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Four Diverse Educators embracing the tough conversations that need to be had about America's Education System. We use our own experiences, research, and invite guests to discuss hot topics in our field.


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Four Diverse Educators embracing the tough conversations that need to be had about America's Education System. We use our own experiences, research, and invite guests to discuss hot topics in our field.




Teach for the Culture: How Educators of Color Impact Schools and Students

In this episode, T and I discuss how teachers and educators of color impact schools. From the students, to the parents, to the general school environment- how does having educators of color in our schools make a difference?


Repair the Harm- An Honest Conversation on Restorative Practices and Student Consequences

In this episode, our first in about a year, we discuss restorative practices. We define and outline our vision for what this means and how it should be properly implemented in schools. Build relationships, consider all perspectives, put kids "on game"- listen to this episode to get the real life perspectives from people still in schools and working with those who need us most- our students.


18 Months Later- How to Build Community as Student Return to the Classroom

In this episode we discuss how to build community with students who are just now, after 18 months, returning to in person learning. Showing grace, being patient, and most importantly being your authentic self are big components of building community with a new group of students. Remember, students won't care how much you know, until they know how much you care. #podfessionaldevelopment


An Honest Conversation about Schools Reopening for the 2021-22 School Year

We are BACK! After being on a hiatus for a few months Podfessional Development is back with all new episodes, and fresh new topics as the 2021-22 school year kicks off. In our Season 3 opener we have an honest conversation about schools reopening, vaccines, and self-care among other things relevant for educators as a new and continuously odd year kicks off. We hope you enjoy our new season and we look forward to brining you new episodes bi-weekly through the fall and winter....


The Immediate and Future Impacts of the 2020 Presidential Election on Education

In our season two finale we discuss the educational policies of Joe Biden and Donald Trump. We consider how this election will impact educators in the immediate future especially regarding school's reopening, and funding during times of Covid-19. We also delve into how the election will impact us for years to come in terms of who and how policies are made at the Department of Education.


Building Student Trust During Distance Learning

In this episode we converse with NYC Educator and host of the 1stgenteacherlens podcast, Alex Calderon. We discuss strategies on building student trust and rapport during distance learning. Pointedly, we focus on how humor, social media, and the simplicity of human interactions can help foster a community of trust and achievement in our classrooms.


The Teacher Shortage: Lessons from a Former Educator

In this episode we converse with former Bilingual Educator Simone Armstrong on her experience as an urban educator in the Bay Area. She shares highlights from her career, and discusses what ultimately drove her out of the field. An oft common theme in education, this is her story, in her own words.


A Conversation with Ms. Tomara Hall (SJUSD Board Candidate)

In this episode we converse with Ms. Tomara Hall, a candidate for School Board in San Jose. She opens up about her personal and professional background and how this drives her as an educator and leader. This is her story as told in her own words.


Reflecting on Distance Learning

In this episode we provide our reflections on the first month of Distance Learning with a new group of students. We talk about priorities, work-life balance and our overall feelings one month in.


High Stakes Testing & It's Impacts on Students and Teachers

In this episode we discuss high stakes testing- what we experienced before Covid-19, and what we are experiencing during Covid-19. We discuss the impacts it has on teachers, students- and whether what some of these tests measure are a true representation of success.


Best Practices: How to Effectively Reach and Engage Students during Distance Learning

In this episode we welcome special guest Maisarah Miskoon, a Kinder TA as we discuss effective ways to reach, engage and build community with students during distance learning.


The New School Year, Still in a COVID World.

In this episode we discuss what our experience has been like during the start of the 2020-21 school year, and we talk about considerations schools and leaders must make as we transition into a hybrid/in-person model. Betsy Devos, we are looking at you.


Racial Inequities: A Discussion on It's Impact in Education

In this episode we delve into the topic of race in education- its impacts on our students, staff and communities. Remember, don't be afraid to engage in the tough conversations.


Job Hunting in the Time of COVID-19

In this episode we discuss the struggles that many are facing as they seek to find teaching jobs during this world Pandemic. We provide anecdotal references of this struggle, as well as advice on how to keep the hope alive.


Quaranteach Pt. 2

In this episode we dive deeper into the effects distance learning has had on our personal and professional lives. We also discuss how as teachers we take so much of our students experiences and the impact that has. In this case, we discuss the hard to reach students- what's worked and what hasn't- in our efforts to provide a quality experience during #quaranteach.



Teaching in the time of Corona. We share personal anecdotes as well as stories from colleagues across the state/nation. Enjoy!