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Hosted by Dr. Greg Goins, the Reimagine Schools Podcast features many of the nation's top educators, authors and innovators in P-12 education. Join the conversation as we "reimagine" how Future Ready Schools can transform learning for a new generation of connected students. Be sure to follow Dr. Greg Goins on Twitter at @DrGregGoins.

Hosted by Dr. Greg Goins, the Reimagine Schools Podcast features many of the nation's top educators, authors and innovators in P-12 education. Join the conversation as we "reimagine" how Future Ready Schools can transform learning for a new generation of connected students. Be sure to follow Dr. Greg Goins on Twitter at @DrGregGoins.
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Hosted by Dr. Greg Goins, the Reimagine Schools Podcast features many of the nation's top educators, authors and innovators in P-12 education. Join the conversation as we "reimagine" how Future Ready Schools can transform learning for a new generation of connected students. Be sure to follow Dr. Greg Goins on Twitter at @DrGregGoins.




Mobile Innovation With Matt Friedman

In this episode, Matt Friedman, Chief Academic Officer in the Downingtown Area School District (PA), discusses his passion for creating Future Ready Schools that includes design thinking principles, enriched technology opportunities for students and a personalized approach to professional learning for faculty and staff. Friedman also reflects on his school district's recent launch of Pennsylvania's very first Mobile Innovation Lab, a handicap accessible school bus that has been transformed...


Digital Leadership With Eric Sheninger

In this episode, best-selling author and international keynote speaker Eric Sheninger, talks about building more authentic relationships through job-embedded coaching and how the 2nd edition of his book, Digital Leadership: Changing Paradigms for Changing Times, can improve innovative practice and improve teaching, learning and leadership through the 7 Pillars of Digital Leadership. Sheninger also discusses the power of efficacy and how our mission as servant leaders is to prepare kids today...


Every Story Matters With Todd Nesloney

In this episode, award-winning principal Todd Nesloney talks about the power of connection on social media and reflects on the success of Kids Deserve It, the best-selling book with co-author Adam Welcome. He also discusses the importance of amplifying the voices of others and how his book, Stories From Webb, will forever be his proudest moment as an educator. Nesloney also looks ahead to his "dream job" as the newly hired Director of Culture and Strategic Planning for the Texas Elementary...


Hacking Leadership with Dr. Joe Sanfelippo

In this episode, Dr. Joe Sanfelippo, Superintendent of the Fall Creek (WI) School District, shares his thoughts on Hacking Leadership and reflects on the #GoCrickets hashtag that has been a game-changer for school districts that have adopted social media for Branding, Telling Your School Story and Advancing the Use of Social Media for School Leaders. As an innovative school leader, Dr. Sanfelippo also talks about the value of being intentional within his daily routine and why he's passionate...


Tell Your School Story with Andrea Gribble

In this episode, Andrea Gribble, a social media specialist and founder of #SocialSchool4EDU, talks about her passion for helping schools celebrate their students in a safe and positive way with social media and offers tips on how you can “tell your school story” by creating a hashtag and branding your school district. Gribble also talks about social media’s big four platforms - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and offers suggestions on how to maximize your time and resources with a...


Generation Z with Dwight Carter

In this episode, Dwight Carter, a former NASSP Digital Principal of the Year, shares insights on his book, Leading Schools in Disruptive Times: How To Survive Hyper-Change, and offers advice for working with “Generation Z” kids who need positive self-talk and crave a balance between technology opportunities and expanded face-to-face interaction to enhance social-emotional learning. He also provides a strong foundation on how to reinvent school space from his previous book, What’s In Your...


Portrait of a Graduate with Ken Kay

In this episode, Ken Kay, CEO of EdLeader21, challenges school districts across the nation to develop a personalized Portrait of a Graduate that will serve as a collective vision that articulates a community of stakeholders for school transformation. Kay, co-author of The Leader’s Guide to 21st Century Education: 7 Steps for Schools and Districts, shares insights on the work of EdLeader21 and its recent collaboration with Battelle For Kids, a national not-for-profit organization committed to...


Culturize with Jimmy Casas

In this episode, leadership expert Jimmy Casas discusses his new release, Stop Right Now - 39 Stops to Making Schools Better and reflects on his best-selling book, Culturize – Every Student. Every Day. Whatever It Takes, while offering insight on how school leaders can create student-centered schools by always putting kids first in the decision-making process. Casas also reflects on his experience as an award-winning high school principal and how fear is often the greatest obstacle to...


(Simulcast) Transformative Principal with Jethro Jones

In this episode, the Reimagine Schools Podcast joins forces with Jethro Jones, the founder/host of the popular Transformative Principal Podcast, to launch our very first simulcast. Named as a 2017 National Digital Principal of the Year, Jethro Jones is currently leading the design process to launch a new K-12 Magnet School within his school district located in Fairbanks, Alaska, and shares his vision for redesigning schools from the "inside-out." Among the topics discussed in this simulcast...


Connecting The Dots with Joe Erpelding

In this episode, Joe Erpelding, Principal at the Design 39 Campus near San Diego, CA., shares insights on an innovative school model that is learner-centered with a Design Thinking approach that creates multiple pathways for kids to "build bridges" to their own future through collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving. This "student-powered school", uses its own unique language to "reimagine" traditional roles and school space, while promoting a growth mindset that connects the...


Design Thinking with Alyssa Gallagher

In this episode, Alyssa Gallagher, co-author of Design Thinking for School Leaders: Five Roles and Mindsets That Ignite Positive Change, describes Design Thinking as a "problem-solving process that can really help you reimagine what's possible for kids" while also inspiring educators to think intuitively and chase big, audacious dreams to improve our schools. Gallagher also talks about empathy for students, the power of disruption and why making a "bug list" provides fresh eyes and new...


Pure Genius with Don Wettrick

In this episode, Innovation Specialist Don Wettrick shares insights from his nationally-recognized Innovation Class at Noblesville High School near Indianapolis, IN and reflects on why his students are "enterprising, creative and opportunity driven" as they learn real-world skills through the power of networking and open source learning. He also discusses his book, Pure Genius: Building a Culture of Innovation and Taking 20% Time to the Next Level, and how his StartEdUp Network empowers...


Code Breaker with Brian Aspinall

In this episode, Brian Aspinall shares insights on his passion to empower educators to achieve more in the classroom using modern teaching tools and technology. He also discusses his two book projects, Code Breaker: Increase Creativity, Remix Assessment, and Develop a Class of Coder Ninjas from 2017 and his newest release, Block Breaker: Build Knowledge and Amplifying Student Voice that will be available in February, 2019. The conversation includes a wide variety of topics that includes Hour...


Future Ready Schools with Tom Murray

In this episode, Tom Murray, Director of Innovation for Future Ready Schools (FRS), talks about efforts to maximize digital learning opportunities to help school districts move quickly toward preparing students for success in college, a career, and citizenship. The conversation includes information on the Future Ready Pledge for school district leaders and how resources such as the FRS Framework and interactive dashboard can help lead your school to personalized learning experiences for all...


Reclaiming Our Calling with Dr. Brad Gustafson

In this episode, Dr. Brad Gustafson, talks about his new book, Reclaiming Our Calling: Hold on to the Heart, Mind, and Hope of Education, and why it’s important to support educators who may be feeling tension and conflict within the daily pressures of education accountability. Embedded within the book, Dr. Gustafson says you will find several “hidden layers” that include a digital discussion guide and an innovative new approach to book studies with the launch of his new Underground Book Club...


Global Competence with Dr. Yong Zhao

In this episode, Dr. Yong Zhao, a leading voice in the globalization of education, talks about his new book, What Works May Hurt - Side Effects in Education, and why we must stop searching for the panacea to education reform. From his new book, Dr. Zhao says that policymakers often overprescribe solutions to fix education while underestimating the power of kids to create their own changes in a new “personalizable” model for learning. Dr. Zhao also talks about the impact of Steve Jobs and...


Leading School Change with Dr. Todd Whitaker

In this episode, Dr. Todd Whitaker, one of the nation’s leading authorities on staff motivation, teacher leadership, and principal effectiveness, shares proven strategies that can be utilized to lead positive change within our schools. Among the topics discussed are how to influence others, the difference between climate and culture, and why modeling expectations is always better than correcting behaviors. Dr. Whitaker also looks ahead to his next book project in 2019 and explains why he...


Closing The Attitude Gap with Baruti Kafele

In this episode, Baruti Kafele (Principal Kafele) shares his thoughts on school leadership and explains why the role of the school principal is often the most challenging and misunderstood position in education. Principal Kafele also shares his thoughts on creating a positive school culture, finding your own “Inner Circle” and discovering why closing the “Attitude Gap” is the key to putting kids of all ages on a higher trajectory to success. Principal Kafele is the author of numerous books...


The Path To PBL with Bob Lenz

In this episode, Bob Lenz, Director of the Buck Institute for Education, provides a clear path to high quality project-based learning opportunities that focus on “success skills” and deeper learning outcomes for students at all grade levels. Lenz also offers insight from his book, Transforming Schools Using Project-Based Learning, Performance Assessment, and Common Core Standards and explains why all school administrators should aspire to become “Redesign Leaders” through the implementation...


Deep Change with Dr. Robert Quinn

In this episode, Dr. Robert Quinn, author of the best-selling book, Deep Change: Discovering the Leader Within, explains why most organizations have a resistance to change and how choosing the status quo is often the path of least resistance in organizations that value conformity and maintaining cultural norms. Instead, Quinn challenges those in leadership positions to find their own voice by examining a “higher purpose” that will lead to opportunities for transformational leadership. Dr....