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We are obsessed with humans on the verge of change. We are your personal development entourage that guides you through the roller coaster of life. Every week we will serve up the tools to empower your everyday and to become obsessed with your life.

We are obsessed with humans on the verge of change. We are your personal development entourage that guides you through the roller coaster of life. Every week we will serve up the tools to empower your everyday and to become obsessed with your life.


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We are obsessed with humans on the verge of change. We are your personal development entourage that guides you through the roller coaster of life. Every week we will serve up the tools to empower your everyday and to become obsessed with your life.




Obsessed With Understanding Why You Get What You Tolerate

When you tolerate people and experiences in your life you maintain the place of being stuck. Today on the #obsessedpodcast you will get the tools you need to make an inspired change in your life. Are you feeling job burnout or are you just mentally and emotionally tired? How can you start being more intentional about your dreams and release yourself from the unconscious strongholds that you have become accustomed to? You have to wake up to your reality. Your reality is what you make it....


Obsessed With Taking A Break From It All

We are taking a break. Yes-this is true. We are taking a break from Obsessed because we are gearing up for 2022 and Season 2. Season 2 promises to be bigger and better and will give you the tools to do your life differently! Think of a word that you can use for 2022 to navigate your life differently. 2022 is a big year and you have possibilities that are infinite. Don't forget to reach out to your Obsessed Girls on Instagram- @crown_compassgirls --> Get ready to change the world in...


Obsessed with Overcoming Imposter Syndrome ft. Tatiana Vilarea

Tatiana Vilarea joins us in this episode of the #obsessedpodcast to discuss how we can overcome imposter syndrome and set ourselves up for success. She shares that our culture tells us that we need to achieve success and show the world about it, yet this causes many people to feel incapable of doing so. Although imposter syndrome is a natural psychological response, it's also a state of mind that we can change by getting the right help and solution, as she explains. Tatiana recounts her...


Obsessed Minisode - The Secret To Our Mindset Reinvention in 2021

Sometimes it takes letting go of whom you thought you were to become the person you are meant to be. Learn the new tradition Coach Jules has used with her family to create a mindset reset each New Years. Coach Jules is leading a reinvention workshop in January and this is a little excerpt from her blog: Julie Lokun's Blog: When did you stop dreaming? When did you give up on yourself? I know for many we follow paths of expectations. Often we follow our parent's lead and look to our peers...


Obsessed With Making A Truce With Food This Holiday Season Ft. Laura Folkes

Holistic Health Coach Laura Folkes and our very own, Holistic Nutritionist, Tia Morell join us to talk about making a truce with food this holiday season. The holidays are here, and it’s the perfect time to talk about what we can wrap our minds around what we eat. Laura and Tia share that food is typically a symptom of something else happening in our lives. Usually, we lack some sense of emotional safety or belonging in someplace. Moreover, our story is often the disconnect between knowing...


Obsessed With How Tony Robbins Saved A Marriage

How did Tony Robbins save a marriage? Listen into this episode and hear how 1 powerful conversation changed the trajectory of a crumbling relationship. If you're winning in every area in your life EXCEPT your relationships, this episode is for you. In relationships, it is often hard to turn the mirror and examine the real root of the issue. In today's episode, Dimple Thakrar, an Elite Relationship Strategist, will share the importance of forgiveness, loving yourself to get the love you...


Obsessed Minisode - The One About The Law of Action (ft. Femcasters)

Start taking inspired action. When you have a dream- simply stop overthinking and start moving. This is what Coach Jules is doing now with her vision of uniting creatives in one space to support each other and uplift each other's vision. If you are dreaming of starting a podcast of your own, or want to be a TEDx Speaker or you want to write a book you need to check out her empowering community FEMCASTERS! The Femcasters Podcast is the intersection where feminine wiles and ferocious female...


Obsessed with Self-Sovereignty feat. Lisa Jara

Lisa Jara shares about the importance of self-sovereignty and how we live and navigate life on our terms. Join us today with our BFF from Western Germany. Lisa talks about having a to-be list. Often it is not just things we have or what we think we have to do but also a list of what we have to be and become to make ourselves better. She also shares that when we ask, "What would I like to have happened?", our answers change our perspective. We experience an inside shift. She reminds us that...


Obsessed Minisode - The One About Stopping Stress Now

Here are the tips we believe will help unrattle your nerves this holiday season. Don't forget to check out what we are up to! #obsessedpodcast https://linktr.ee/crownandcompassgirls The ever-present toll of the global pandemic is the backdrop for how lives are navigated these days. It has created a foundational shift in how Americans are navigating their lives. The essence of the human experience has deteriorated with the lack of social interaction, job opportunities, familial anchors,...


Obsessed Minisode - The One About The Alignment Of Your Goals

Are you meant to be doing something bigger? Are you unable to focus on the goals you want to accomplish? In this minisode of the #obsessedpodcast, Coach Mika Altidor shares her wisdom on how to be focused and use accountability as a resource and anchor for your goals. Mika shares her experience with having mentors. Mika has a coach and 3 Score Mentors for her business. Score.Org is a great and FREE resource for small business owners and entrepreneurs. SCORE has the largest network of free...


Obsessed with the Stars ft. Astrologer Chrystal Pynn

In this episode, we explore astrology with astrology expert Chrystal Lynn. We are curious about astrology. And we are going to dive a little deeper and know what the stars have in store for us. Chrystal explains that you will get the most out of astrology when you understand what is happening in the sky. She adds that in astrology, not only do we have a sun sign, but we also have a moon sign. And usually, our emotional side is our connection with other people. She recommends that the great...


Obsessed With Rethinking Pain (& Divorce) ft. Kindra Beck

Finding freedom before, during, and after a painful relationship breakup takes grit and the re-imagining of your life. On today's #obsessedpodcast listen to divorce coach and motivational speaker Kindra Beck explain how she has made her pain her purpose. Kindra speaks of pivoting the pain and feeling the pain. Kindra says, "Your pain doesn't have to be negative, right? Your pain can turn into your purpose. Your pain can create a new growth plan and a new growth path for you and can create a...


Obsessed With The Law Of Attraction

Manifest what you need in your life! If you seek to use the law of attraction consciously to make positive changes in your life, then you will love this episode. In this episode, we talked in-depth on how the law of attraction works - how you can apply it to your job or finding your dream job, to your finances, and to your life’s purpose. If you missed Part 1, listen to Episode #06. Our special guest, Michael Losier, has been teaching the Law of Attraction since 1996. His...


Obsessed Minisode - The One About How No One Cares About You

When you realize that other people really don't care what we do, you can reclaim your power and get unstuck. We often base our actions on what we believe other people think about us. Truth is, no one really cares that much about us. Truth is, the human brain only has the cognitive capability to think about someone else for 20 minutes. So why do we hold ourselves back because we think other people will judge us? We often project our own feelings onto other people and make decisions in...


Obsessed With Beating Burnout ft. Melissa Punambolam, MSW

Are you a mom or a parent who wants to get out of burnout and start living your best life? In this episode, our guest Melissa Punambolam gives us some tips on how you can get out of the rut of burnout and start living your best life! Melissa explains why mental health issues among women have existed even before the pandemic. She adds that women have been overworked and have suffered an overloaded mind, body, and soul for decades, if not centuries. She reveals that everyone can lay...


Obsessed with Breaking The Habit Of Being Broke ft. Laura Sexton

Laura Sexton is on a mission of teaching people about money. And she shares how we can be financially free in this episode. Shockingly, only 30% of US households have a long-term financial plan, and the average amount in savings among Americans is $7,000. Furthermore, less than half of the Americans have less than 10,000 in their retirement. Laura talks about the generational money habits and how we can break them and teach kids about money. She also discusses the importance of investing...


Obsessed With These 7 Experts - Lessons in Resilience

If you are struggling right now-you have to listen to this episode. 7 experts in resilience share their strategies for dealing with life's mess. This month has been challenging to say the least. Coach Jules digs into the archives of life-changing conversations where the lessons taught are exponential. Listen, follow and get Obsessed with these 7 experts: Dr. Laura Berman Heidi Dunstan Dr. Nima Rahmany Dr. Sherrie Campbell Kelly Gunther Dr. JC Doornick (Dragon) And, Julie...


Obsessed Minisode - The One About Aging (And The Invisible Woman Syndrome)

The hard truth is, is that we all age. There we said it. The harder truth is that with age, society deems us invisible and irrelevant. When we get older we are passed over for a newer, shinier version of ourselves. #notfair What provoked this episode is a commercial Coach Julie Lokun saw by Osteo BiFlex, a joint support supplement. It portrayed "Karen" as a 52-year-old woman, on the decline. Marketing efforts have made the act of aging even more difficult than it needs to be. Coach Jules...


Obsessed Minisode - The One About The Day Your Life Changed

This Episode Is Dedicated To Our Sister Queen, Coach Tia. Did you have a day your life changed? The day that you woke up one person and by the end of the night your life is radically different? This radical change can be because of a death, job loss, a relationship ending, or something of this nature. In today's episode of the #obsessedpodcast, we talk through the incredible power of loss and how to be helpful to someone going through loss. If you are dealing with loss, or know someone...


Obsessed with Getting to the Root of Our Problems ft. Dr. Nima Rahmany

In this second part of our interview with Dr. Nima Rahmany, we are bringing our outtakes right back at you. It was a conversion that nearly brought us to tears. You will discover his intuitive ability to understand trauma, where we do not even know trauma in our lives, is genius! Dr. Nima reveals that when we understand trauma, we will understand when things get triggered. Our body goes into this active protective state. And it's trying to go into protection. He explains that we need to...