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Power Of Good 32: 1647 (Family Engagement Program)

Interview with Ann Walsh, Co- Founder and Chief of Family Engagement at 1647. Launched in 2014, 1647 prepares educators to engage families in equal partnerships that are essential to student success. The 1647 team provides professional development and ongoing coaching to pre-service and in-service school leaders and teachers in a wide range of family engagement practices. Educators work on everything from re-imagining family engagement as an academic strategy, communication best practices,...


Power Of Good 31 Liberty Mutual Foundation

Interview with Melissa MacDonnell, Founder and President of the Liberty Mutual Foundation. Launched in 2003, the Foundation supports communities where Liberty Mutual employees live and work, through grant-making, advocacy, and employee volunteerism and service. In terms of grant-making, the Foundation has three priority areas: Security for men, women and children experiencing homelessness; Accessibility for individuals of all abilities; and Educational opportunities for children and youth...


Power Of Good 28 Sibling Connections

Interview with Cynthia Dantas, Executive Director, and Eliza Kenney, Program Coordinator, of Sibling Connections. Founded in 2005, Sibling Connections seeks to promote “enduring family relationships and community connections for sisters and brothers separated by the foster care system in Massachusetts.” Program services for siblings include: Camp To Belong, a week-long summer camp; Sibling Sundays, a series of year round, monthly one-day reunions; and Weekend Retreats. With the steady rise...


Power Of Good 30 MathTalk

Interview with Omo Moses, Founder of MathTalk, and Johari Moses, Omo’s six year-old son. Founded in 2012, MathTalk seeks to promote adult-child interactions to support early math and language development in children, ages 2 to 8. Through public art installations and mobile, geolocation technology, MathTalk will encourage and deepen math-based adult-child interactions in natural environments and during every day experiences. For example, a parent and child might explore shapes and patterns...


Power Of Good 7 Art Lifting

Interview with Liz Powers, Co-Founder and Chief Happiness Spreader, for ArtLifting, a social enterprise that uses “business for good.” Founded in 2013, ArtLifting provides artists living with homelessness or disabilities with the opportunity to showcase their artwork and earn income through the sale of their original paintings, prints, and products. In the process, ArtLifting helps its artists gain the validation and self-confidence they need to make other important social, health or...


Power Of Good 6 Back On My Feet

Interview with Theresa Lynn, Executive Director of Back on My Feet’s Boston Chapter. Launched in 2007, Back on My Feet is a unique, running-based model that helps individuals move from homeless to independence. Back on My Feet recruits members at homeless and residential facilities in Boston and around the country to run three days a week in the early morning. Members who stay committed for a month then receive educational support, job training, employment referrals and housing resources....


Power Of Good Introduction

Power Of Good Introduction by Power Of Good


Power Of Good 4 My Life My Choice

Interview with Lisa Goldblatt Grace, co-founder and director of My Life My Choice. Founded in 2002, My Life My Choice is a survivor-led program that seeks to end commercial sexual exploitation of children by empowering youth and their allies to fight back. My Life My Choice provides youth exploited by the commercial sex industry with one-to-one mentoring by adult female survivors, leadership development, and intensive case-management to foster education and career planning. They also support...


Power Of Good 3 Y2Y Homeless Shelter

Interview with Sarah Rosenkranz and Sam Greenberg, co-founders of Y2Y, an overnight shelter for homeless youth in Harvard Square, Cambridge, founded in 2012. Y2Y is a student-run or ‘youth-to-youth’ model, where volunteer college students – not human service professionals – staff and manage the program, run services and provide a safe environment for homeless youth. Once at the shelter, these youth can access a range of mental health, housing, education and job development services from...


Power Of Good 5 Epiphany School

Interview with Michelle Sanchez, principal, and Emily Bautista, teacher, at the Epiphany School, an independent, tuition-free middle school for children from economically-disadvantaged families in Boston. Founded in 1997, Epiphany serves 90 students and their families in 5th through 8th grade. This includes 20% of students involved with the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families. All epiphany students benefit from 12-hour school days over an 11-month school year, small class...


Power Of Good 1 Playmakers

Interview with Steve Gross, founder and Chief Playmaker, Life Is Good (LIG) Playmakers, a nonprofit with the mission to spread the power of optimism to help kids heal. LIG Playmakers supports a range of professionals (including social workers, counselors, teachers, early childcare and youth workers, child-protection workers, child-life specialists, public health providers, and physicians) who work with children impacted by trauma. Playmakers staff offer training and resources to help these...


Power Of Good 2 Fresh Truck

Interview with Josh Trautwein, founder and executive director of Fresh Truck, a nonprofit launched in Boston in 2013. Fresh Truck’s mission is to: radically impact community health by celebrating healthy food culture and getting fresh food to people that need it the most. To date, Fresh Truck has delivered and sold over $150,000 in healthy food to Boston residents, to neighborhoods such as East Boston, Roxbury, Charlestown, Dorchester and the South End.