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A show giving productivity and mindset tips, tricks, hack and advice.

A show giving productivity and mindset tips, tricks, hack and advice.
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A show giving productivity and mindset tips, tricks, hack and advice.






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Episode 14 - Ignore the nay sayers

Ignore the nay sayers! When you begin a journey, you will ALWAYS have people who won’t support you, it’s a way of life. Once you set your sights on a goal and you pursue it relentlessly, there is NOTHING to stop you achieving that goal! There will always be people around you who won’t like how you’re rising up, improving yourself. They will say negative things, they will question whether you will succeed. All this is them projecting their own issues and self-doubt onto you. You...


Episode 13 - Expensive apps aren’t always the best

Expensive apps aren’t always the best Don’t fall into the trap of thinking the expensive apps are the best, it isn’t always the case! I’m sure we’ve all done it, we’ve looked at those amazing productivity apps and chosen the most expensive because that just HAS to be the best, right? Not always! We’re all different, different thoughts, different personalities, different skills, so the “one size fits all” philosophy doesn’t work. Don’t try and force a square peg into a round...


Episode 12 - The power of community

The power of community On your journey through life and business, are you doing it alone or are you part of a community? The quote goes… “Alone we are strong, together we are stronger!” Being in a community has SO many benefits from having emotional support to business support to knowledge. I invested in a community called the Badass Branding Squad. In joining the BBS I found my home., The community is incredible and I’m not only a member of it but I’m now the Community...


Episode 11 - Why Journaling can boost your productivity and creativity

Why Journaling can boost your productivity and creativity I absolutely believe that we must have a great mindset if we are going to be productivity masters! So today I want to talk about journaling. The act of journaling each day is like having a therapist sit there so you can pour out your thoughts and feelings without judgement. A journal will always be there for you, it will never judge you and you can trust it with your most private thoughts. Not only that but journaling unlocks the...


Episode 10 - Why a 5 minute task takes 2 days

Why does a 5 minute task take 2 days? I used to be guilty of this and sometimes I still do it, but rarely. Yes, I’m a Productivity Coach but I’m also human. Picture the scene, you have your task list and it’s growing each day. Sound familiar? Do you mark the tasks that can be done in 5 minutes (reply to an email, pay a bill, post a quick video on your Instagram story)? What was that? Did I hear you say no? Well let me tell you a secret… you’re not alone, you’re actually in the...


Episode 9 - What legacy will you leave?

Episode 9 - What legacy will you leave? When the angels are calling you and it's time to go, looking back, what legacy do you want to leave for the world? Do you want to be forgotten about in seconds or do you want to inspire generations? We all have the ability to leave an amazing legacy, whether it's one remembered globally or one that's remembered around our local community. We are not meant to just exist, to sit there like a lump watching live drift by, we're meant to actually live...


Episode 8 - 3 Affirmations to change your day

Episode 8 - 3 Affirmations to change your day In the personal development field, affirmations are the bread and butter tool and rightly so. Affirmations, done over time, can not only hack our sub-conscious to believe those affirmations, they also help to re-wire the neural pathways in our brain through a process called neuroplasticity. Affirmations are phrases that are very positive. You say them to yourself each day, morning and night (and through the day too) to begin changing our...


Episode 7 - Only you can stop procrastinating

Episode 7 - Only you can stop procrastinating Procrastination is indiscriminate, it doesn't care who you are or what you do, it can strike at any time! External triggers and events can invite it into your home and it can feel like your great uncle who comes to visit at Christmas and you don't think he'll ever leave! Why do we procrastinate? We can blame SO many things, the economy, the government, the weather, but the reality is more internal and emotional. Many times it's because we...


Episode 6 - I don't know enough

Episode 6 - I don't know enough How many times have you told yourself "I don't know enough to do that"? How about "I'd love to do that but I just don't know enough" I've had these thoughts many times in my life. This is called "Imposter Syndrome", where you do something or are in a particular position, but you still don't feel you know enough and you MUST be an imposter for being there. So I've come up with 3 tips to help disrupt and break those "I don't know enough" thoughts. 1: Look...


Episode 5 - Tomorrow never comes

Episode 5 - Tomorrow never comes I’ll finish that job tomorrow I’ll get back to the gym tomorrow There’s a huge problem with this… tomorrow never comes. If you’ve heard of Mel Robbins, you’ve heard about her 5 second technique. She doesn’t count from 1 to 5, she counts from 5 to 1 because of 2 reasons: We’re used to taking action when the countdown gets to 1 or 0 (think rocket launches) If you counted up, you can get to 5 and your mind knows it can keep counting to 6, 7, 8 and not take...


Episode 4 - Do you create tasks from your goals?

We’re told we need to set goals and that advice is absolutely correct, but we need to go further This is why I ask if you create tasks from your goals. We must set long-term goals, they give us direction, but they need to be broken down to smaller chunks. Once we have the small goals, these need to become projects and tasks in our task management apps and systems. Set deadlines, make task notes so there’s a greater chance they will be completed. Goals are the ideal, they’re dreams,...


Episode 3 - It's time to say no

We give our time awayWe give our energy awayWe give our success away And all because we find it difficult to say no. Some interesting quotes about saying no…Steve Jobs: “Focusing is about saying ‘no.’”Warren Buffett: “We need to learn the slow ‘yes’ and the quick ‘no.’” There are many reasons why we find it difficult to say no: We don’t want to upset anyoneMore in the show The implications of not saying no:We give away our time.Listen to the show to hear more. How to embrace saying...


Episode 2 - Stop wishing and start acting

The Productivity and Mindset Podcast - Episode 2 We all do it, sometimes often, sometimes not. We wish, wish our business was more successful, wish our podcast was magically published, whatever the wish is, we make a lot of em! How good are you at taking action and making those wishes happen? You have enough wishes collected, now it’s time to stop wishing and start acting! We wish we had this, we wish we’d done that. Those wasted wishes soon become moans, complaints and regrets and very...


Episode 1 - Does your time match your goals?

The Productivity and Mindset Podcast - Episode 1 Today’s question: Does your time match your goals? You get productive, you set your goals. You set them for 1, 2, 3, 6, and 12 months and you feel great and you feel productive. But many times, the reality is disconnected from the plans. We waste time on social media instead of creating it. We watch video instead of making video. There’s a complete disconnect between your goals and what you fill your day with! I talk about this in the...