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E022- Understanding your dog with Myrna Milani, DVM

Welcome back to the No Bad Dogs podcast! Today's guest is author Myrna Milani DVM from New Hampshire! I am so excited to sit down and discuss the evolution of the relationship between dogs and their owners. Myrna has written several books and studies on understanding your dog! We share information and discuss theories and personal approaches on dog behavior. I am sure we will be having another conversation to dive deeper! I hope you love this episode! Please do us a favor and leave us a...


E021- No Bad Dogs Podcast-Are we training against instinct?

Welcome back to the No Bad Dogs Podcast, in this episode I discuss the importance of understanding a dog's natural instincts. This always helps me work with dogs with behavioral issues. If I know why the dog is exhibiting these behaviors, I have a better chance to help curb the behavior. I jumped on the podcast right after talking to an online client about stopping dominant behavior with one of her pack members. AS ALWAYS thanks so much for listening to our podcast, do us a favor and rate...


E020- Don't be afraid to control your dog

Hey gang, this audio was taken from a previously published Youtube video I recorded a couple weeks ago. I feel this particular content should be put both on video and audio form! This No Bad Dogs podcast goes over once again in a different light the tool opportunities we have as dog owners and trainers. I think a lot of people are afraid of what people or society will say if you use tools. I believe that's 100% true unless you are educated on what joy it can bring to your relationship! SO...


E016-Your Dog issue is YOUR problem not your dog trainers.

In this episode of the No Bad Dogs podcast Thomas talks about understanding the responsibilities of both the dog owner and the dog trainer on the road to success. We as dog trainers need to know exactly how to set our clients up for success and dog owners YOU need to realize this is your issue not your dog trainers. We are hear to guide, help and teach you how to overcome any and all issues you are having with your dog. Follow us on- Instagram-@tomdavis Facebook- Americas Canine...


e014 Dog Training Tools- The GOOD the BAD the UGLY!

Welcome back pack Thanks so much for listening to me rant about dog training tools and how they can save lives etc. Again there are so many different ways to communicate with our dogs and tools are just one way. I made this podcast to express to other dog owners/trainers to embrace the tools and the advancements we have! I hope you love this episode! Please do us a favor and leave us a review! :) Follow us on- Instagram-@tomdavis Facebook- Americas Canine Educator Youtube-...


e012 Brother Christopher of the Monks of New Skete

Thomas has the opportunity to sit down and talk with Brother Christopher. You've probably heard of the monks who train dogs using E-collars. Brother Christopher has been training dogs for almost 40 years! Monks have devoted their lives to peace and obedience to god and along the way they breed German Shepherd and train dogs from all over the country. As always, thank you for watching! If you haven't already, please subscribe to our YouTube channel for more great free dog training videos,...


e011 Larry Krohn of Pak Masters Dog Training

Thomas chats with Larry Krohn, founder and owner of Pak Masters Dog Training out of Bowling Green, Kentucky. Tom and Larry talk about the foundation of Larry's success as a dog trainer, as well as what it takes for a dog to become the best version of itself. Visit for more info and visit Thomas online at the following links:


e010 Blake Rodriguez of Dream Come True K9

Are you considering starting your own dog business? This episode is another must-listen! Thomas chats with Blake Rodriguez, owner and founder of Dream Come True K9 in NYC. Tom and Blake discuss the story of DCTK9, training philosophies and more. Follow @dreamcometruek9 and @thomasj_davis on IG!


e009 Rescuing Dogs with Zach Skow of Marley's Mutts

In this episode, Thomas chats with Zach Skow, the founder of Marley's Mutts, a West Coast not-for-profit dog rescue with both an inspirational mission and backstory. Learn more @ and @marleysmutts on IG. Follow @thomasj_davis on Instagram and visit for more great dog content!


e008 Kelly Lund and Loki the Wolfdog

Thomas chats with good friend and social media influencer, Kelly Lund, the owner of Loki the Wolfdog on Instagram @loki_the_wolfdog. Kelly shares insight on what it's like to be a social media influencer, traveling the country with his girlfriend, Ally, and his best friend, Loki. Follow @loki_the_wolfdog, @shark_toof, @acoucke and @thomasj_davis on Instagram!


e007 Save a Dog, Keep Yours with John Flores @ipittythebull

Thomas talks with his good friend John Flores of the California-based not-for-profit, I Pitty The Bull, an advocacy group that promotes responsible pet ownership, saving dogs and reversing breed stereotypes. "Save a dog, keep yours." John recounts everything from the most heartbreaking moments of his dog-journey to the moment he knew he was meant to help dogs. Follow @ipittythebull on Instagram! @thomasj_davis and for more great content!


e006 Answering the #1 Asked Question + Q & A!

Thomas discusses the most frequently asked question that he receives from dog people all around the world -- "How do I start a dog business?" If you've ever dreamt of following your passion and launching your own dog business, this episode is a must listen. Follow @thomasj_davis on Instagram to participate in live Q & A's! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel!


e005 Dog Trainer vs Dog Owner

In this episode, Thomas is joined by friend and passionate pet owner, Fred Volkman, to talk dog trainers vs dog owners. Thank you for listening and don't forget to subscribe and check us out on YouTube!


e004 A DOG TRAINING Interview with Tyler Muto

In this episode, Thomas calls up a friend and internationally renowned dog trainer Tyler Muto of Purposeful Living With Dogs. Tyler is the president of the IACP and owner and head trainer of K9 connection in Buffalo NY. This is a fantastic conversation between two canine professionals and they cover many topics of dog training. Thank you so much for listening and don't forget to download and subscribe!


e003 What Not To Do

Thomas hits on some key areas of common failure in dog training and understanding. Follow his examples and DON'T do these things when teaching your dog.


e002 What Is A Dog Trainer?

Thomas reflects on the difference between a trainer and an educator and why it is an important distinction to be made in the world of dog training.


e001 The Introduction of the No Bad Dogs Podcast- Tom Davis

Tom Davis talks about where he came from, what he is passionate about, and how he became known as "America's Canine Educator."