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Join "The Godfather of Sustainability", celebrity chef and restaurateur, Rick Moonen, as he shares stories, experiences, and recipes with fellow chefs and more. Ocean Raised Podcast is brought to you by Forever Oceans, where nothing is more important than providing delicious, nourishing seafood and keeping the oceans clean. Visit our website foreveroceans.com or contact us at fish@foreveroceans.com!


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Join "The Godfather of Sustainability", celebrity chef and restaurateur, Rick Moonen, as he shares stories, experiences, and recipes with fellow chefs and more. Ocean Raised Podcast is brought to you by Forever Oceans, where nothing is more important than providing delicious, nourishing seafood and keeping the oceans clean. Visit our website foreveroceans.com or contact us at fish@foreveroceans.com!




From Outdoors to the Kitchen with Kerry Heffernan

An outstanding chef, seafood expert and outdoorsman, Kerry Heffernan has a passion for sustainable seafood. Chef Kerry Heffernan has many accomplishments from appearing on TV shows to winning fishing competitions. He is also a consultant to "Seaworthy," a restaurant in New Orleans that specializes in sustainable seafood.


Join the Sustainability Movement with Jeffrey Mora

CEO and world renound chef, Jeffrey Mora, joins us on the ocean-raised podcast this week! A huge advocate for sustainability and the environment, he helped put on one of the first sustainable cuisine dinners in NYC with the Earth Pledge Foundation. Listen to this week's episode to learn more about his company, his passions and his career!


A Guide to Buying Seafood with Ed Brown

Join Chef Ed Brown, author of "The Modern Seafood Cook," a guide to buying and preparing seafood. Listen to him and Chef Rick Moonen, an extremely talented and passionate chef talk about seafood and his culinary experiences.


Everything Sustainable from Fisheries to Aquaculture with Jennifer Dianto Kemmerly

Jennifer Dianto Kemmerly is Vice President of Global Ocean Initiatives, directing Monterey Bay Aquarium’s activities in support of sustainable fisheries and aquaculture on a global scale. On today's episode, Jennifer and Chef Rick Moonen discuss the ocean and sustainability and how Forever Oceans™ Yellowtail is a perfect choice!


From a Passion to a Career with Matt Accarrino

Michelin star and James Beard Award winning Chef Matt Accarrino joins the Ocean-Raised Podcast today. Not only does Chef Matt Accarrino show his passion through cooking, but he is an avid cycler as well!


Leading Culinary Creativity with Scott Conant

Chef Scott Conant has established himself as a leading chef, owning restaurants, a cookbook and even being a TV star! He graduated from the Culinary Institute of America where he began his journey to success. Learn about Chef Scott Conant's creativity in the culinary world being a leader and bringing his Italian roots into his restaurants.


Talking Vibrant Cuisine with Michelle Bernstein

Michelle Bernstein brings bright and delicous flavors to the kitchen through her travels. A James Beard Foundation Award-winner, owner and operator of her own catering business, restaurant owner and host of multiple TV shows. Bernstein is an amazing chef with a bright personality who takes pride in creating easy to cook meals anyone can enjoy.


Reinventing the World of Seafood with Chef John Tesar

With a career expanding over four decades, John Tesar is an extremely influential chef known for seafood and steak cuisine. Chef John Tesar is always trying to change the game with innovative techniques in the kitchen. With many different accomplishments and experiences in the food industry, Chef John Tesar is a pioneer of cuisine.


Chef Charlie Palmer Inspires Others Through "Progressive American" Cuisine

Chef Charlie Palmer, an advocate of farm fresh food, joins us to discuss sustainable cuisine. Palmer was influenced by his childhood in Upstate, NY working in his family's vegetable garden. As one of the most highly regarded chefs today, Chef Charlie Palmer has earned 13 Michelin stars and two James Beard awards and is known for his "Progressive American" cuisine.


Chef Jośe Andrès Celebrates Culinary Traditions Through Sustainable Food

Chef Jose Andres is an extremely talented culinary professional, with many accomplishments and successes. He is a chef, an author, a culinary innovator, an owner of ThinkFoodGroup, named twice in Time’s “100 Most Influential People,” and the list doesn’t stop there. Born in Asturias, Spain, Chef Jose Andres is the pioneer of tapas in the United States and also an advocate for immigrant reform.


Revolutionizing the Restaurant Industry With Elizabeth Blau

Our latest Ocean Raised podcast features James Beard Award Nominee Elizabeth Blau who is the founder and CEO of restaurant development company Blau + Associates, and is widely credited with transforming Las Vegas into the world-class culinary destination it is today.


Ocean Connection With Eric Ripert

Don't miss today's episode with Eric Ripert, a legend in the global hospitality industry, a chef and a restaurant owner born in France. Ripert is known for being able to connect with the oceans, lakes and rivers. Listen to Ripert discuss his favorite cooking techniques when it comes to fish and the importance of sustainability in the culinary world.


Reliving Culinary Greatness With Waldy Malouf

Today's podcast conversation is with none other than chef Waldy Malouf. Malouf currently oversees the operations of all CIA restaurants (12) and student dining on all three campuses in NY, CA, TX. On this podcast, Malouf discusses his view on sustainable recipes and seafood.


Connecting Over Cuisine With Barton Seaver

Tune into this weeks podcast with chef Barton Seaver. Author of 8 highly regarded books and founder of Coastal Culinary Academy, chef Barton discusses his unique approach to cooking Kahala and his thoughts on sustainable seafood practices.


Farm to Table Talk with Clarke Wolf

Tune into our podcast to listen to Clarke Wolf, a Hall of Fame member of the James Beard Foundation with his own line of table wear that is used in restaurants and hotels around the country. He has also hosted various shows and has appeared on popular TV networks. Listen to Wolf dive deep into the introduction of seafood in his career in various restaurants and the importance of sustainable food in the industry. Seafood has always been important to Wolf throughout his life, especially moving...


Talking Industry With Drew Nieporent

Chef Drew Nieporent is known as a legendary chef in the New York City area who has a company that operates various celebrity-known restaurants. Tune in this week to learn more about who he is and his experiences in the food industry and restaurant world. Nieporent also gives insight on the quality of fish in restaurants and discusses his journey in his career.


Culinary Chronicles with Rick Bayless

Our latest podcast episode is with the winner of Bravo's Top Chef Masters and owner of top Michelin-rated restaurant, Topolobampo, Rick Bayless. Bayless talks about how Kahala can be used in many mexican dishes, and praises the fish for its unparalleled flavor profile.


Leading Sustainability With Chef Michel Nischan

Listen to our latest podcast with Chef Michel Nischan. A four-time James Beard Award winning chef with over 35 years of leadership advocating for a more healthful, sustainable food system.


Fishing for Flavor With Aaron Sanchez

Known as a judge on many culinary television shows including MasterChef and Chopped, it was an honor to chat with award-winning chef and TV personality, Aarón Sánchez about his thoughts on Forever Oceans and our Kahala fish.


The Story of Seafood With Dave Pasternack

Chef Pasternack is a James Beard award-winning chef and executive chef of seafood-centric restaurant, Esca in New York City. Listen to our conversation wtih chef David Pasternack about his passion for sustainable seafood and the future for seafood restaurants.