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The Nonprofit Radio Show podcast offers bite-size, practical information to help small nonprofits thrive.

The Nonprofit Radio Show podcast offers bite-size, practical information to help small nonprofits thrive.


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The Nonprofit Radio Show podcast offers bite-size, practical information to help small nonprofits thrive.




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Nonprofit Human Resources with guest Skye Mercer

Nancy and Sarah welcome Human Resources expert Skye Mercer to talk about what nonprofit people-- particularly "accidental HR managers" -- should be thinking about as we start 2021. Skye tells us why it is worth our time to get HR right, even if we are an all volunteer organization with no staff. We talk about how to boost morale when so many people are working from home. Skye shares her wish for all nonprofits when it comes to HR.


Nonprofit New Year's Resolutions

We’ve been thinking about our 2020 Nonprofit Radio Show conversations, and in today’s episode, we’re each going to share three resolutions for 2021 that we hope your nonprofit will consider. There's a lot of value in taking stock of the past year and resolving to do some things differently – even if you don’t meet every resolution perfectly. Setting good resolutions starts with understanding what you’ve learned this past year and then picturing where you want to be a year from now.



In this episode we talk about evaluation and how to measure what matters. With everything a nonprofit needs to do, evaluation is often an afterthought. Our funders expect us to gather data about what we do, so we count heads at our events or use surveys to get feedback. There are a few ways that we can better measure what matters for our organization, giving us the data we need to better tell our story.


Why have a board?

In this episode we talk about the core purpose of a nonprofit board. We know that boards can be challenging. There is a certain about of tension that comes with having a group of people who don't know each other well making important decisions together. We start by underscoring why our nonprofits have boards and then talk about three ways to strengthen your board.


Stressed in Unpredictable Times

In this episode we recognize that we are a little stressed out and talk about how we are navigating through these unpredictable times. Nonprofit people know stress. We are used to doing a lot with very little. But there comes a time when stress turns into fatigue which becomes burnout. We explore why we are so exhausted and what we can do about it.


Technology Sound Bytes: Cloud Storage

In this episode we talk about cloud storage and why it is so important for your organization. Think about it. A disaster destroys your documents and you lose everything. How long would it take you to recreate everything you need to keep your organization running? Consider your financial documents, your board history, your organizational paperwork, etc. It would take a long time--and it may be that you can't replace certain documents. Can you recover? Cloud storage is a simple way to make...


Effective Online Meetings

In this episode we talk about online meetings and how to make them engaging and productive. We break down the key elements of a successful online meeting and give some tips on how to increase engagement. We know that nonprofit people spend a lot of time in meetings--board meetings, staff meetings, event planning meetings, etc. Our goal is to support you as you plan an intentional gathering that makes a difference.


Good Programs as a Core Strategy

In this episode, we define what we mean by a "good program." We talk about how you know a program is good, and how you can leverage them as a core strategy to strengthen your board, collaborations, and fundraising. The episode is only 11 minutes long. Why not play it for your board and have a conversation about a program that your nonprofit depends on to achieve its mission? All of our advice on fundraising, strategy, and financial strength assumes that you are running the right programs in...


Money--Time for a Six Month Financial Forecast

Money. It is a topic that many of us are thinking a lot about right now. Will we have enough money to get through this crisis? How do we make decisions about money when there is so much uncertainty around us? In this episode, we make the case for why you need a financial forecast right now. We explain what that is and how you can make some quick calculations on the back of an envelope. These calculations will capture what you think might happen in the next six months. You'll be defining a...


Events: What do we do now?

Many of us rely on events to raise money and build community. As we look ahead to the fall, we know that we can't hold our favorite events as we have in the past. What to do? In this episode, we talk about the three reasons we hold events: raise money, build community, and engage people in activities. We talk about what questions your staff and board can ask in determining whether or not to move your event online.


Advocacy: Your Voice a Little Louder

When policymakers hear your voice on issues in front of them, they are better able to do their jobs. They hear the impact of decisions on your work, the stories of people impacted by policies, and opportunities to do better by your community. Nonprofits are directly impacted by decisions being made at the local, state, and federal level. This episode is all about advocacy and how you can move forward your mission by creating or joining a movement.


Working with People: Compassion, Connection, and Culture

Whatever our mission is, ultimately our work is about people. We work with people, our boards are made up of diverse people with different interests, and we engage people as clients or participants in our programs. As we release this episode, many nonprofits are returning to work after being out of the office due to COVID-19. Staff and volunteers are having to find new ways of connecting with colleagues. Being intentional about how we work with people will help us to better achieve our...


What is your North Star? Finding Strategy

Imagine if everyone in your organization had their eyes on the same destination. That's what a strategy gives you. While a strategic plan too often sits on the self, a strategy gives you a practical tool to make decisions and move forward with your board and partners.


Making Space for Conversations about Racism

We recorded this episode the week of George Floyd’s funeral. We acknowledge the need to address what is happening in our communities today. We did not tape our usual banter about nonprofit topics. We took the week to be in conversation with each other and people in our communities on racism, privilege, and what we can do. We want to share some of what we have been reading and discussing. We warmly invite you to be a part of this conversation and commitment to action. Resources for...


Engaging Your Board When You Can't Meet

It is hard to get your board fully engaged in the best of times. How are you supposed to do it when you can't meet? Sarah, Nancy, and JoAnn answer that, sharing some tips on ways to bring your board together when they can't meet in person. If you follow some of these suggestions, you may come out of quarantine with a stronger board! Wouldn't that be cool!


Building Financial Strength

Today we're talking about the frequently unpopular topic of finance. Nancy, Sarah, and JoAnn explore how we can position our organizations today to be financially stronger tomorrow.


Fundraising in Uncertain Times

We raise money to achieve our mission. It is hard to raise enough money in good times, and COVID just made fundraising even harder. Join Nancy, Sarah, and JoAnn for a conversation about how to reach out to donors.


Welcome to the Nonprofit Radio Show!

Welcome as we launch this new podcast designed specifically for small nonprofits! We'll be exploring a wide range of topics and offering bite-size practical information to help your nonprofit soar even higher. In this short audio clip we share who we are and what you can expect from the Nonprofit Radio Show. We'll tell you why we have a word for the week. And, of course we want to hear from you, our listeners! Join us as we embark on this journey with you.