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A professional development network at exploring intersections of peacebuilding, culture, sacredness, relationship, community, creativity, and imagination through research and story. Thinking deeply, we reclaim space for connection and care.

A professional development network at exploring intersections of peacebuilding, culture, sacredness, relationship, community, creativity, and imagination through research and story. Thinking deeply, we reclaim space for connection and care.


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A professional development network at exploring intersections of peacebuilding, culture, sacredness, relationship, community, creativity, and imagination through research and story. Thinking deeply, we reclaim space for connection and care.






Surrendering to Hope and Joy with Sandeep Das

This conversation with Sandeep Das explores the influence of Yo-Yo Ma, the generosity of musical service and Dehli to Damascus. This centers on the notion of incompleteness, shared heritages of poetry, maqams, and the unique stories that inform a wisdom of compassion. We enter deep notions of “surrender” in a bhajan beloved by Mahatma Gandhi and the HUM ensemble’s musical realization of surrender, longing, balance, and cyclical hope.


Season 3 Trailer

Coming in January 2022, season 3 on "Silk Roads of Peace." Season 3 of the Music & Peacebuilding podcast explores Silk Roads of peace, interviewing musicians, ethnomusicologists, and authors about music and peacebuilding along historical silk roads. In this season, our curiosity travels through cultures in India, Uzbekistan, Russia, China, Japan, Lebanon, Turkey, Indonesia, and much more. In studying diverse heritage and cultures, we might illumine a deeper understanding of who we are and...


Stress & Mindfulness

Dr. Elizabeth Dalton is an expert on stress, health behaviors, and how our beliefs impact our use of coping mechanisms. Together with Dr. Tomás Estrada, we explore research on stress and how a research-informed understanding may lead to healthy approaches to peace and social-emotional learning. We close by examining recent research on mindfulness and how mindfulness mediates stress and opens space for the vulnerability, uncertainty, and intellectual stretching needed for creativity and...


Narratives of Trauma and Transcendent Hope with Tyné Angela Freeman

Tyné Angela Freeman’s work spans songwriting, ethnomusicology, recording, and authorship. This podcast explores her album and text by the title of “The Sky is Deeper Than the Sea” to discuss questions of trauma, transcendent hope, history, love and resilience. We also explore her earlier work of cross-cultural bridge-building and her research on Mamie Smith. Resting on a profound belief in hope, Freeman explores the reconciliation of traumatic histories through evocative approaches to story...


Collaboration, Belonging, and Dignity in Choral Contexts with Renae Timbie, CMT Pt. 3

This podcast explores notions of dignity, home, identity and collaborative music making with Renae Timbie. As the third and final podcast in a series on Compassionate Music Teaching, Karin Hendricks writes that Renae Timbie has an “instinctual ability to connect deeply with people no matter who they are, and no matter their worldview.” This podcast enters that conversation with Timbie, exploring her work with multicultural and refugee choirs and the search for home and identity across...


CMT Part 2 - Empathy, Joy and Samba Reggae with Marcus Santos

This 2nd of the Compassionate Music Teaching Series explores Afro-Centric musical traditions, Samba Reggae, and the importance of empathy in music teaching and learning with Marcus Santos. Santos is a native of Bahia, Brazil who commits his life to the study, teaching, and performance of Afro-Brazilian music and heritage. His network titled, Grooversity has built from traditions of Samba Reggae performance as a time-space for social change. As an episode of laughter, joy, and curiosity this...


Compassionate Music Teaching with Karin Hendricks Part 1/3

This episode is the first of a three-part series exploring Dr. Karin Hendricks’ book on Compassionate Music Teaching. In this series, we will follow the profiles within the book to encounter lived practices of relationship, identity, community, voice, empathy, and dignity in music education. In this first episode, we explore Hendricks’ research on Suzuki, Steve Massey’s legacy of community, music, and leadership, Brian Michaud’s joy and curiosity, and the patient question-driven instruction...


Son Jarocho, Community, and Liberatory Imagination: An Interview with Martha Gonzalez

Imaginations in peacebuilding and the arts are seen as almost a universal good. This podcast episode adds complexity, exploring how imaginations of a “modern” Mexico led to indigenous persecution and how imaginations of fame and prestige may be destructive to relationship. In contrast, Martha Gonzalez of Grammy-nominated Quetzal, explores liberatory imaginations of community, belonging, and women’s testimonio within the fully embodied, communal practice of Fandango and Son Jarocho. Exploring...


Season 2 Trailer

After a much-needed break, we are excited to announce the launch of Season 2! In season 2 we explore new questions about cultures of transformative healing with ethnomusicologists, musicians, educators, and peacebuilders. Join us as we explore episodes on Balinese Gamelan, Compassionate Music Teaching, Building Bridges of Storytelling, and much more!


The Embodied Poetry of Ritual and Symbol in Transformative Space

This final episode of season 1 explores ritual, symbol, and peace building with Dr. Lisa Shirch. Dr. Shirch is senior research fellow for the Toda Peace Institute, Senior Fellow with the Alliance for Peacebuilding, and Visiting Scholar at George Mason University’s School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution. We explore the “rationality” of ritual, the power of symbol and transformative space, and the dark side of ritual when it is used for xenophobia and hate.


Drumming Empowered Lives of Community with Hong Le

Hong Le is a National Board Certified elementary music specialist who teaches workshops in World Music Drumming Curriculum. We sat down to talk about her belief in community, universal talent, and the ability of music teachers to empower student voices. Weaving in her own story as the child of Vietnamese refugees, Hong Le also speaks to the centrality of hospitality, community, and generosity in building compassionate lives.


The Humanizing Project: Addressing Racism and White Supremacy within Systems and Structures

The second in our Anabaptist theology series features an interview with Dr. Drew Hart of Messiah College on his book “Trouble I’ve Seen: Changing the Way the Church Views Racism.” Our conversation looks at issues of embodied solidarity, ground-up thinking and organizing, systemic racism, reconciliation, dignity, and hope.


Lived Walks of Humility: Anabaptist Reflections on Peace

Embracing a diversity of voices and musicians, this podcast explores the beautiful interwoven thoughts and expressions of what it means to live the Anabaptist walk of peace, community, witness, and humility. Featuring Rev. Pam Reist, Dr. Drew Hart, Dr. Jeff Bach, and Dr. Don Kraybill, the Oasis Chorale, the Nigerian Women’s Choir, and Frances Miller and Daryl Snider of Sopa Sol, we explore the intersections of history and the lived, and embodied walk of faith and love.


Indic Traditions: Restorying Women and Ethics of Care through Indian Dance

This podcast explores the artistry of Sreyashi Dey's interpretations of the Mahabharata through the Odissi style of Classical Indian Dance. Dey sought to restory the life of Hidimba, a minor female character in the Mahabharata who is marginalized within structures of ethnic and class power. Alongside this artistic narrative, we explore Vrinda Dalmiya's exploration of feminist care ethics and the storied contrast between masculine order and principle against the vulnerable, embodied, and...


Indic Traditions: Yogic Values of Peace and Nonviolence with Dr. Jeff Long

Together with Dr. Jeff Long, Elizabethtown College scholar on Indic religions and philosophies, we launch the first of a two-part series exploring Yogic values and Classical Indian Dance. Our discussion centers on Dr. Long's United Nations speeches regarding peace, nonviolence, ahimsa, and Hindu and Yogic values. Exploring Ahimsa, we examine the interconnectedness of care for one another and the centrality of sound and story in Hindu traditions.


Oliver Mtukudzi Part 2: Creative Zimbabwean Peacebuilding with Vurayai Pugeni

Our first in this series examined the music of Oliver Mtukudzi. In this episode, we extend this conversation, interviewing Vurayai Pugeni about his work as a peacebuilder with Grow Hope Globally, the Mennonite Central Committee, and Score Against Poverty. We explore the meaning of Tuku music in Pugeni's life and work. And then we turn to a fascinating story of the "Men Can Cook" cooking competition - An initiative that found an innovative and creative challenge to patriarchal structures and...


Oliver Mtukudzi: Zimbabwean musical ethics of relationship and dialogue with Dr. Jennifer Kyker

Oliver Mtukudzi is one of the great Zimbabwean/Shona musicians within the post-colonial history of Zimbabwe. He is a musician who lived out ethics of community, relationship, and dialogue in challenging listeners with songs of advice and dialogues of questions. With Dr. Jennifer Kyker, we explore how his music is an expression of Hunhu (related to the South African concept of Ubuntu). At its simplest level, Hunhu is a description of interdependent nature of our relationships, being a person...


Peace Agency and the Centrality of Relationship: A Conversation with Bridget Moix

Bridget Moix is an advocate, educator, activist, and leader of the US Office of Peace Direct. She believes in the power of local people to build lasting peace. In this conversation we encounter themes within her book, Choosing Peace: Agency and Action in the Midst of War, to explore the notion of peace agency and how our best work is bounded in relationship. Weaving together the teachings of James Waller and Elise Boulding, we explore our innate capacity for peace and relationship, and the...


Musicking Ecological Care and Rootedness

In this podcast we explore the beautiful, creative, and challenging work of Dan Shevock's Eco-literate music pedagogy. His notions of the local and rootedness challenge teachers to live into a sense of being in relationship to our locality. A profound scholar and poet, Shevock weaves together strands of philosophy, theology, poetry, music, and science to imagine the radical interconnectedness of an ecology of being. Our discussion speaks to meditative presence, being rather than having, and...


Musical Embodiments of Weight, Sound, and Time with Josh Ryan

Josh Ryan is Department Chair and Professor of Percussion at Baldwin Wallace University and a well-known clinician within the World Music Drumming workshops. Known for the depth of his knowledge, his musicianship, and the approachableness of his presence, he is well-loved by World Music Drumming participants all-over. Our conversation today is an exploration of the music of Africa-West, the importance of musical embodiment, and the rebalancing of visual-focused musicianship with aural,...