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In the battle with burnout - these are the tools and stories to inspire those who choose to be physicians on purpose.

In the battle with burnout - these are the tools and stories to inspire those who choose to be physicians on purpose.


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In the battle with burnout - these are the tools and stories to inspire those who choose to be physicians on purpose.




36. Your Ideal Job and the Power of a Personal Mantra with Jim Neuenschwander MD

By defining your ideal job description clearly and specifically, you are more likely to find that unicorn job and achieve fulfillment in your medical career. Our special guest today is Dr. Jim Neuenschwander, an ER physician at Genesis HealthCare System in Zanesville, Ohio. With a wide range of interests, he juggles being a research director, an associate professor in Emergency Medicine, a board-certified addiction specialist, and working in the COVID Clinic. In this episode, he tells...


35. Helping Physicians Keep Loving the Game with Stephen Beeson MD

There are many ways in which doctors find their calling. It can be through a spark of inspiration or divine intervention. When Steve Beeson was young, his uncle, a neurologist, showed him what it was like to be a doctor. The experience taught him to cherish the craft, and he realized how much satisfaction there was in making a positive impact on people's lives. Yet, like many others, he was burned out and felt he could not go on. Until one day, he too was able to touch the life of a young...


34. Burnout and Job Change Key Principles with Jon Nicholson MD

A crucial element of your success is how you choose and evaluate opportunities in such a way as to guarantee your new job is a better fit for you and your family. Dr. Jon Nicholson was a full-time pediatrician and a full-time residency coordinator in a small town. Having different roles and responsibilities, being on call every other day, and missing out on family time, he felt trapped and no longer found joy in his work. After stumbling upon the book, “Stop Physician Burnout: What to Do...


33. The Power of Telling Your Story with Brett Linzer MD

Storytelling is a very powerful way of teaching and inspiring others. Sharing your own story conveys deep emotions and values that resonate and build a connection with your audience. Dr. Brett Linzer, Pediatrics and Internal Medicine Physician from Wisconsin, experienced multiple stressors both at work and at home and even suffered the loss of three colleagues to suicide. As an introvert, he found it challenging to reach out for help and open up about his struggles. But with the help of...


32. Stop Physician Burnout - Dealing With Unconscious Blocks to Your Personal Growth with Maiysha Clairborne MD

Most physicians tend to focus more on professional development and put personal growth to the side. Shame, guilt, and fear are some of the factors that impede them from realizing their true potential and transitioning into their career. In this episode, Dr. Maiysha Clairborne discusses topics as diverse as her expertise. She is an Integrative Family Physician, Master Hypnotherapist, NLP Executive Coach, NLP & Hypnosis Trainer, entrepreneur, speaker, author, podcaster, and a loving...


31. Keys to Launching a Successful Burnout Prevention Charity with Amandip Sidhu, CEO of Doctors in Distress

Would you like to make a difference in society or fill a gap in your industry? Maybe you’re planning to start a charity but don’t know where to start. Then this episode is for you as Amandip Sidhu, founder of the charity, Doctors in Distress gives his tips on how to set up a successful and sustainable nonprofit organization. In a previous episode, Amandip shared with us the tragic story of his brother, Dr. Jagdip Sidhu, a brilliant cardiologist, who chose to end his life because of...


30. Physician Suicide and Its Highest and Best Use with Amandip Sidhu, CEO of Doctors in Distress

The suicide rate among physicians is the highest of any profession. What factors contribute to this and how can we help the healers? In 2018, Amandip Sidhu lost his brother, Dr. Jagdip Sidhu, a cardiologist, to suicide. Because of extreme overwork, feelings of shame and failure, and burnout, Dr. Jagdip chose to end his life as the only solution to his misery. In the wake of this tragedy, Amandip realized the importance of addressing the mental health and well-being of healthcare...


29. How to Talk To Your Boss When You are Upset

When doctors want to address administration directly, they are faced with the question of how to go about this. If you emphasize your concerns and you are unprepared to handle your anger and frustration, you are likely to be dismissed, ignored, or worse, labeled as disruptive, which can ruin your reputation. In this episode, Dr. Dike Drummond shares communication strategies when attempting to convey your message or address an issue with your senior leaders. During your meeting, resolve to...


28. The Lightworker's Fork in the Road: Burnout's Origin Story

A career in medicine is one of the most respected and fulfilling professions, but it also comes with life-changing consequences. In your early years when you’ve reached the fork in the road and decided to be a helper and a healer, you have chosen a life of service and putting others before yourself. You’ve decided to be a doctor, a lightworker. All your focus, your energy, your time is centered in your career. Along the way, extreme stress kicks in and eventually leading to...


27. Change, Fear, Failure, and Building a More Ideal Practice

Knowing what you really want in your practice and the direction you are heading can help you find a purposeful career as a physician. As an executive coach specializing in the treatment and prevention of physician burnout, Dr. Dike Drummond, Founder and CEO of, has worked with clients who are overstressed and overwhelmed. He has helped them make impactful changes in their career one step at a time using simple and practical tools. In this episode, Dr. Dike breaks down the...


26. Building a Conscious Relationship with Your Career

Any point of a medical career path can be extremely stressful as it encompasses all aspects of a physician’s life. It can take up every minute of the day with barely enough time for other priorities. This imbalance affects the quality of care, relationships, health, and well-being, which ultimately leads to burnout. Dr. Dike Drummond, CEO, and Founder of is a physician burnout expert with extensive one-on-one coaching experience. In this episode, he gives examples of how to...


25: Talking with Senior Leaders About a Corporate Physician Wellness Strategy

The COVID-19 pandemic has added to the tremendous stress levels of physicians and other healthcare professionals worldwide. As we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, senior physician leaders recognize the significance of providing support for the health and well-being of healthcare providers. In this episode, Dr. Dike Drummond, the Founder and CEO of shares his advice on how to start a conversation with senior leaders by asking the top three questions. He...


24. Gita Pensa MD - Model Minority Microagressions and the Super Power of Mindfulness

In the American healthcare industry, gender and ethnicity-based biases are prevalent. Women physicians and ethnic minorities often experience discrimination not only from patients but also from their own colleagues. These microaggressions can cause anxiety and depression, impacting doctors’ work and life and eventually leading to burnout. Returning to our show is Dr. Gita Pensa, an emergency room physician, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at Brown University, speaker, and...


23. Raymond Snead FHFMA - Doctors and CFOs Can't We Just Get Along?

Creating a strong and positive collaboration between CFOs and physicians is a vital intrinsic element of success and growth in the business of healthcare. Raymond Snead, FHFMA, FACHE, is a doctor of Healthcare Administration with extensive experience as CEO/CFO and a 35-year career under his belt. His expertise includes financial leadership, strategic financial planning, business development, revenue cycle management, and knowledge in LLC organizations. He is also the leading authority on...


22. Joe Maroon MD - From Burnout to Peak Performance and Longevity Expert

After years of practice, your medical career has reached its conclusion. Now, what will be your legacy? It’s time to get some deeper insights from our guest expert in this episode. We are honored to have with us Joseph Maroon MD. He is a world-renowned neurosurgeon specializing in brain and spine injuries, the Medical Director of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), sports medicine expert, health and nutrition expert, professor, author, speaker, and triathlete, among his long list of...


21. Robert Pearl MD - Becoming a Senior Physician Leader and the Power of Capitation

Should physicians also be leaders? Our guest is none other than Dr. Robert Pearl, named one of Modern Healthcare’s 50 most influential physician leaders. He believes that every doctor needs to learn leadership skills to improve the healthcare system for better patient satisfaction and financial sustainability. Dr. Pearl has an impressive background in physician leadership, being the former CEO of The Permanente Medical Group, the nation’s largest medical group, and former president of...


20. Maiysha Clairborne MD - Follow Your Calling Wherever It Leads You

How can physicians diversify their career paths beyond medicine? Our very special guest today is Dr. Maiysha Clairborne, one of the original coaching clients when The Happy MD was launched. She is an integrative medicine physician, NLP practitioner, author, podcaster, international speaker, physician burnout and career transition coach, and entrepreneur. She shares her non-traditional professional journey and personal advocacies. She also talks about how NeuroLinguistic Programming...


19. Pam Pappas MD - Coaching vs Therapy for Physician Burnout

The terms psychiatrist, therapist, and coach are often used interchangeably. But when someone needs support and professional help for symptoms of depression or burnout, whose service should he seek? With us in this episode is Dr. Pam Pappas, an integrative psychiatrist, ICF-certified coach, and one of our burnout prevention coaches at She discusses the scope and overlap of these fields and how these interventions can make an impactful change in a person’s life and...


18. Gita Pensa MD - Malpractice Litigation and Burnout

Physicians face challenges on a daily basis, but dealing with a lawsuit brings a whole new level of anxiety and stress which can affect their profession, personal lives, and relationships. In this episode we are very happy to have Dr. Gita Pensa, an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at Brown University with expertise in digital medical education, a speaker on the topic of medical malpractice litigation/litigation stress, and the creator/host of the Doctors and Litigation: The L Word...


17. Harjot Singh MD - Burnout Prevention Superpower of Gratitude

Gratitude may be an overused word but it can be a powerful tool of transformation and burnout prevention. Dr. Harjot Singh is a board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrist, a burnout coach, and a part of the training team at In this episode, he teaches us how we can use gratitude as an all-around tonic and can be a superpower to improve overall well-being. He also shares an evidence-based study which shows how gratitude, if done consistently, can create a big...