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We will cover a variety of topics, listen and learn. Come and listen to some of your favorite genres This platform was designed for new authors to display their work and to assist individuals to promote their book, business or brand. Healthcare tips and topics will be discussed. For additional information or questions, contact your HCP/doctor. For true emergencies proceed to the nearest emergency department or call 911.


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We will cover a variety of topics, listen and learn. Come and listen to some of your favorite genres This platform was designed for new authors to display their work and to assist individuals to promote their book, business or brand. Healthcare tips and topics will be discussed. For additional information or questions, contact your HCP/doctor. For true emergencies proceed to the nearest emergency department or call 911.



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Insights from the Waiting Room with Wisdom Warrior Dr. Velma Bagley

When the weight of the world bears down upon us, it's the whispered wisdom of the past that can steer us toward the light. Dr. Velma Bagley, a best-selling Christian author and relationship coach, joins me, Carolyn Coleman, for a soul-stirring episode of Gentry's Journey. We unravel the threads of her personal narrative, interweaving the parental guidance that shaped her into the influencer she is today. Velma recounts the powerful affirmations imparted by her parents, whose wisdom resonates throughout our conversation and her poignant chapter "Hold Your Head Up, Princess" from the anthology "Women of the Waiting Room." The art of storytelling and its imprint on our identity takes center stage as we reflect on the past through the lenses of our own experiences. A rotten apple becomes a metaphor for the transformative power of change, while my candid recollections of using voice recordings to capture moments of inspiration reveal how the essence of our being can be shaped by the smallest of moments. Dr. Bagley and I traverse the landscape of creative expression, sharing how the affirmations we received as children have bolstered our self-worth against the tide of external perceptions. Stepping into the realm of relationships, Velma imparts her wisdom gleaned from over four decades of counseling. Together, we dissect the intricacies of dating dynamics, spotlighting the importance of recognizing red flags and avoiding deceptive facades. The episode crescendos with a heartfelt call to faith, where Dr. Bagley and I extend our hands to the heavens, seeking divine intervention and a deeper spiritual connection. This episode is a testament to the power of stories and the enduring strength found in wisdom and reflection. Join us on this empowering journey through the corridors of self-discovery and relational insight.


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The Vessel for the Women of the "Waiting Room" Celebrate Faith and Resilience

I had the privilege of sitting down with Mrs. Jacquiline Cox, a woman whose life's work embodies the strength we find in sharing our most personal trials and triumphs. Through our conversation, we journey through the "Women of the Waiting Room" project—an anthology and devotional that serves as a sanctuary of stories from resilient women like Dr. Nakita Davis and Apostle Michelle Brown, who have written phenomenal forewords as well as embraced our devotional with God's timing in their periods of anticipation. Their experiences weave a tapestry of hope, urging us to lean into our faith as we navigate life's inevitable waiting rooms. During this episode, we unlock the collective wisdom found in obedience to God's will, even when it steers us toward the unfamiliar. Drawing from the biblical passage of Abraham and Lot, we recognize the necessity of change for personal growth, Jacquiline opens up about her own experiences leading a collaborative project rooted in humility and divine purpose. Each narrative within the anthology echoes the sentiment that our most profound successes stem from divine favor, reminding us that our journeys, though fraught with adversity, are illuminated by faith. Embarking on this exploration of faith, technology, and literature, we find ourselves marveling at how biblical teachings transcend time, offering guidance in an age where Siri and Alexa can recite scriptures at our command. We discuss the ever-present need for continuous learning, the grace in collaboration, and the anticipation that accompanied the creation of a high-quality faith-based anthology. As we close the episode, our hearts are left full with a prayer for those in their own waiting rooms, and we are inspired by the undeniable power of faith and shared testimonies. Join us for an episode that celebrates the stories that bind us, the miracles we believe in, and the divine timing that holds us all.


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Evolving Canvases: Caroline's Journey Through Poetry, Quilts, and Garden Beds

Have you ever pondered a late-in-life career switch, or wondered if it's too late to chase a dream? Caroline the Creative, our guest this week, will affirm that it's never too late to unearth and pursue your passions. From her innovative "bait bucket" teaching technique that lit the spark of her poetry career to her vibrant presence in the Instagram poetry world, Caroline's story is a testament to the endless possibilities that come with self-discovery and growth. Her poetic voice and creative endeavors, including quilting and gardening, are interwoven into a narrative that celebrates the beauty of life's second acts. As we navigate the intimate relationship between gardening and writing, I recount the challenges and triumphs of growing Cherokee tomatoes and the camaraderie found in writing groups. Caroline and I discuss the symbiotic nature of these pursuits—the meticulous care that brings a garden to fruition, and the reflective process that births a poem. There's a shared joy in cultivating the earth and the spirit, and we delve into how nurturing both leads to a profound sense of community and accomplishment. Wrapping up our heartfelt exchange, Caroline reflects on the vital role of educators in guiding the next generation through the complexities of life and instills in us the importance of continual learning. Our dialogue spans from the personal impact of passionate teachers to the collective voice of poets as agents of change. Caroline's journey, complemented by the inspiring stories of fellow poets, underscores the transformative power of words and lifelong learning. As she bids us adieu, we're reminded that each visit to Caroline_creative_corner on Instagram is an opportunity to witness the unfolding of an ever-evolving creative life.


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Women of the Waiting Room Special Edition ft Dr AudreyAnn Moses Co Author

When life presents us with pivotal chapters, it's the wisdom of those like Dr. Audrey Ann that light the way. On Gentry's Journey, we're graced with the presence of this Christian life coach and author whose new book "Dead Girl Walking" embodies the transformative journey she champions. Her approach to personal growth through biblical teachings offers solace and direction to those navigating life's transitions. As we reflect on the anticipation surrounding her literary milestone, we also delve into the essence of her work - guiding individuals to find fulfillment in their careers, relationships, and spiritual paths. Ever wondered how military service can shape a person's life after their tour ends? Our conversation takes an intimate turn as we uncover how a former Navy sailor's experience led to a profound calling in counseling and life coaching. Dr. Audrey Ann's story of transitioning from the structure of military life to the freedom of coaching resonates with anyone seeking to redefine their purpose post-service. Her distaste for the limitations of traditional psychotherapy gave rise to a career that prioritizes swift, impactful progress for her clients, highlighting the importance of mutual expectations in career satisfaction. In this heartfelt episode, we don't shy away from the tougher topics like family manipulation or the silent battles with substance abuse and mental health. Dr. Audrey Ann's insights reveal the intricate dance between acknowledging our fears and embracing the healing process. As we wrap up, we're reminded of the sanctity of self-love, with reading and writing as tools for personal fulfillment. Join us as we celebrate the courage it takes to seek self-improvement and the joy of discovering one's path with the guidance of faith and a trusted life coach.


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Jacquiline Cox’s Anthem of Resilience: From Adversity to Authorship and Advocacy in the Melody of Life

As the soulful echoes of Whitney Houston's "I'm Every Woman" reverberate in our hearts, we honor her musical legacy and the art of song interpretation. Our guest, Jacquiline Cox, embodies the spirit of resilience and transformation, journeying from a turbulent Chicago childhood to becoming a bestselling author and podcast host. She opens up about her personal battles with lupus, thyroid cancer, and domestic violence, while passionately advocating for those without a voice. In the intimate spaces of our conversation, Jacquiline imparts her wisdom on crafting captivating author interviews. Her podcast, "Listen Linda," is more than a platform; it's a beacon for diverse stories and experiences. Meanwhile, I peel back the curtain on my own interviewing methods, ensuring no stone is left unturned to foster genuine connections. The discussion takes a poignant turn as we address the complexities of appreciating art, such as R. Kelly's music, amidst personal controversies. We round out the episode by celebrating the power of poetry and storytelling in healing and personal growth. I share how writing has been my sanctuary during life's storms, much like it has for the influential voices that have shaped my creative path. Our family of authors exemplifies this therapeutic journey, with their bestsellers born from deep-rooted support systems and unshakable faith. Join us as we also share practical podcasting insights, reminding fellow creators of the immeasurable value in honoring one's craft with authenticity.


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Ruby Simmons' Compass to Mastering Medical Bills and Post-Surgery Care

Ever felt lost in the labyrinth of healthcare billing? Ruby Simmons, our resident expert in revenue cycle management, joins me to unravel the mysteries of medical billing, equipping you with the knowledge to prevent the sting of unexpected medical costs. Together, we traverse the unfamiliar territory of pre-certification, pre-authorization, and predetermination, offering insights that could save you from financial woes. Ruby's expertise doesn't end there; she delves into the nuances of insurance plans and policies, discussing employer coverage for services typically outside your plan, and your rights and responsibilities as a patient. Facing major surgery is daunting, both physically and mentally, and our conversation doesn't shy away from the aftermath of such life-altering procedures. We open up about the emotional rollercoaster that follows weight loss surgeries and organ transplants, emphasizing the importance of a robust support system. The chat also gets real about the impact of drastic physical changes on mental health, and we compare a variety of health insurance plans to ensure you're armed with the best fit for your post-operative needs. We've got your back, highlighting resources to help manage both the costs and lifestyle changes you'll encounter. In our final chapters, we share heartrending patient stories, like battles with sarcoidosis, underscoring the power of patient advocacy. We spotlight the critical work of case managers and social services in guiding patients through healthcare challenges, from managing medical expenses to ensuring safe discharge, especially for the most vulnerable like the homeless. Our aim is to illuminate the breadth of resources at your fingertips, whether you're struggling with healthcare funding or recovering from a trauma. So plug in and prepare to be informed, inspired, and empowered on your healthcare journey with us.


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Francine Houston's Triumph: From Lupus's Grip to a Life of Creativity and Resilience

When Francine Houston's world turned upside down due to lupus and end-stage renal disease, she didn't just fight for survival—she thrived. Our latest conversation is a beacon of hope, showing us the strength of the human spirit through Francine's remarkable journey. Exuding resilience, she shares the profound role of faith and prayer in her life, offering a compelling testament to cherishing every moment and trusting in a higher purpose. Her story stands as an undying reminder to hold onto a positive outlook, even when facing the most daunting medical prognoses. Francine's narrative doesn't stop at overcoming health challenges; it's a celebration of artistic evolution. Transitioning from graphic design to fashion, then finding her voice in poetry and writing, Francine embodies the spirit of transformation and expression. Her early frustration with fashion's status quo paved the way for a successful business in military jackets and corsets, while her passion for poetry gave her struggles a voice, leading to public performances and published works. Her tale is proof of the boundless potential within each of us to channel our battles into creativity and impact. In a world where we often define ourselves by our hardships, Francine offers a refreshing perspective on self-identity and self-care. Her insights remind us of the importance of recognizing our true selves beyond our challenges and the value of a strong support system. From receiving accolades like the Excellence Award from Women of Distinction magazine to publishing a self-care guide, Francine's achievements are a beacon for anyone striving for greatness amidst adversity. Her life lessons and advocacy for staying teachable and encouraged are a heartfelt close to an episode filled with inspiration and affirmation.


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Tory Shumpert’s Quest for Legacy: Embracing Purpose and Leaving an Indelible Mark

Ever find yourself wondering if there's more to life than what's on the surface? Tory Shumpert, a masterful storyteller and seasoned marketing instructor, joins us to shake things up. With his heart on his sleeve and a knack for humor, Tory unveils the transformative insights from his book "Power 52," guiding us through the art of purpose-finding and the joy of breaking free from life's standstills. Through the lens of his own experiences, Tory, a beacon for underserved businesses, emphasizes the profound impact of mentorship and the pivotal role of authentic living, despite the world's expectations. Bound by our human quest for courage and resilience, this episode stirs the soul as we tackle the paradox of a world obsessed with instant gratification. Tory and I unearth the lost virtues of patience and persistence, reflecting on the tales of biblical figures and the lessons they offer in today's digital age. As we converse, the theme of legacy emerges, prompting a deep dive into the courage it takes to step out of comfort zones and the remarkable life that awaits those who dare to reach for the extraordinary. Closing with a powerful homage to faith and community, we trace the ripple effects of our actions and the legacy we're destined to leave. Tory’s compelling narratives and our shared insights serve as a call to action— to harness our inherent powers for uplifting others, to live a life that sparks meaningful dialogues, and to embrace each day as a chance to lay the groundwork for a legacy that echoes through time. Join us for a celebration of wisdom, a reflection on identity, and an act of collective worship that uplifts the spirit and pays tribute to the divine connections that bind us all.


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Takuan Amaru Odyssey: Igniting Passions and Embracing Healing from the Classroom to the Heart of Japan

Have you ever witnessed the transformative effect of an instructor's fiery passion on their students? Takuan Amaru, our multidimensional guest, embodies this fervor as he discusses his experience igniting student engagement as an adjunct instructor. His journey doesn't stop in the classroom; it spans across oceans from crafting catalog descriptions to becoming a celebrated author and mental health specialist in Japan. Takuan’s tale is not just about professional triumphs—it's also a chronicle of personal resilience, from enduring and overcoming a sports injury to advocating for a holistic approach to healthcare that defies conventional medical paradigms. While navigating the cultural tapestry of Japan, Takuan Amaru unfolds his narrative on spirituality and its profound influence on personal evolution. His works, reflecting a trilogy of introspection, reveal how writing can be a potent tool for healing and self-discovery. This episode isn't just a discussion; it's an expedition through the intimate link between identity and societal issues, illuminating the silent struggles within a closed culture. Takuan insight into the Japanese mental health landscape, especially for the expatriate and marginalized, paints a piercing picture of the challenges faced and resilience required in the face of adversity. Join us as we traverse the historical roots of racism, the strength found in unity, and the quest for understanding one's heritage. Our conversation takes a heartfelt turn with a closing prayer, uniting us in the timeless message of love and togetherness championed by the likes of Bob Marley. It's not just an episode; it's a shared experience that extends a hand to anyone seeking connection and understanding in the complex journey of life. Don't miss the chance to connect with Takuan Amaru’s enlightening perspective, which promises to leave you with a renewed sense of hope and the recognition of strength in community.


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The Human Element in Radiology with Expert Sharray Reed

Ever wondered how a day in the life of a Radiology Technologist unfolds, especially one who harnesses empathy as their superpower? Sharray, our esteemed guest, paints a vivid portrait of her journey within the realm of MRI technology, blending her infectious enthusiasm for patient care with technical expertise. This episode promises to debunk common myths about MRI, especially its non-radiative nature, and the unparalleled precision it contributes to medical diagnostics. With Sharray’s insights ringing in your ears, you'll grasp why loving your job isn't just a luxury—it's a necessity when patient health is on the line. Join us as we navigate the nuanced process of prepping for an MRI scan, where the devil is truly in the details. Sharray shares the insider scoop on the essential, yet often overlooked elements of patient education before appointments—think ultrasound gel in a defectogram and the critical importance of MRI screening forms. Discover the delicate dance between 'safe' and 'conditional' implants and the vital communication channels that must remain open to ensure artifacts from unavoidable metals don't cloud diagnostic clarity. If you've ever been curious about the intersection of high-tech healthcare and the human touch, this is the conversation that will illuminate the balance. Concluding with heartfelt reflections on the role of compassion in healthcare, the episode brings into focus the transformative power of understanding and kindness in every patient interaction. Sharing personal stories, Sharray and I shed light on the core of what it means to be a caregiver, reinforcing the idea that the most advanced machines can never replace the warmth of human empathy. If your heart lies in healthcare, or you're intrigued by the intricacies of MRI technology, let this episode be your guide to the profound impact passion can have on patient care and the evolving journey towards healthcare excellence.


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Catharsis in Creativity: Reese's Voyage from Private Pages to Public Praise

Have you ever felt the stirring of a story within you, itching to be told? Reese, an award-winning author, joins us with her tale of turning that persistent whisper into a roar of literary success. From the early days of secret notebook scribblings to the electric buzz of high school notoriety, Reese's journey encapsulates the soaring highs and testing lows of a writer's life. We unwrap her experiences across the spectrum of fiction and non-fiction, plunging into the heart of her poetry and short stories, and celebrating the evolution of her craft. Imagine the exhilaration of an open mic night, the collective breath of an audience hanging on your every word. Reese and I share our fondest memories from the trenches of book events and literary festivals, where the magic of storytelling is both a personal catharsis and a shared delight. We talk about the importance of engaging with fellow creatives, from book club discussions that spark the transformation of a short story idea into a novel, to the solitary retreats that birth new genres and characters begging to tell their tales. This episode is a treasure trove for anyone who's ever dared to dream of spinning yarns that resonate with readers near and far. Reese's insights on networking within the writing community are as invaluable as the stories themselves. We cap off our heartfelt conversation with a call to arms for storytellers everywhere: Embrace your craft, share your work with courage, and find your clan among the weavers of words. Join us, as we affirm the power of perseverance and the belief that with dedication, every literary aspiration is within grasp.


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Talaya’s Guiding Light: Fostering Hope and Holistic Healing for Cancer Patients

When faced with the monumental challenge of cancer, where do you turn for solace and guidance? This week, we're honored to host Talaya, a cancer doula whose mission is to light the way for those fighting this battle. Miss Dendy’s profound insights into navigating the healthcare labyrinth, paired with her personal experiences, offer listeners a beacon of hope. Her tender approach to empowering patients and their families through informed decision-making shines a spotlight on the necessity of taking one's time to truly understand treatment options, rather than being propelled by fear into hasty choices. Venturing beyond traditional medical support, Miss Dendy emphasizes the significance of holistic care in the cancer journey. Drawing from her own life, she illustrates how embracing practices like yoga and journaling can not only mitigate treatment side effects but also provide a profound source of emotional strength. The conversation inevitably turns to the sometimes thorny integration of such holistic advocacy within the medical system, underscoring the critical need for clear communication between patients and healthcare professionals. It's a reminder that every individual grappling with cancer deserves to be seen in their entirety, with their spiritual and emotional well-being held in the same regard as their physical health. In our final moments together, we uncover the remarkable healing power of connection and affirmation, especially in the age of virtual gatherings. We talk about how platforms like Zoom can transcend physical barriers, offering a sanctuary for sharing experiences and nurturing a community of support. Talaya introduces the uplifting world of affirmation cards, designed to bolster the spirits of both those undergoing treatment and their caregivers. Her parting words echo the theme of resilience, urging listeners to hold on to hope, remember they are not alone, and breathe deeply in the face of adversity. This episode is an invitation to find strength, purpose, and companionship on the journey through cancer.


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Melanie Unveils a Life Transformed by Poetry and Faith

Have you ever met someone who breathes life into every syllable, whose journey epitomizes the pursuit of dreams with a spiritual fervor? That's Melanie for you, the vibrant soul behind "The Voice," who joined us to share her trajectory from educator to author to poet. She speaks to the courage it takes to chase your dreams, the spiritual guidance that fuels our passions, and the transformative power of scripture in her life. Melanie's recent venture into poetry underscores a powerful reminder: it's never too late to follow what sets your heart on fire. Together, we mull over the serendipitous paths that led us into teaching and nursing, revealing how stepping into roles brimming with public speaking and leadership spurred our personal growth. Our conversation takes an introspective turn as Melanie opens up about the emotional odyssey of writing and publishing her works. She details the creation of "A Womanly Wisdom: What They Couldn't Tell Me" and her award-winning poetry collection "Slavery of Melanin: Poetic Professions of Eston," explaining how each piece is thematically organized to reflect the rich tapestry of her identity. Melanie's narrative is a testament to the cathartic power of storytelling, as she describes the deep impact personal battles like her fight with COVID had on her writing. Her insights are a clarion call to embrace the vulnerabilities of self-expression, something many authors grapple with as they lay bare their stories on paper. As we celebrate Women's History Month, Melanie and I relish in lighter moments too, trading personal anecdotes and chuckling over our shared love for literature that solidified our friendship. This episode isn't just a nod to achievements but a recognition of the potency of storytelling and the arts in sculpting our existence. So, if you're looking to ignite a spark within, let this rich tapestry of discussions with Melanie inspire you to claim your gifts and create your own odyssey.


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Tracy Thornton Wesley's Compassionate Approach to Diabetes Advocacy

Discover the transformative power of knowledge and support on your journey with diabetes, as we host Tracy Thornton Wesley, author of "Living Better with Diabetes." Tracy turns the spotlight on essential diabetes management insights, from distinguishing type 1 and type 2, to recognizing ketoacidosis and the profound impact of diet on blood sugar levels. Our conversation goes beyond the medical aspects, diving into the heart of community empowerment and the importance of accessible resources, especially in Black and Brown communities where diabetes education is crucial. Advocating for yourself or a loved one living with diabetes can be daunting, but it's a vital step on the path to wellness. Tracy and I navigate through the importance of professional guidance, as well as the invaluable role of family and caregivers in providing support. We touch on the nuances of navigating healthcare systems, the necessity of having an advocate during doctor's visits, and how to hold effective conversations with healthcare providers to ensure that patients' needs remain the central focus. Our episode highlights the power of patient empowerment and its impact on improving health outcomes. As we conclude, Tracy leaves us with practical tips for monitoring blood sugar levels and embracing the latest advancements in diabetes technology for a more seamless management experience. We also ponder the delicate dance between maintaining health and indulging in life's pleasures, offering creative ways to enjoy food within diabetic health guidelines. Join us in a closing moment of reflection, as we offer a prayer for strength and healing for those living with diabetes, grateful for the knowledge that empowers us to navigate this condition with courage and faith. Tracy Thornton Wesley's inspiring message is a beacon of hope for anyone looking to live better with diabetes.


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The Art of Authenticity in Women's Voices with Chanelle Coleman

As I welcomed the luminary Chanelle to the microphone, we traversed the heartfelt paths woven by the narratives within "She Said Yes." Our exchange paid homage to the tapestry of life experiences shared by a chorus of women, each narrative a beacon of hope and healing for listeners far and wide. Chanelle, the architect of this anthology, illuminated the intricacies of crafting a project that echoes with authenticity, Chanelle Wesley Coleman graced us with her insights, painting a vivid picture of the artful dance between branding and storytelling under the "She Said Yes" spotlight. Her strategic finesse in designing platforms for each woman's story to shine forth threw into sharp relief the raw courage required to bare one’s truths. Our conversation explored the delicate harmony of collaborative creation, where the virtues of humility and empathy are not just desirable but essential for the symphony of voices to resonate in unison. As the curtains drew to a close on our episode, we reflected on the transformative embrace of servant leadership, where the shadows of ego give way to the luminescence of serving others. From the echoes of Christ's footsteps to the visceral connections forged in the performing arts, our discourse celebrated the power of a servant's heart. With a final prayer extending hopes of prosperity and well-being to our listeners and the courageous women storytellers alike, we sealed this chapter on empowerment, leadership, and the poignant art of personal narrative.


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Championing Growth in the Classroom and Beyond with a Teacher's Heart

When the roles of teacher, mother, and author intersect, the stories that emerge are as multifaceted as the lives they mirror. Our latest conversation takes you through the heartwarming journey of a woman who wears these titles with grace and tenacity. As we celebrate her fifth year shaping minds in the classroom, she also opens up about the personal victories and struggles chronicled in her book, "Understanding My Assignment: My Life on Raising Champions, Redefining Me." Her insights extend beyond her manuscript, delving into the essence of motherhood and the art of nurturing not just academic excellence, but champions of life. Navigating the complexities of life with children requires a balance that our guest has mastered, weaving lessons of leadership and service into the fabric of her family's daily routine. The conversation flows seamlessly from the importance of exposing children to diverse life experiences to the value of putting family first amidst a demanding career. As she shares the tender vulnerabilities of parenting, you'll be reminded of the strength that lies in guiding the next generation towards independence, all while remaining their steadfast compass. The chapter on empty nest syndrome resonates with any parent bracing for the quiet after the storm of child-rearing. Our guest's transition to a home with more space than voices is discussed with a mix of melancholy and hope, spotlighting the opportunities that arise when children spread their wings. Touching on the thread of community engagement, from cheerleading to library visits, she emphasizes the lasting impact of parental involvement. As we wrap up the episode with a prayer of gratitude, you're invited to reflect on the lessons and blessings each person brings to our lives, just as our guest has enriched ours.


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Allaina Washington: Weaving a Legacy 360 style

When the pages of an urban fiction novel turn to reveal the heart of a sci-fi odyssey, you know you've entered the world of Allaina Washington. On the latest installment of our podcast, this exceptional 360 author and multifaceted creative joins us to discuss the tapestry of her life, interwoven with the threads of music, writing, entrepreneurship, and the rich fabric of motherhood. Allaina’s commitment to research and learning from seasoned professionals underlines the conversation, offering a window into the diligent process behind her storytelling prowess across diverse genres. Life's symphony often plays a bittersweet melody, and in this episode, we reflect on the grace notes and the dissonance with candid vulnerability. Listen as we share tales of giving grace, embracing kindness, and the implications of challenging stereotypes through compassion. The narrative crescendos to personal triumphs and moments of recognition that resonate with the humility and gratitude for those who've supported us on this journey. It's a testament to the courage it takes to follow one's passion and the grace we extend to ourselves and others as we navigate life's complex score. We close our time with Allaina by traversing the poignant landscape of grief, legacy, and the unwavering human spirit. The conversation turns to the importance of human connections, as family and relationships become the anchors in the storm of life's challenges. During these times, music emerges not only as a theme but as a healing force, a reminder of the timeless significance of being present for each other. Allainas tales of resilience and joy in the midst of adversity leave us with a melody of hope and the reminder to hold fast to those we love.


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A Conversation with the Love and Marriage Doctor Herself Dr Velma Bagby

Ever wondered how the teachings of Jesus could shape a modern love story? Dr. Velma Bagby, with her profound wisdom rooted in Christian faith, joins us to share the deep connections between biblical principles and contemporary relationships. Her transition from a seasoned deputy administrator to a captivating author was sparked by intimate mother-daughter dialogues about the quest for a divinely matched partner. As we navigate through her book series, you'll discover an inventive look at dating, where fishy personalities are more than just a metaphor, and we unravel the scriptural bedrock that supports lasting love and devotion. As you listen to our rich conversation, prepare to be intrigued by Dr. Bagby’s engaging narrative that turned her initial standalone novel into a must-read series. The appetite of her readers for more led to a kaleidoscope of stories where the behavioral patterns of fish mirror the complexities of human interactions, including the slippery slopes of narcissism and the quest for authenticity in relationships. Twin dynamics, Christian values, and personal anecdotes blend together, painting a vibrant picture of the search for love that aligns with one's faith. The upcoming book promises to stitch these themes into an even grander narrative, capturing the essence of our longing for genuine connections. Our episode wraps with reflections on literature's portrayals of narcissistic women, the stark reality of manipulation, and the necessary wisdom in parenting. Dr. Velma’s insights shed light on the spiritual and emotional decluttering needed for healthy relationships, underpinned by a strong foundation of self-wholeness and pre-marriage counseling. We close with a passage from 1 Corinthians 13 that encapsulates love's true virtues, leaving you with a renewed perspective on love and life's relational journey through the art of storytelling.


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Queenie Clem’s Literary Legacy: From Book Reviews to Mentorship

When the pages of a book flutter open, a new world beckons. Our latest episode captures just that, with the delightful Ms. Queenie Clem guiding us through the world of literature. She's not just a professional reader and educator; she's a literary ambassador whose footprint on the reading community is as vast as her love for books. Queenie opens up about her evolution from a child in library aisles to a beacon for authors, offering her earnest insights on my own work, and delineating the meticulous art of crafting book reviews that resonate with readers and writers alike. The conversation takes a turn into the often unexplored crevices of the publishing industry, highlighting the essential yet understated roles of ARC and beta readers. These unsung heroes are the vigilant guardians of literary consistency, the ones who know characters intimately and help shape the final narrative that reaches your shelves. Together, we applaud their dedication and emphasize the sheer joy of contributing to a book's journey from draft to debut. We also delve into the transformative power of mentorship, sharing personal stories of growth from the nursing field to nurturing young minds in the world of academia. As our session nears its end, we don't just close the book; we open our hearts in a collective moment of reflection and prayer. It's a reminder that beyond the pages, there's a community bound by stories, support, and spirit. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Queenie Clem for her inspiring presence and the wisdom she gives to so many people. With every tale told and every life touched, we reaffirm the magic that lies in the simple act of reading and the shared journey of storytelling.


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Empathy and Empowerment: Sandra May Shares Insights on Counseling, Spirituality, and Social Change

Join the conversation with the remarkable Sandra May, known to many as Cookie, as she imparts her extensive wisdom gleaned from years in education, school counseling, and ministry. In an episode that promises to be as moving as it is insightful, Cookie unravels the delicate tapestry of human connection and self-control, sharing valuable lessons from the critical world of early childhood education and the profound influence of educators on young lives. Her unique perspective on the intersection of spirituality and counseling sheds light on the respect for client boundaries while embracing the organic emergence of faith in the counseling context, particularly within school systems and in addressing addiction. Venture through the multifaceted landscape of counseling with a Christian lens as Cookie demystifies the counselor's role, not as directors, but as empathetic listeners guiding clients toward self-discovery. We grapple with the challenge of addressing sensitive subjects and the immense value of professional, unbiased counsel in times of unresolved grief or crisis. The episode further delves into the intrinsic comfort provided by culturally and religiously aligned counseling services, revealing the importance of confidentiality, the realities of homelessness, and the personalized support offered by IEPs and 504 plans to students with diverse needs. As we wrap up this immersive journey, Cookie calls for unity and proactive measures against the pervasive issue of bullying, emphasizing the need for communities to lift each and every member. She passionately speaks on the fundamental right of choice across various spectrums of life, advocating for equality, diversity, and leadership in society. This episode goes beyond education and counseling, touching hearts and inspiring change—one conversation at a time. Don't miss the chance to be part of this transformative discussion with Cookie, where empathy meets empowerment in an unforgettable narrative.