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Authentic, fun and Inspiring interviews with entrepreneurs, top sales people, industry experts, business coaches, sales trainers, really cool people who do great things and high level human beings! Get to know the real person, what makes them tick, what keeps them up at night and what they do to keep going forward when the going gets tough.

Authentic, fun and Inspiring interviews with entrepreneurs, top sales people, industry experts, business coaches, sales trainers, really cool people who do great things and high level human beings! Get to know the real person, what makes them tick, what keeps them up at night and what they do to keep going forward when the going gets tough.


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Authentic, fun and Inspiring interviews with entrepreneurs, top sales people, industry experts, business coaches, sales trainers, really cool people who do great things and high level human beings! Get to know the real person, what makes them tick, what keeps them up at night and what they do to keep going forward when the going gets tough.




How To LIST For Sale By Owner - 3 Steps To Success - Episode #260 with Karyn Holbrook

For over 29 years, Karyn Holbrook has been servicing buyers, sellers, and investors throughout Massachusetts and referrals all over the country. She began in the industry when her dad was a broker/owner and even at a very young age knew this was her path. She is committed to providing excellent service and developing relationships with her customers, co-brokes, and each person involved in the real estate transaction. She prides herself on followthrough, staying on top of current real estate...


Turn Setbacks into Rocket Fuel - Episode #259 with Mike C-Roc

Mike C-Roc Ciorrocco is the Co-Founder of the innovative tech platform blooprinted, the powerhouse behind the What Are You Made Of? podcast, and the bestselling author of ROCKET FUEL Convert Setbacks Become Unstoppable. He is a performance coach, author, dynamic public speaker, tech visionary and thought leader. He has been featured by Yahoo! Finance as one of the Top Business Leaders to Follow in 2020 and is on a mission to build unstoppable people. He's consumed with the passion to help...


Build Community First - Episode #258 with Ramon Ray

Ramon is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about making the world a better place. He's started 5 five companies, and sold two of them and authored several books. His current book is "Celebrity CEO" about the power of personal branding. Ramon's interviewed President Obama, fired from the United Nations, graduated from the FBI Citizens Academy and testified to Congress! Connect with Ramon Ray Website- / Instagram-...


Learn To Think Way Bigger - Episode #257 with Bill Hauser

SMB Team is the fastest growing company in the legal industry. Bill built SMB to a $21M valuation in 4 years (by age 30), 35 full time employees, and has done over $12M in webinar sales in 2 years. We Coach and do marketing for lawyers. Connect with Bill Hauser Instagram- Connect with David Hill Website- Facebook- YouTube- LinkedIn-...


Fix Your Health, Fix Your Life! - Episode #256 with Nikou Lohse

Nikou Lohse is a mom of three, wife to former MLB pitcher Kyle Lohse, Master Pilates instructor, yoga teacher, and lover of all things MOVEment, MINDFULness, and commUNITY. Nikou is a serial entrepreneur. She started her first company at 21 doing sales & marketing for Fortune 500 companies, made her first million at 24, and decided to exit at 30 in order to pursue her passion for helping others. She became a yoga, pilates, barre and mindfulness instructor, but her own struggle with SIBO and...


The Change Champion - Episode #255 with Lolita Walker

Walker & Walker Enterprises is at the helm of a movement to inspire and cultivate clear and confident leaders and diverse teams to be more in touch, productive, balanced, and solution-focused. Lolita’s team helps to navigate foreign spaces that may appear intimidating at the onset then seamless as a result. The work of Walker & Walker Enterprises will successfully navigate you farther along your journey……by first focusing on the foundation of you. Best known as a Change Champion, with a...


NFTs for Dummies - Episode #254 with Heather Parady

Heather is a mental health therapist turned online entrepreneur where she helps outside the box leaders bring their services online in order to scale their impact. She is the host of three top-ranked podcasts, Unconventional Leaders, Happy Brain, and NFTs for Newbies. She has been featured in Forbes, Pop-Sugar, and most importantly the front of her moms refrigerator. Connect with Heather Parady FB Group: Instagram:...


There's More To Your Life - Episode #253 with Pastor Marty Celaya

Pastor Marty Celaya is an ordained minister through ICFM, the International Convention of Faith Ministries, an author of four published books, and a businessman helping families with financial services. He is the founder of Encouragement International and is a former USA National Director of the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International. Marty at one time was privileged to write for the Voice magazine, the fellowships world-wide magazine. In 2016, Marty was given an Honorary...


Stop Thinking Small and Live Your Largest Life - Episode #252 with Scott Simons

In this podcast, Scott and I talked about success, networking, the auto industry, clubhouse and so much more. He is the co-host of the Breakfast of Champions Clubhouse Room, an investor in Multiple Businesses across many Industries and Managing Partner/General Manager of CMAs Valley Chrysler, Dodge, Honda, Jeep, Nissan, RAM, Subaru, VW Car Dealerships. Connect with Scott Simons Website - Connect with David Hill Website- Facebook-...


The Probate Process Explained - Episode #251 with Bill Gross

Bill is a Broker Associate with EXP Realty specializing in Probate and Legal real estate. He is a Certified Probate Expert, and can be found at the Stanley Mosk courthouse daily to work with attorneys, petitioners, clients, investors, and other real estate professionals to help them solve their real estate problems. Connect with Bill Gross LinkedIn - Facebook - Connect with David Hill Website-...


How To Get The Most Out Of Your Life and Your Business - Episode #250 with Justin Konikow

Justin Konikow, one of the owners of Prime Real Estate Brokerage and Prime Media Productions, covers all things sales, marketing, media, content production, and how to build a business. Serving more than just the real estate industry, Justin has strong success in scaling businesses. Through how-to videos, spending time with industry experts, a strong sphere of connections, Justin creates daily content teaching people productivity hacks and accountability, which helped him scale his business...


Learn The Difference Between Strategic and Tactical Marketing - Episode #249 with Jeff Pugell

Waking up in a cold sweat at 3AM in the spring of 2019, Jeff knew he was done with corporate life. The startup he moved his family cross-country for was broken beyond repair. Great concept, handful of happy clients, but zero marketing presence to get to that next level. After advocating for a strategic marketing approach that the President liked and the COO didn't, things stagnated. Rather than do nothing, Jeff handed in his resignation. Today, what they rejected is what Jeff helps...


The Go Giver: Using The Power of Giving to Grow Your Business - Episode #248 with Bob Burg

For over 30 years Bob Burg has been successfully showing entrepreneurs, leaders, and sales professionals how to communicate their value and accelerate their referral business. Although for years he was best known for his sales classic, Endless Referrals, it’s his business parable, The Go-Giver, coauthored with John David Mann that has created a worldwide movement. While part of a four-book series, The Go-Giver itself has sold more than one million copies and been translated into 30...


Were you dealt a bad hand in life? Invest... - Episode #247 with Mark Smith

Mark is a Passionpreneur, and is popularly known as a 7-2 Mindset investor, A Master of Choice. He has dedicated thousands of hours in Mastering and Understanding how and why people make choices, especially when dealt a bad hand in life. He equips people to make the Right Choices leading to the Right Path Mark is committed to invest $1,000,000 into his mindset with the Purpose to give back. He had already invested $225,000 Helping Entrepreneurs Break Sales & Mindset Barriers. He...


How to crush it on Instagram - Episode #246 with Dimple Dang

Dimple Dang is an online marketing expert and coach with more than 20 years of experience. Her expertise in marketing includes content creation, web design, email marketing, SEO, PPC, social media marketing and strategy, and podcast launch & creation. She is the host of the Mesmerizing Marketing Podcast and a professional speaker. Dimple also coaches attorneys, business owners, and entrepreneurs on how to utilize Instagram and TikTok to grow their brand. Connect with Dimple Dang Instagram:...


How and Why You Need Attention on Social Media #245 with Jay Jaye

Jay is an international speaker and has been sharing his message for the last 15 years in over 30 countries. In 2009 he leveraged the social media platform YouTube to organically grow his channel to 57,000,000M Views online in the space of how to magic tricks! Leaving the tricks behind he leveraged his mastery in PR and Personal Branding to start an agency called Ace Of Spades which helps people get SEEN and become the Number 1 in their space! Stop being an introvert and put your hand up....


THE TOP 3 TIPS TO FIND A COACH! Are You Coachable? - #244 - with Brian Hess

Building a foundation for an industry with many players takes commitment, integrity, and relentlessness just three of many qualities that have enabled Brian Hess to build a 7-Figure company and forge enduring relationships with clients that are in the rankings to span a decade(s). Over his lifetime, Brian has devoted himself to focusing on the specificities of hard work. When it is time for his legacy to live on, those who know him will remember him as someone who has set the example for...


How to Remove Your Masks & Unlock the Passions that Drive Your Business - #243 - with Tamra Andress

Tamra Andress is the nation's #1 thought leader in spiritual entrepreneurship. She is an ordained minister and Purpose Activator on a mission to free and propel entrepreneurs globally to make their uniquely purposed Kingdom Impact. Her Fit in Faith Podcast is globally ranked and regularly topping the Spiritual, Religious, and Business charts. She is the founder of CORE Creatives, a community of rooted entrepreneurs, as well as The Joyful and Who-preneur Coaching Programs. Her heart is to...


Skip the Line - Simple Strategies for Success - #242 - with James Altucher

The 10,000-hour rule isn't the only way to achieve mastery. Entrepreneur, angel investor and bestselling author James Altucher reveals a new mindset and proven toolkit that will empower anybody to quickly acquire the skills they need to succeed and achieve their dreams. James Altucher has started & ran more than 20 companies & is currently an investor in & advisor to over 30, but at one point, James lost everything. In a matter of months, his account drained from $15 million to $143....


Is the Mod Badge Really That Important? with Jeff the Entrepreneur on Clubhouse

Jeff J Cunningham is a Real Estate Investor, Author, YouTuber, Podcast Host, Brand and Marketing Consultant, and founder of Changing Lives Marketing and Consulting. He is an investor in his brother's business, Changing Lives Financial, whose goal is for 20 million families to become financially free in the next 10 years. Losing his mom when he was young and facing all of his financial trials, makes him passionate about everyone making money around him. His older brother Jason died and his...