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Oclef Daily | EP91 - All Great Piano Teachers Possess This Ability

This is a great episode to share with a piano teacher friend. Push Back. It's simple, yet powerful. Don't avoid confrontation with a parent - especially if what you are pushing back on something that is in the best interest of their child. Parents want the best for their kids, but sometimes they don't realize how to think or behave - they are usually new to learning piano, just like their child. Be you, Be what that child needs. The tortoise always wins, Julian Follow us on...


Oclef Interviews | EP29 - Jon Nakamatsu - The Story of a Great American Pianist

Loved doing this interview with Jon! He's just a great guy and I enjoyed getting the chance, like with most guests on the podcast, to ask deep questions. Please share this with parents of piano students and other teachers or aspiring pianist. He has great insight in many areas and I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did. Julian


Oclef Daily | EP90 - Is there an end to piano lessons?

Pain relievers like aspirin can be taken if you have a headache and usually within 15 minutes the headache is gone. But what if there were a product that made that headache go away and then come back in 7 days? Whenever I have new classes start I often get the question from parents…how long does it take to learn piano? And I used to think that was a really silly question. Simply because, well, I’m still learning piano. And I’ll probably be learning piano for the rest of my life. But...


Oclef Daily | EP89 - The musician's mindset

Yesterday I was working with a mother and her daughter and one simple piece of teaching advice left her speechless the second she tried it. This episode dives into the "Theory Theory" by Alison Gopnik and how it explains why the "Frozen Pencil" teaching technique works so well when teaching children to read piano. The tortoise always wins, Julian


Oclef Daily | EP88 - You're more like a therapist than you want to believe

Today's podcast goes into the challenging world of how we as teachers help our students navigate more than just their troubles and anxieties from learning. If you want your story or question on an upcoming episode - visit www.oclef.com/podcast and leave your story or question. The tortoise always wins, Julian


Oclef Daily | EP87 - Kaizen and the perfection of pursuit

In the education world, teachers sometimes can be overly focused on the results and outcomes in competitions and tests. And the question I have is - “What mindset does that produce for students in the long run?” I leave you with an idea and three questions. The Japanese word Kaizen means "change for better". How do you create experiences for your students that help them change and acquire the values you believe in?How does extrinsic motivators and rewards like tests and competitions...


Oclef Daily: EP86 - Small Wins

Talking about how small wins not only motivate students but can motivate their parent coaches as they make their way on the long journey of learning music. How do you motivate parents? The tortoise always wins, Julian


Oclef Daily: EP85 - Knowledge vs. Understanding

Trying a different format. Share it if you love it. The Tortoise always wins, Julian


Oclef Q&A: EP011 - How can I instill a sense of passion into my child?

Sample. Observe. Record. The child needs to sample a variety of activities and as their parent you need to be open and observant. Try to be as non-biased towards activities and you can. Watch them and record your observations about how they respond to these activities. Once you find the right one or two activities it comes down to you being passionate as the parent. Be as involved and helpful as you can. Ask the instructor what else you can do to help. Be there for the events and stay...


Oclef Daily: EP84 - Educate Parents on the Value of Piano

Todays episode is a follow up on the concept talked about in yesterday’s interview with Irina Gorin. She talked about “educating parents”. What she really means is show parents the value of piano and why they need to be involved and committed in the right way. Today’s episode talks about a personal story on how one of my students has allowed lessons from piano (curiosity, patience, persistence, creativity) to get him accepted into Stanford University. Learning piano is so much more than...


Oclef Interviews | EP28 - Irina Gorin - The Iconic Trailblazer in Piano Teaching

She's amazing. What else is there to say about Irina? :) Check out Tales of A Musical Journey and the rest of her work here - http://www.irinagorin.com/ Enjoy! Julian


Oclef Daily: EP83 - Recapping the Parent Recital

They did it! Many parents loved the experience of preparing, learning and performing with their child. My main goal is really to help them get into the learning process with their child. To become part of the piano learning environment. Regardless of the result, they will gain confidence and more trust from their kids who are learning piano. As well as a better understanding for how it feels to learn piano. You should definitely try this event if you have a studio! Julian


Oclef Interviews | EP27: Michelle Conda - A Leading Teacher of Piano Teachers

This interview is a wonderful conversation with Michelle Conda of the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music (CCM). She's spent the last 25 years developing CCM as one of the top schools in the world to go learn how to teach piano. She has a talent for developing adults as teachers and in today's podcast she goes into Hope you enjoy this one as much as I did. Julian


Oclef Daily: EP82 - The Teaching Window

Today I dive into the idea of how learning happens. For me, learning happens through an input that I call a "window". The window opens from the student's connection with the teacher. But parents have such a stronger bond and larger window with their children than any teacher can even imagine. So as teachers working with students, we spend time asking students "How was your week?" and do whatever we can to bond with them. But the reality is that their parent will always have a larger...


Oclef Daily: EP81 - Redefining Teaching Roles

Have you ever considered getting your parents, of your students, to teach in the lesson? What skills do they actually need to know in order for the child to improve? With the Oclef Method we see the parent and child as a teacher and student team guided by the actual teacher. By redesigning the role of parents as a teacher, how will that impact students and their development? Try it. You may be surprised. The tortoise always wins, Julian


Oclef Daily: EP80 - Parent Recital

Yep. I'm having parents play in a recital with their kids. The backstory really explains it all. But the main idea here is role shifting. As educators, find ways to get your parents into their role as a teacher of the child as we shift into the coach of the parent and child team. The tortoise always wins, Julian


Oclef Q&A EP010 - How do I improve my sight reading?

Great question! The standard answer would be for you to practice lower level pieces (i.e. level 3 if you’re level 5). And do that every day for about 15 minutes. It will improve as long as you’re consistent and patient. Try Rhythm books really help if you have a deficiency in rhythmic reading and patterns. I’m the video I’ve showed you an example of one and how to use it. Let me know if you have any additional questions. Good luck! The tortoise always wins, Julian


Oclef Daily: EP79 - Be weird. Be awkward. Be quirky. Be you.

I've always thought this. Weird, awkward and quirky things about people are the best things. The best. But for whatever reason, I've only recently applied it throughout my teaching and consulting. I used to work with students and use archetypes to be more efficient in my teaching. Big mistake. Nowadays, it's all about finding the weirdest thing I can find about students and using that as their strength. Playing their unique traits and views as their strengths allows them to have a...


Oclef Daily: EP78 - Tools of the Oclef Method: Priming, Narration, and Feedback

This is an episode from our Oclef Method. It’s a series for parents wanting to help their children during practice. Find all the episodes for our methodology that teaches parents here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUqEmaLrf_Fs-Cvyk1HvOkA Guidance As a parent, you can help your child with this so much. Navigating a piece of piano music can be daunting. Two staves, multiple pages, hands going in opposite directions and that’s just the notes. As a parent who is sitting with...