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You already know financial guidance is a must, but can we talk about it like real people? Go Off the Trail with MHV and join us as we host the kinds of conversations you wish you could have with your financial advisor: relatable, down-to-earth, and sometimes even funny. Leave your glossary of banking terms at the door, when we go Off the Trail money matters make sense.


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You already know financial guidance is a must, but can we talk about it like real people? Go Off the Trail with MHV and join us as we host the kinds of conversations you wish you could have with your financial advisor: relatable, down-to-earth, and sometimes even funny. Leave your glossary of banking terms at the door, when we go Off the Trail money matters make sense.






Navigating the Pitfalls of Business Ownership: Insights from a Successful Entrepreneur

Branching out on your own? Or already navigating the business ownership journey? In this episode, Karen Clark Adin shares the lessons she learned throughout her decades-long role as business owner. Karen successfully managed her business for over 20 years, including the difficult pandemic years. Hear her take on what business owners can (and should) do to find their own success.


Understanding Business Entities: A Lawyer's Analysis for Small Business Owners

LLC? DBA? Corp? What does it mean - and as a small business owner, does it even matter to you? Amy Ingram, of Ingram Law Firm, joins this episode to give her input on the various business entities...and why every business owner needs to create one.


Rewriting Your Money Story: Exploring the Link Between Mindset and Financial Abundance

We welcome Susan Diamond, money mindfulness coach and founder of HerFinance Club, on to this episode to explore the link between YOUR money beliefs and financial success. Susan, who holds a Master's degree in Social Work from Fordham University, was certified by The Center for Financial Social Work as a Financial Coach. She blends the latest research and the most recent industry opinions into concepts and tools to help you improve your results with money. Access Susan's tools here: Read the introduction chapter to her book, Download affirmations to inspire financial consciousness:, and Download the DIY Money Story Guide to examine and uncover money blocks:


Why Should I Care About Banking with a Credit Union?

Maybe you've heard that banks and credit unions are different. And maybe you've even learned why. But here's the real question: Why should you care about that difference? You're about to find out. Michael Mattone, VP of Community Impact at Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union, hops on this episode to drive home why people - including you - should care about the credit union difference.


Bankruptcy: What to Expect and What Happens Next

No one wants to file bankruptcy. But the fact is, it's a very real financial possibility for a lot of people. And there's still a lot of mystery around it. In this episode, we're joined by Hilary Nichols, Loss Mitigation Manager. Hilary walks us through what happens during bankruptcy, what happens to your accounts, and what you need to do after filing.


Starting or Running a Business? Don't Skip This. (Hint: it's all in the business plan...)

So you've been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug? Starting a business is pretty exciting...but it takes a lot of planning to build a successful one. Get the expert take on business plans in this episode. Hear from Sam Kandel, Advanced Certified Business Advisor and Interim Director of the Mid Hudson Small Business Development Center on:


Want good credit? Don't do these things.

You know your credit score matters - to basically every financial decision you're going to make. But did you know there are common behaviors that could be holding your score down? We're joined by Aaron Lindo, MHV's Consumer Loan Underwriter, to discover what those top three behaviors are.


First Job? Here Are Your Tax Answers.

No matter when you enter the workforce, understanding taxes is one of the most confusing parts of your first job. Host Mariclare Cranston sits down with Thomas Lindgren, CPA, to get you some answers to the tax questions everybody has.


Fitness, Stress, and Money!

We know physical activity helps reduce stress, right? But...getting started with fitness can cause more stress in and of itself. Let's talk about embracing physical activity, how to make it work for you, and why it can help you with your money.


Top Tips for Small Business Owners

How has growing a business changed? What finance options are available? Are there certain things you should outsource? What financial mistakes should I avoid? In this episode Michael Mattone, VP Community Impact at MHV joins us to share the top small business tips every owner needs to hear.


The Truth About Improving Your Credit Score

Want the hard truth about improving your credit score? There's no quick fix, but there are some steps you can take to get the solid score you need. In this episode, we're joined by Aaron Lindo, Consumer Loan Underwriter at MHV. He's giving you the expert scoop on improving your credit score.


Microsaving: Small Steps to Big Balances

You've probably heard this advice: save 3-6 months' worth of expenses in your Savings Account. And if you're like a lot people, you felt immediately overwhelmed because...that's a pretty big number. The good news? Microsaving. Tiny little deposits that: Tune in to find out how to start, why it works, and things to avoid.


This is How You Find Control of Your Life

If 2020 taught us anything, it's that we don't control nearly as much as we think we do. And that can feel frustrating and scary. In this episode, we're joined by Lauree Ostrofsky, owner of Simply Leap and founder of Hudson Valley Women in Business. Lauree walks us through why we try to control others, what we can focus on to get grounded again, and some mindset shifts we need to make to set ourselves up for success.


College Planning in a Pandemic

College planning...has anything changed since COVID? Do I need to do anything differently? Is financial aid harder to get? Join us as we chat with Stephanie Goldberg-Mauro, founder and owner of College Planning 101. Stephanie shares her insider scoop on how things have changed and what stays the same. Then, download our Guide to Free Money to help you maximize your college financing.


You Actually CAN Get Organized

Oh, you know you've done it. Promised to get your home or office more organized. Soon. Tomorrow. Next Year. In this episode, host Mariclare Cranston chats with Colleen Ashe, founder of Ashe Organizing Solutions. Colleen dives into exactly how you can start, finish, and actually maintain an organized space. Tune in for lots of good info, and a few laughs along the way.


The Easiest Way to Start Saving Money

You've probably heard experts suggest you need months' worth of expenses in your Savings Account. And...that's pretty overwhelming. How can you start - right now - with some easier steps? Join host Mariclare as she talks to Melissa Walsh, MHV's VP of Marketing, on ways to get started. Melissa shares what worked for her to start building a Savings Account and how you can take those same steps.


Money + Kids: Starting the Conversation

How do you start talking to kids about saving money? Is there a way to make it interesting? Host Mariclare Cranston talks to MHV's Financial Education Specialist Sarah Short about starting money conversations with your children.


Website First Aid

You already know that a website is a must-have for your business. But what about the content on your site? Do you need to update it? And if so, how often? Join host Mariclare Cranston as she gets expert insight from Caroline Falk, MHV's Marketing Specialist, for some quick-hit website first aid.


Mastering Mindfulness

You already know that physical fitness is important to your overall well-being. But where does your brain come into the picture? In this episode, Claude Dal Farra, owner of Spa 21 in Kingston, NY, shares his insights on mindfulness. You'll hear tips you can implement today to become more aware of your mental well-being and how it impacts your overall wellness.


Introducing Credit Unions

We're joined by Michael Mattone, VP of Community Impact at Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union, to dive into what makes credit unions different and why - with a resurgence of the importance of local economies - they're more important than ever.