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Oclef Q&A: EP005 - I can play perfect during practice, but not in public. Why?

I’ll answer in two areas: HeadspacePractical - Like what you hear? Follow us on Instagram www.instagram.com/Oclef


Oclef Daily: EP74 - Fixing the fixed-mindset

Welcome to Season 6! I know I've been away for the last couple months and we have so much to share with you! This season will be about how to educate parents into becoming piano coaches and to help make sure their children are actually learning at home. Check out our new Oclef Methodology on YouTube and SUBSCRIBE :) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUqEmaLrf_Fs-Cvyk1HvOkA Also, check out all the music and fun happening on our Instagram page: www.instagram.com/oclef Today's episode is...


Oclef Daily: EP73 - The external point of reference fail

This is what could happen if a parent or teacher places a student's point of reference outside of themselves. Be careful with comparisons because it can spiral out of control if misplaced. Reach me at julian@oclef.com Follow us on instagram www.instagram.com/oclef


Oclef Q&A: EP004 - Where can I buy a used piano?

This is part of the collection of questions that I get so often. What's your advice on buying a piano? It's a very heavy question and I'm interested in developing a series within Oclef Q&A to teach parents about what they need to know. Would you be interested in content that answers these questions for parents or yourself? 1. Should I buy an acoustic or electric piano? 2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of new pianos versus used pianos? 3. When considering my budget, what are...


Oclef Daily: EP72 - The seeds of negativity

This is week six of the Seven Deadly Sins of Learning Music. It's an intro to negativity. Although it's not very common, it can become a very toxic habit. I have seen negativity develop from setting goals and status based on external forces. This is a very dangerous positioning that happens by accident sometimes and goes unnoticed. Later this week, I'll talk about how a parent pointed to the progress of other students as a motivational tactic for her own child. I'll talk about how that...


Oclef Interviews: Dr. Joel Pierson - You Suck at Piano

Last September I came across a campaign on Kickstarter. There was a guy selling a book called "You suck at piano". It was sort of an Anti-method book full of humor and randomness. And of course, I loved it. It's the only book I've ever found to include humor in music education. All jokes aside, Joel Pierson raised $85,000 in his first effort and on today's show he launched the next book. If you're interested - we're giving away 6 books for FREE. Yes, just comment on our Instagram page...


Oclef Daily: EP71 - Predictability Problems

Easily one of the most common mistakes of students and parents is the topic of today's podcast - predictability. If students have the same predictable practice habits of playing their music pieces over and over from beginning to the end, recitals don't go so well. A recital performance is simply a mental "storm" and the music is a structure in the child's mind. They must develop the structure and foundation, preparing it by utilizing a diverse set of strategies, or the likelihood of it...


Oclef Q&A: EP003 - Why can't I tell the difference between electric, upright and grand pianos?

Today's question comes from Sun Xexian. He asks why can't he hear the difference between types of pianos. I love this question because in a way, it's a win for instrument makers who are behind models like Yamaha N2 and other electric pianos. Another great example is my favorite tech-piano, the Steinway Spirio. That makes it so a real player piano can sound exactly like historic greats and living legends. Let's face it technology is greatly shifting the instrument maker world. Any...


Oclef Daily: EP69 - 'Good enough' is no good

This is week 4 of the Seven Deadly Sins of Learning Music. And for this week, we're discussing complacency. It's the idea that the student says, "that's good enough". I find this to be a habit that stunts the imagination and creativity as well as quality of learning. I really do everything I can to encourage curiosity. Where have you seen this in your students or children? Reach me at julian@oclef.com


Oclef Q&A: EP002 - Where do pianists look when they play?

This question comes from Ngachanyo Shimray and I just love it. It's an important topic in piano education, but almost never talked about after intermediate/advanced education. If you have a question and want to be on the show, reach me here: julian@oclef.com and visit our instagram to see all the fun that our community is having: www.instagram.com/oclef


EP68 - An announcement and our gratitude

Hey listener friends! I just wanted to say that we are taking this week off of the podcast to prepare exciting news for all of you. If you do want to engage with us please check out: www.instagram.com/oclef We have exciting partnerships to announce with music education giants who have started to work with us. Stay tuned and thank you so much for helping us to grow! Julian Reach me at julian@oclef.com


Oclef Q&A: EP001 - How long does piano take to learn?

Claire asks how long does it take to become proficient at piano. Check out my answer to this common question. Follow us on instagram www.instagram.com/oclef Follow us on Quora http://bit.ly/2HW4N0M Do you have a question? Reach me at: julian@oclef.com


Oclef Daily: EP67 - Inconsistency in parents

All this week we're talking about inconsistency and how it is one of the deadly sins of learning music. Today I wanted to shift the focus to parents and how 'inconsistency' in parent behavior is a huge cause of students lack of progress. It is on teachers to educate and empower their student's parents to know that they can help. Teach them rhythm, teach them reading, teach them consistency and you'll be shocked. Reach me at julian@oclef.com Instagram www.instagram.com/oclef


Oclef Daily: EP66 - Two steps forward and three back

Before today's show on the next of the Seven Deadly Sins of Learning Music we have an exciting announcement! We're launching a third podcast format called Oclef Q&A. We get so many questions each day and we want to start sharing our answers to those questions here in the podcast format. Reach us at http://bit.ly/2HW4N0M on Quora or www.instagram.com/oclef Thank you all so much for sharing our show and helping us grow!


Oclef Interviews: El Sistema USA - Revolutionary Music Education

This is Episode 25 of the Oclef Interview series. On today's podcast we have El Sistema USA Board member Christine Taylor and Executive Director Katie Wyatt. Find them at https://elsistemausa.org/ On Twitter: https://twitter.com/elsistemausa On Facebook: www.facebook.com/ElSistemaUSA On Instagram: www.instagram.com/elsistemausa/ Reach me at julian@oclef.com On Instagram www.instagram.com/oclef


Oclef Daily: EP65 - A story about confidence

It's so important for us to help students become the truest version of themselves. Every chance I get I try to help them pivot and shift into the right direction. Today I wanted to share a story about a student and how she has transformed into a quiet, but confident person and how that changed her performance in music. Reach me at julian@oclef.com with your stories. I'd love to read them.


Oclef Daily: EP64 - Become the music

Week 2 of the Seven Deadly Sins of Learning Music is about Detachment. This one is what happens when music is not music, because it's void of an emotion or idea. When students make this a habit during practice or performance it's a huge problem. The end result is unfocused practice and performance of a music-less landscape. Reach me at julian@oclef.com


Oclef Daily: EP63 - The Tortoise Always Wins

Today I wanted to share a personal story of how one student and his mother chose impatience and short-term wins in learning piano and how that turned out for them. Long story short, a student who appeared "crazy talented" no longer takes piano anymore. Go for the macro values gained from learning piano, don't let impatience and short-term wins end your child's development. Comments or questions? Reach me at julian@oclef.com Catch us on instagram at @oclef or #SDSLM (Seven Deadly Sins of...


Oclef Daily: EP62 - The impatience side effect

My current hypothesis is that impatience is a side effect which becomes a habit. As educators, we need to be very aware of how we guide, help and observe students. 1. Define the game: Set expectations 2. Teach the tools. Test the tools. 3. Observe the gaps. Reach me for questions or comments at julian@oclef.com Instagram at @oclef or #SDSLM (Seven Deadly Sins of Learning Music)