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Join our host Nathan each which as he explores the best practices, methods, plants, and products to help you garden in the south successfully. He also answers your questions too!

Join our host Nathan each which as he explores the best practices, methods, plants, and products to help you garden in the south successfully. He also answers your questions too!
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Join our host Nathan each which as he explores the best practices, methods, plants, and products to help you garden in the south successfully. He also answers your questions too!




Ep. 20- Q&A Week: Tomatoes, Container Gardening, Oak Trees, and Proper Watering

Another week of answering your gardening questions! Carol asks about the proper way to plant a tomato while Vicki wonders what she's doing wrong with her annual containers. Tim says he's too old to wait for trees to grow and needs some fast growing shade trees. Harvey wants to know the secret of watering plants through the summer. Our host, Nathan Wilson, answers these questions and sprinkles little garden goodies throughout this Q&A Week Episode of New Southern Garden!


Ep. 19- Top 4 Hydrangeas for the South

Episode 19 Top Four Hydrangeas for the South Hydrangeas have been a plant that no Southern garden should be found without! However, not all hydrangeas are the same. Nathan explains the differences between the size, shape, flower type, and cultural practices for the top four hydrangeas of the South. The Top Four includes: Bigleaf Hydrangea, Panicled Hydrangea, Smooth Hydrangea, and Oakleaf Hydrangea. Be sure to collect them all!


Ep. 18- Top 4 Tropical Annuals for the South: Begonia, Dahlia, Impatiens, and Zinnia

Episode 18 Top 4 Tropical Annuals for the South For decades and decades, gardeners in the South have used plants from the tropics to adorn their summer gardens. With our warm, humid climates and long growing season, tropical plants thrive. However, they can’t handle the frosts of winter so they only last for one year. Nathan talks about his top four annuals that old gardens and new gardens need: begonias, dahlias, impatiens, and zinnias. Be sure to incorporate these annual favorites for...


Ep. 17- Q&A Week: Peonies, Paths, Rose Issue, Conifer Bronzing, and Pruning Azaleas

Each month, New Southern Garden dedicates the last week of the month to answer your questions! This week, Patricia asks why her peonies seems to die before blooming and Keith wants to add paths to his garden. Kim has some deformed rose buds and wants to know what to do while Ralph thinks his newly planted arborvitae bit the dust over winter. Lastly, Kitty has some overgrown azaleas. Find out how our host, Nathan Wilson, responds to each situation!


Ep. 16- Five Plants That Made The South

Episode 16 Five Plants That Made The South History is an important aspect of gardening… especially in the South. We grow the kinds of plants we grow today mainly because our ancestors grew them in days past. In this episode of New Southern Garden, Nathan introduces his Top 5 Plants That Made The South, discusses their history, and makes a case for why we should still grow them in our modern Southern gardens. Learn something new about these really old plants!


Ep. 15- Small Plants, Big Impact

Episode 15 Small PLants, Big Impact Have a small garden but want to impress the neighborhood? Nathan discusses the best of best small plants that will not only thrill the neighbors but will make you feel successful in your small space. Need a small plant for a tight spot? No problem. Nathan's got the plant for you!


Ep. 14- Top Tips for Veggie Gardening

Episode 14 Top Tips for Veggie Gardening Vegetable gardening is a big part of horticultural activities here in the South! Nathan gives his top tips for veggie gardening and discusses several types of crops we love. If you need to beef up your vegetable gardening skills, listen immediately!!


Ep. 13- Q&A Week: Tomatoes, Hydrangeas, Spring Planting, Roses, and Houseplants

Ask and you shall receive…an answer from our host Nathan. This week Nathan answers your gardening questions. Joyce asks, “Why do my tomatoes never perform well?” Bill says his hydrangeas look like they are dying while Patsy wonders if spring is the best time to plant. Dale is curious if he can get his monster knockout roses under control and Carolyn has houseplant issues. If you have a question burning through your landscape, be sure to Contact Us!


Ep. 12- Basics of Landscape Design

Episode 12 Basics of landscape design Is your landscape properly designed? Maybe it looks like a random mash-up of some really cool plants but lacks an appealing design? Nathan provides you with the best tips for designing your landscape to create a place that’s both unique and balanced. He discusses both the elements and principles of design. Be sure to grow your best garden ever by implementing these design techniques.


Ep. 11- Gardening for Pollinators (Part 2)

Episode 11 Gardening for Pollinators (Part 2) The pollinator gardening conversation continues with more details on specific butterfly species and plants they require! Nathan discusses his Power Plants for Pollinators- a collection of perennials, trees, and shrubs that are necessary to attract butterflies and other pollinators to your garden. Don’t forget to learn the basics of pollinator gardening in Episode 10.


Ep. 10- Gardening for Pollinators (Part 1)

Episode 10 Gardening for Pollinators (Part 1) We know that pollinators are in high demand, and yet, the places where they live are increasingly being demolished. If you’ve ever wanted to build your own garden for pollinators, Nathan can point you in the direction of success. He shares his tips on creating spaces that pollinators can’t resist. From nectar plants to host plants and basking to puddling, Nathan will guide you in transforming your “pollinatorless” garden to a butterfly...


Ep. 09- Best Potting Media for Seed Starting

Episode 09 Best Potting Media for Seed Starting Spring Fever usually kicks in too early in the south. We want to be in the garden in the middle of winter because of those frequent weather warm-ups we get from time to time. Even though it’s too early to start a garden outdoors, you can get one started inside. Starting plants indoors is a great way to treat your Spring Fever! From peat to coir to vermiculite to perlite, Nathan explains the best components to use in your seed starting mix.

Ep. 08- Exploring Pruning Techniques

Episode 08 Exploring Pruning Techniques Nathan discusses different pruning techniques you can use to achieve certain effects in the southern garden. Whether you want a happy hedge or some pollarded peaches, Nathan will explain how to prune your plants so they do what you want them to. Be sure to learn the basics of pruning before adventuring into these more complex methods in Episode 7.


Ep. 07- How to Prune Properly

Episode 07 How to Prune Properly Most perennials, trees, and shrubs are going to need some kind of pruning from time to time. It can be scary. It can make you nervous, but Nathan is here to calm your fears! Pruning is a necessary procedure in any garden, but you've got to be sure you are doing it appropriately. In this episode, Nathan explains where, when, and why you should prune your plants.


Ep. 06- Propagating Geophytes (Bulbs, Corms, Tubers, and Rhizomes)

Episode 06 propagating geophytes (bulbs, corms, tubers, and rhizomes) What in the world is a “geophyte?” It’s just a technical term for a plant that has some kind of storage unit under ground— basically a bulb, tuber, corm, or rhizome. If you want to increase your daffodil garden or make more baby tulips, Nathan explains several ways to propagate each kind of “geophyte.” Often overlooked, these underground plants can really make an impact in the southern garden so be sure to add more...


Ep. 05- Digging Deeper Into Soil

Episode 05 Digging Deeper into Soil In Episode 3, Nathan explained some of the basic characteristics of soil. Now, he’s back with more! If you want to improve your garden soil and build a better home for your plants, be sure to put these soil solutions into action!


Ep. 04- Combating Winter Weather

Episode 04 Combating winter weather Sometimes in the South, our winters can get a bit…frosty. Do you know how to protect your plants when Jack Frost comes to town? Join Nathan as he explains different methods you can use to keep your plants nice and protected during winter.


Ep. 03- The Basics of Garden Soil

Episode 03 The basics of garden soil Never forget that soil is the home of your garden plants. Knowing what soil is made of and how to improve your plants’ final living space will make your southern garden more successful. In this episode, Nathan gives you the low down of the lowest point in your garden- the soil. Once you’ve got all this down, be sure to learn even more about your soil in Episode 5.


Ep. 02- Proper Planting Techniques

Are you digging a good hole or a bad hole? Ensuring success in the garden usually begins with proper planting techniques. Be sure you are digging the best hole for your new plant baby as Nathan explains how.


Ep. 01- Great Conifers for the Garden

Conifers are necessary in every great garden! Conifers include Arborvitae, Cryptomeria, Junipers, Cedars, False Cypress, Bald Cypress, and Dawn Redwoods- just to name a few- and Nathan lets you know the best of the best for your southern garden!