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Conversations that get to the heart of homelessness

Conversations that get to the heart of homelessness
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Conversations that get to the heart of homelessness




Episode 4 - Nicole's "Atypical" Story

Nicole left her family's home, with her mother and her sister, when she was seventeen. For some time she referred to herself as "displaced," because it prevented people from backing away from her. But the truth was she was homeless. In this episode, Nicole tells the story of what led to her family's homelessness and how meeting one very special person helped her find the stability she needed. Listen in and tell us about compassion you've given or found that have provided help in a bad...


Episode 3 - Kyrsis Finds A Way Out

Mothers and daughters seeking help... In our next two episodes, we'll hear the story of a mother who found herself homeless with her infant daughter and a daughter who escaped a dangerous family situation with her mother and sister. In this episode, Kyrsis finds homelessness as a means to secure shelter for herself and her new baby. Please listen, share, comment, and get involved.


I Feel Like a Failure

Sometimes our fears and biases lead us to fail at showing compassion. In this episode, Jennifer talks with Justin about her experience of wanting desperately to help people but failing to follow through because of not being prepared to overcome her fear of doing something wrong. Listen in and share your own experiences of holding back because of fear or share your success in breaking through the barriers that stand in the way of being compassionate.


Episode 1: You Will Be Found

What is "Open Heart Conversations" and where did the idea of this project come from? Podcast founder and host Jennifer Redmond talks about the Broadway inspiration... and some of the hard lessons... that inspired her to dig deeper and make a commitment to empower conversations to eliminate the stigma of homelessness and foster a sense of community that includes the homeless population. We hope you'll listen, share, comment, and get involved.