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CBD News and Reviews






Interview With Robin Swan: Feco… From Bodyworker To Cannabis Oil Maker

The hemp plant is the new vitamin C of the world. Robin Swan manages a company that is hands on with herbal compounding, using the CBD to reduce inflammation in the cells and nerves. She explains that humans are designed to receive cannabinoids, and that before even the industrial revolution every whole food had hemp in it. People believe CBD is the new magic pill, since it helps cure diseases, headaches and chronic issues. However, it’s not just CBD that’s doing the work - the hemp plant...


How to Create High Quality Products In The Hemp/Cbd Industry – Interview With David Dickson

What you start with is what you end with. Meaning if you want a quality end product, you need to start with a quality seed and soil. That’s exactly what David Dickson aims to do by supporting farmers right from the beginning. He helps source clean product and helps farmers go through the various steps of production. David explains how the cannabis and hemp industry is currently exploding and is very excited for the next 5 to 10 years. But he also explains that more and more corporates are...


Interview With Brooke Sinclair Founder And Cultivator Of Bloomfield Organics

High-end cannabis products are what Bloomfield offers. One of the founders and cultivator of Bloomfield products, Brooke Sinclair, shares the story of Bloomfield’s entry in the industry. They specialize in organic, sun-grown and indoor flowers, and superciritical CO2 extractions that make their products stand out. They support and protect small farmers, especially female farmers, which is really exciting for the industry. They have formed a family of farmers and work with various farmers...