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Kathy Kolbe, an expert on human performance, makes a case for being obstinate and authentic. She provides examples where being obstinate leads to success.

Kathy Kolbe, an expert on human performance, makes a case for being obstinate and authentic. She provides examples where being obstinate leads to success.
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Kathy Kolbe, an expert on human performance, makes a case for being obstinate and authentic. She provides examples where being obstinate leads to success.






Podcasting, Entrepreneurs and Instincts with Paul Colligan

Kathy has a wide-ranging conversation with podcasting guru Paul Colligan on a number of topics including "should you podcast," obstinance in presentations, instincts and what talents entrepreneurs need on their team. Includes a giveaway and resources at 00:00 Intro 00:45 Entrepreurial zeal 06:55 Knowing when to quit 10:55 On humor and its place 16:02 Charisma 16:55 All of me 20:54 End of the Creative Process 26:38 How Technology frees me 30:00...


Top Educator’s Path with Conative Truths

Kathy Kolbe interviews international thought leader in K-12 education, Diane DeBacker. Together they explore leadership, obstinancy and conative truths. 00:00 Intro 00:50 Sneaky obstinance 02:35 Freedom to be yourself 03:53 My M.O. 06:00 Making a major change 09:30 Dealing with obstinance 11:00 Toughest problem I faced – Students with disabilities 13:15 Thank goodness you’ve arrived 14:48 Leadership through building teams 15:22 Bertrayed... 16:00 Don’t give up on it 17:15 That...


Parenting – Not a Chip Off the Old Block

Kathy interviews Bret and Sterling Loucks, a father and son with very different action oriented instincts. 00:00 Intro 00:33 The knack for hands on action 02:18 Not what I had imagined 03:20 Different approaches 05:04 Quality turn off 06:15 Working together – Sort of 08:05 Why bother? 10:30 Communicating through haptic talent 12:50 How resistance to haptic can help 14:00 Obstinate about quality 15:00 Three different talents in haptic 17:29 End


Obstinate About New Year’s Resolutions

Kathy offers wisdom on the topic of New Year’s Resolutions. 00:00 Intro 00:30 Resolutions are conative 01:28 Resolution vs. desire 02:00 Must stay true to who you are 03:16 What you need from a gym 04:25 Habits 06:25 Resolution trap 08:20 The problem with expert advice 10:00 No excuse, find a work around 11:50 Financial resolutions 15:25 Time and energy and Venn diagrams 17:21 Use the creative process 19:00 Is it even possible to keep our resolutions? 20:44 End


Kathy's Conative Gift Giving Tips, Part 2

Kathy continues with her gift buying tips based on the recipient’s natural creative process (M.O.), beginning with those who have no mode where they initiate action – the facilitators. She gives warnings about gifts to avoid for those with resistance in a mode and finishes by explaining how your method of shopping is a demonstration of your conative talents. 00:00 Intro 00:56 Gifts for Facilitators 02:43 Gifts to avoid for those with resistance in Fact Finder 03:35 Gifts to avoid for...


Kathy’s Conative Gift Giving Tips

Kathy provides tips for finding the perfect gift to match the recipient’s personal creative process. Finally some relevant advice for giving the perfect gift that will be appreciated and utilized. 00:00 intro 00:18 You shouldn’t have... 01:12 Picking the perfect gift 01:34 Gifts for detail oriented Fact Finders 02:26 Cones of Dunshire example 04:16 Gifts for neat and organized Follow Thrus 05:20 Video Game Collector example 06:50 Gifts for Quick Starts that seek the unusual 09:20...


Special Episode: George HW. Bush - Honoring Collaborative Leaders

Kathy explores a unique talent for collaboration and offers her perceptions in a celebration of the life of President George H.W. Bush. Audio Clips of President Bush from: George H.W. Bush Library Center 00:01 Intro 00:18 Every organization needs a facilitator 02:00 George H.W. Bush 03:02 Reunification 03:55 Desert Storm 07:54 Not seeking the limelight 09:18 Leading without initiating actions 10:36 No second term 11:45 Joining hands with competitor 12:40 Greater peace 13:40...


Finding the Niche for your Knack

Kathy talks with Dr. Andrea Kayne, Director of the Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership at DePaul University College of Education. Dr. Kayne is also an award winning author and thought leader. She is a master at using her unique natural abilities to make an impact in a wide area of pursuits. It’s a fascinating discussion about how to find your path to excellence. 00:00 Intro 01:35 All skills are necessary 03:36 Making law school work for me 05:00 Too far out of my game 06:55...


I am not doing it

Mordechai Friedman tells the story of how learning how to manage his instinctive creative process has impacted his ability to work without burn-out days. 0:00 intro 0:47 I had this dark secret 1:25 This is not a joke 2:16 The key to freedom 3:05 Blowing my brains away 3:52 Give me the freedom to be myself 7:13 The solution was right at home 7:40 It’s a different story 9:10 Fight for your freedom to be yourself 9:52 End


Climbing up levels of effort

Kathy talks with Jerry Lujan about how success and leadership is dependent on the levels of effort people are willing to contribute. How to identify where people are and how to increase their levels of effort. 0:00 Intro 0:37 How to look at the 3 parts of the mind to make teams 1:50 Level of Human effort is an important factor 2:30 Difference between being successful and being a leader 4:10 How to assess what level of effort to expect from people you hire 5:40 Example of questioning...


What to expect

Kathy Kolbe describes her new podcast and what to expect in future episodes 0:00 Intro 0:40 Kathy's mother was obstinate 1:00 Why obstinance can be positive 2:00 What does Kathy mean by the term conative? 2:40 Get busy! 3:30 Free to be yourself 4:50 Kick it down the road 5:00 Sneak peek 6:00 Who it's for 9:30 What's worth fighting for? 13:21 Your obstinance stories are important!


Climbing Up Levels Of Effort

A conversation with Jerry Lujan from Elevation 180 on what it takes to become a leader that makes a profound impact on others.


Why should you be obstinate?

It's about time obstinate people get a little credit for being willing to take a risk and being fearless when it comes to making a difference. if we're going to get rid of the status quo, we better be obstinate. Meet Kathy Kolbe ...