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020 - (English) Pros and cons of studying in Iran

It is getting very common nowadays to leave your home country for gaining valuable knowledge by studying in a another country as an international student. But is it a good idea to be an international student in Iran? We want to find that out. More at


019 - (Farsi) Enthusiasm is the main motivation in learning Persian language

Fourteen years ago, Hans Jokisch from Germany started learning Farsi. Today he is fluent in it and in this episode, he shares some of the tips and tricks in progressing in this challenging but beautiful language. Hans is a close friend although I know him only for four years. This friendly chat took place in the beautiful Rizal park in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Here we are talking about Iranian culture, Iranian people, Persian language and how to master it, little bit about...


018 - (Farsi) How to learn playing Iranian Ney, with Maestro Ghanbarnasab

Maestro Morteza Ghanbarnasab Behbahani is an Iranian Ney and Ney-Anban player. He started playing Ney since he was 17 and now He plays in "Chavoosh Behbahan" ensemble. In this episode we are talking about: How the Iranian Ney is made. How long it takes someone to learn playing it. Where and how to begin learning this euphonic instrument. And a lot more. The most difficult wind instrument to play Ney is a flute shaped wind instrument made from sugar cane and sometimes plastic...


017 - (Farsi) Persian Tar or The King of the Iranian Orchestra, Hamed Zamanian explains

Persian Tar, the king of the Iranian orchestra Hamed Zamanian is a great Iranian Tar player. He is the lead player in two bands "Chavoosh Behbahan" and "Kish e Mehr". In this episode, I talked to Hamed about his experience in playing Tar also the history of this melodious popular instrument in Iran.


016 - (Farsi) Leyla Shams and Learn Persian with Chai and Conversation

Today if you're a native English speaker and you want to learn another language, you will easily find many sources available online. Videos, apps, podcasts, programs, newsletters, etc. Many companies produced valuable products which are easy to follow and in most cases they do really make the whole process of learning a language a lot easier. All you have to do is to listen and repeat. Keep it going and after a few months, whoala! You can speak just another language (by the definition)....


015 - (English) Speaking with Mr. Marcel Bassirian about Rumi

Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi also known as Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Balkhi or Mowlana, is one of the the world's greatest poets and his book, Masnavi, is one the worlds best sellers of all time. In this episode I had the pleasure to speak with Mr. Marcel (Masoud) Bassirian, a globally renowned Iranian-American teacher/researcher who travels to different countries in the world to share the thoughts and beliefs of Rumi to the people of the various ages, colors and ethnicities. Episode...


014 - (Farsi) Punctuation marks in Persian language, part three

The proper use of parentheses, brackets, arrow mark and forward-slash (momayyez) in Persian language is discussed in this episode. This episode is spoken entirely in Persian.


013 - (Farsi) Punctuation marks in Persian language, part two

The proper use of exclamation mark, dash, asterisk and triple points in writing in Persian language is discussed in this episode. This episode is spoken entirely in Persian.


012 - (Farsi) Punctuation marks in Persian language, part one

Period, comma, question mark, quotation mark, semicolon and colon in Persian language is discussed in this episode. This episode is spoken entirely in Persian and the rest of the marks will be covered in the next one.


011 - (Farsi) 16 Traits of a good Persian script

Sixteen traits to note when writing a good script was discussed in Farsi on this episode. Features that any good Persian script must possess to have the best impact on the readers mind. This episode is spoken entirely in Farsi.


010 - (English) Chatting with Reza Nayebi from Press TV on introducing modern Iran to the world

Reza Nayebi is a producer in Press TV. He creates modern style videos to introduce modern Iran to the world. Reza is also a top Iranian food critic. He is knows as his pseudonym Mr. Eater in the food business. In this episode I'm talking to Reza from his experiences in traveling to different provinces of Iran and shooting video to his new line of work, food critiquing.


009 - (English) Living in the great city of Tehran. Harri Kämäräinen the ambassador of Finland to Iran explains.

Excellency Mr. Harri Kämäräinen ambassador of Finland to Iran lives in Tehran about 4 years now. Before he was sent to Tehran, he thought this was going to be a boring 4 years mission but right after he arrived, he was amazed and overwhelmed by Iranian people and Persian culture and lifestyle. He enjoyed immensely ever since his first visit from Tehran. In this episode I'm talking to him about his living experience in Tehran as a European in general and a Finnish in specific. This episode...


008 - (English) Chatting with Waqar Rizvi and Kaneez Fatima in Tehran

21st of August 2016, one nice afternoon, I had the pleasure to have some coffee and chat with Waqar Rizvi and his wife Kaneez Fatima in one nice café in Tehran. Waqar and his wife are news anchors for almost 8 years now at Press TV which is Iran's television network based in Tehran and broadcasting in English. They're Pakistanis, thus considered foreigners in Iran. They've lived here around 10 years now and managed to study, work and live a successful life. In my opinion, if you want to...


007 - (English) Introduction to Persian Podcast & about me

This is an Introduction to Persian Podcast in English language, for those of you who don't speak or understand Farsi (but you've started it already, I hope). In this episode I'm explaining about the conceiving of this podcast and also I talked a little about myself so you guys can get to know me little more better. Please leave comments and tell me what do you want to know about Iran or me. Persian podcast isn't maybe the first, but we're trying to keep it as the best podcast about Iran.


006 - (Farsi) Chinese student learning Persian language in Ferdowsi university of Mashhad

In this episode, I am talking to Lou Don from wulumuchii county in China. He is 23 years old and he came to Iran in center of Persian language learning in Ferdowsi university of Mashhad to learn Persian language. Lou Don has been in Iran for 8 months now and he's already managed to visit several tourist cities in Iran such as Isfahan, Shiraz, Tabriz, Sari etc. Here you can listen to his experience after 8 month of traveling, living and studying in Iran. This entire episode was spoken in...


005 - (Farsi) Interview with a student in Persian literature, Ferdowsi university_2

In this episode, I talked to a student in Persian literature. Ms. Zeinab Safayi studies in ferdowsi university of Mashhad. She is blind sighted but she is smart and good in her other well developed senses. We talked about variety of subject here as well as last episode. در این قسمت من با خانم زینب صفایی دانشجوی نابینای رشته ادبیات فارسی در دانشگاه فردوسی مشهد مصاحبه کردم. ایشان از درس خواندن در این دانشگاه بسیار راضی هستند و امکانات این دانشگاه را برای تحصیل نابینایان در سطح خوبی می...


004 - (Farsi) Interview with a student in Persian literature, Ferdowsi university_1

In this episode, I interviewed a student in Persian literature. Ms. Maryam Hoseini, 4th year student of Persian literature at university of Ferdowsi in Mashhad joined me on this podcast. We talked about variety of subjects including her favorite poet Rumi. در این قسمت من با خانم مریم حسینی دانشجوی سال چهارم رشته ادبیات فارسی در دانشگاه فردوسی مشهد صحبت کرده ام. ما در مورد موضوعات مختلفی صحبت کردیم از جمله راجع به شاعر مورد علاقه ایشان، مولوی


003 - (Farsi) City of Mashhad in Iran

In this episode I'm talking about four major categories of tourism attractions in the city of Mashhad. Mashhad is Iran's number 1 when it comes to religious attractions. But it's not all. Mashhad is also important from other tourism aspects as well which I've briefly covered here. This entire episode was spoken in Farsi. این قسمت از پادکست فارسی را من در شهر مشهد ضبط کردم. در این قسمت من توضیح مختصری راجع به شهر مشهد می دهم. شهر مشهد، به واسطه حضور حرم مطهر رضوی در این شهر، اولین جاذبه...


002 - (Farsi) Conversational and Formal use of Farsi & The beautiful city of Tehran

Persian language has formal and informal forms. In this episode I talked about difference between conversational and written Farsi. This episode was recorded almost right after I arrived to Iran after quite a while, so I felt like talking to you about my impressions about city of Tehran. Tehran is really beautiful. در این قسمت من در بخشی درباره شهر تهران و در بخش دیگر درباره تفاوت زبان فارسی محاوره و زبان فارسی رسمی و نوشتاری صحبت میکنم. این قسمت نیز همانند دو قسمت قبل به زبان فارسی می...