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Tune in every week to learn from All-American Model UN Director Frank Pobutkiewicz about Model UN strategies, how the UN functions, and current events.

Tune in every week to learn from All-American Model UN Director Frank Pobutkiewicz about Model UN strategies, how the UN functions, and current events.


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Tune in every week to learn from All-American Model UN Director Frank Pobutkiewicz about Model UN strategies, how the UN functions, and current events.






Special Session #1 MUN Impact Conversation with Lisa Martin

In the first Special Session of MUN Coach, I have an awesome discussion with Lisa Martin, the Executive Director of MUN Impact and global leader in Model United Nations. We discuss the important and true value of Model United Nations and how her organization is trying to help students take the next step in MUN. Support the show (


Episode 6 Qatar Quits OPEC, Trusteeship Council, Setting MUN Team Expectations, and Draft Resolutions

In the News: Qatar announces it will withdraw from OPEC. UN Deep Dive: Exploring the UN Trusteeship Council, a principal organ of the United Nations and defunct since 1994. MUN Strategy: Understand why it's important to set expectation for your Model UN team to avoid future conflicts. Model UN Coach's Corner: Learn how to properly structure a draft resolution. Support the show (


Episode 5 Khmer Rouge Convictions, UN Secretariat, Training Sessions, Impromptu Speaking Exercise

In the News: New convictions for genocide against two key leaders of the Khmer Rouge, the Cambodian government from 1975-1979. UN Deep Dive: The UN Secretariat is a principal organ and the administrative arm of the United Nations. MUN Strategy: Learn how to organize training sessions and weekly meetings. I explain why you shouldn't do a simulation every week. Model UN Coach's Corner: Stop using filler words and sounds such as "like," "basically," "uhh," and "ahh." Use this exercise to...


Episode 4 British Cabinet Minister Calls for New Brexit Vote, The Economic and Social Council, Tips for the Speakers Lists, and Practicing Motions

In the News: Another British cabinet member has resigned, and on his way out, Jo Johnson called for new referendum on Brexit. UN Deep Dive: The Economic and Social Council's impact goes beyond issuing reports and declarations. Learn about the structures and work of ECOSOC. MUN Strategy: Learn about the Speakers List. How can you use it to your advantage? I'll let you in on some tips and strategies. Model UN Coach's Corner: You need to know how to raise a motion. I'll tell you how you...


Episode 3 Angela Merkel Steps Down, UN Human Rights Council, Structuring Draft Resolutions, Unmod Practice

In the News: Angela Merkel has announced she will not stand for re-election. How does the Germany political system work? How has she been in power so long? UN Deep Dive: The Human Rights Council replaces the Commission on Human Rights. Has it been more effective? Why did the General Assembly create it? MUN Strategy: Structuring a draft resolution will go a long way in improving that way you navigate a large committee. I tell you how to do it. Model UN Coach's Corner: You need to...


Episode 2 Migrant Caravan, UN General Assembly, Committee Assignments, and Opening Speeches at Model UN Conferences

In the News: A mass immigration caravan is headed towards the United States to seek asylum status, raising issues about the rights of refugees. UN Deep Dive: The General Assembly is one of the principle organs of the United Nations and has many responsibilities. Learn more about how the GA functions. MUN Strategy: Assigning positions for Model UN conferences can be complicated and burdensome. Learn how to remove stress from the assignment process. Model UN Coach's Corner: There's a...


Episode 1 Jamal Khashoggi, UN Founding, Choosing MUN Conferences, and Strategic Research

In the News: Journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a progressive journalist and citizen of Saudi Arabia, vanished after entering the Saudi embassy in Istanbul on Oct. 2nd. Turkey alleges he was murdered. UN Deep Dive: The term United Nations was coined by Franklin Roosevelt during WWII. How did the UN come into being? Who were the original members? MUN Strategy: Choosing conferences to attend is a critical part of setting your team up for success. I give you my advice for selecting the best...


Episode 0 Hello and Welcome to MUN Coach!

MUN Coach brings the All-American Model UN teaching and training material to all of its listeners. Learn from Frank Pobutkiewicz, the All-American Model UN Director, as he shares his tips, tricks, and strategies for making the most of your Model UN experience. Support the show (