette de Ayala, the founder of FemCity, life is truly what you make of it. When you step into your power and create your own life, the possibilities are infinite. While venturing out on your own may seem daunting, Violette believes that for women, running a business is the most powerful way to create a life on your terms. Being an entrepreneur comes with plenty of stress and overwhelm. Violette gives her take on finding balance and why we should focus on areas of happiness, health,...


Lowering Your Cost of Living

Many of us don’t like to talk or think about money, but there is a direct correlation between your finances and your passion. This week Britt brings you another solo show, where she explores topics that positively and/or negatively impact your enthusiasm—this discussion is all about taking a long look at your cost of living. In this episode, Britt talks about balancing your finances to protect your enthusiasm—and why focusing only on income-generating activities will drain your time and...


Live Your Best Life Authentically with Alison Armstrong

The phrase “Live your best life” gets thrown around so much that it has become devoid of any true meaning. However, today’s guest, travel writer and photographer, Alison Armstrong, is the absolute embodiment of this adage. Every day we get bombarded by hyper-curated lifestyle aspirations on social media. Alison understands our best life is not about external markers of success, but about following our inner calling. Alison expands on why even though she has made unconventional choices,...


Tap into Your Creative Forces with Kate Johnston

For writing coach and author, Kate Johnston, creativity is the cornerstone of a joyful and fulfilled life. By tapping into her creative forces, she has learned, healed, and evolved. Kate’s approach to writing and teaching is honest and mindful. By starting from a place of self-inquiry and curiosity, writers can learn more about who they are and create from there. Kate believes we find lessons at every turn when we understand that what we are going through—either good or bad—is not the...


Master Yourself to Master Your Life with Aura Martinez

For self-discovery and empowerment coach, Aura Martinez, life’s greatest adventure is going within and reconnecting with ourselves. While so many of us turn to external sources to find fulfillment, nothing will ever give us the sense of peace that we get from the inner journey. This year has led many of us—perhaps reluctantly—to walk a path of self-discovery. With restrictions on activities like travel and socializing, we have started to find a deep contentedness that comes from within....


Gain Storytelling Confidence with Lauren Popish

As the Founder of The Wave Podcasting, Lauren Popish has built a company that aims to help women tell their unique stories through podcasts. Not only are podcasts an incredible medium to have women’s voices heard, but it also provides an unmatched opportunity to strengthen their confidence. Lauren talks about how an intense public speaking blunder took her from an extroverted, outspoken person to someone who suddenly feared speaking up. Podcasting helped Lauren reclaim her voice. Having...


Changing the World Through Movement with Caitlin Trainor

Caitlin Trainor is the Founder of Dancio, a platform that offers on-demand ballet and contemporary dance classes. Caitlin believes movement is a way for us to achieve more embodied, self-aware lives and to understand the experiences of others. In an increasingly materialistic world, Caitlin recognizes just how radical dance can be. Our society seeks to separate us from our bodies, so coming back to ourselves over and over again is an act of protest against expectations and norms. Along with...


How to Take A Break from Alcohol

Even though alcohol consumption has been deeply ingrained in our society for thousands of years, it’s still a taboo subject to openly talk about. This week Britt introduces a new segment on Love Your Enthusiasm, where she takes a deep dive into topics that impact your enthusiasm, either positively, negatively, or both—and this episode looks at the complex issue of alcohol. As alcohol is a substance, negative effects like hangovers, memory impairment, and sluggishness are well-documented....


Making Poetry More Accessible with Katrina Naomi

Katrina Naomi is an award-winning poet who is here to improve the accessibility of poetry and show that poetry truly is for everyone. Katrina is not your typical poet. She didn’t grow up reading poetry, because she found it inaccessible and difficult to relate to. Later in life, when Katrina was in her thirties, she saw poetry in a different light and began to create. Along the way, she remained a realist, finding that putting in the work was even more important than seeking...