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The Rethink Now Podcast explores our environmental plight and the race to a net zero world. What does it mean for our towns and cities? What does it mean for business, for food and for the health of us all? Our interviews and discussions will, we hope, educate and inform at a time when speed is everything. Join Ed, Tanya and special guests each week.


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The Rethink Now Podcast explores our environmental plight and the race to a net zero world. What does it mean for our towns and cities? What does it mean for business, for food and for the health of us all? Our interviews and discussions will, we hope, educate and inform at a time when speed is everything. Join Ed, Tanya and special guests each week.




EcoClipper - A Sustainable Future for Shipping

Sustainable transport. What does it look like? Well, we know that electric cars are getting a lot of attention. We know about bicycles, buses and trains. But what about shipping? There was a time when all goods were moved across the ocean using nothing but the wind and the hardwork of a able crew. This episode I was joined by Jorne Langelaan, the founder and captain of EcoClipper. EcoClipper are a professional shipping company which will offer emission free transport and travel, by making use of engine-less sailing ships. Their state of the art sailing vessel will be an example of ultimate sustainability and seaworthiness. Our conversation takes us on a whistle stop tour of the history of shipping, the current state of play and on to Jorne’s vision for a sustainable future for shipping. Let’s go. Links mentioned: Jorne spoke at TEDx Amsterdam in 2010 Example of the more hi-tech wind power solutions for shipping History of the Port of Liverpool A fascinating webinar Jorne presented at which gives lots more detail on their mission Follow Rethink Now online: Website Twitter Facebook Instagram You'll find our podcast on Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts and Spotify.


The Future is Foraging - Danny Moore, Foragers Fancy

Welcome to the Rethink Now podcast. This episode I met with Danny Moore to talk about the amazing world of foraging. Foraging is searching for wild food resources. We may have all grabbed a few blackberries here and there. Maybe we know that nettles can be useful for some recipes. Well, that’s just scratching the surface of what is available to most of us - whether we live in a rural or urban setting. Based in Wirral, Danny Moore has taken his lifelong love of foraging and set up a business...


Louise Harling, The Carbon Literacy Project

Are you carbon literate? If you seek to understand climate change then you probably should be. The Carbon Literacy Project has, to date, helped over 17,000 people in the UK better understand their carbon footprint - wisdom that is then shared amongst business, friends, neighbours and in the wider community. Louise Harling is a Project Officer at The Carbon Literacy Project and joins Rethink Now to discuss the ins and outs of climate change and the work that all at The Carbon Literacy Project undertake. Follow Rethink Now online


Becoming Climate Positive – John Munn, ZeroSmart

The Rethink Now Podcast is BACK with a fascinating dive into the world of carbon offsetting. John Munn of ZeroSmart joins Ed Lamb to talk about how their subscriptions can help individuals and families 'offset' your carbon footprint. ZeroSmart has made it incredibly easy for your to help our planet. Just sign up for a subscription plan, and let them do the rest. Have a listen to find out how it works. Episode Links ZeroSmart website John on LinkedIn WWF Footprint Calculator Get in touch with Rethink Now


Independent Children: How We Learn to Let Go

A strange phenomenon has occurred in the UK. Despite our country being safer than ever on almost every metric, our kids have an ever decreasing imaginary border around their homes. We don't let them out of our sight! Why is that? Well, it's complicated... yes, Ed gets to have a pop at car culture, but it goes much deeper... Enjoy the show and get in touch with your views. Here's the initial image that got us thinking about this: Developing independence in children and why it is beneficial A kid's walk to school and why it matters How kids are prepared for independence Learn more about Rethink Our website Ed on Twitter Tanya on Twitter


Back to Normal... Are you Sure?

Another of our walk and talk episodes - Ed & Tanya putting the world to rights. A vaccine for COVID is in sight and the world is gearing up for a return to 'normal'. The trouble with that? Well, obvs, the 'normal' that we were used to was unsustainable and just about ready to collapse. Hey ho. What do the next few months hold and what can we do to ensure that we're ready for 2021. It's the Rethink Now Podcast! Subscribe to the show: Apple Podcasts...


Not A Cyclist - Tom Flood and the Completely Obvious Quest for Safer Streets

Tom Flood is leading the way on how our roads are viewed. Are they places entirely the realm of those that drive? Or are they places where our children deserve to be able to travel on, or tow play with their friends? Ed and Tom share similar experiences. For years they used bikes to get around, mixing with drivers with no real thought for how things should change. Then they started riding with their kids... BAM. When you ride with children on our roads–whether in the UK or North America–we...


Heswall Today & Heswall Tomorrow - What's the Future of our Local High Streets?

The Rethink Now podcast marches on... literally! Tanya and Ed, like everyone else in England, can't meet up indoors at the moment so we grabbed a couple of mobile microphones and went for a walk instead. We'd been interested in a Facebook post which called for ideas on how a local high street (Heswall) could change and progress in the years ahead. Well, we sure do have some ideas on that and HERE THEY ARE. Missed anything? Leave a comment on our Facebook page and let us know. Heswall Today...


sPark It

When is a parking spot not a parking spot? When it is transformed: a gallery, a garden, a playground. We recently spoke with Paul Riley from Transition Liverpool where we discuss sPark It Liverpool and the wider work they are up to. The idea that we should start removing cars from our cities is a hot topic at the moment and it's a subject that COVID has accelerated. Links below. Enjoy the chat and get in touch if you can. Oh, we're on Apple & Google podcasts now, plus Spotify as well....


Not Quite On The High Street - The Barn, Heswall

It's the first interview for the Rethink Now Podcast! Ed biked over to Heswall to have a chat with Sammy who owns and operates The Barn. It's tough times for many businesses right now but, with more folks working from home and a greater emphasis on the local economy in the years ahead, the future *should* be very bright for businesses like this. We talk about Sammy's personal journey, obstacles faced and plans for the future - not just for The Barn but the future of our high streets in...


Wirral #SpookyCycle Launch - What's it all about?

Join Rethink Now this October half term to scoot or cycle your worries away. It is the perfect way to spend time together in the great outdoors! Families can take part at any point over the half term week (24th October – 1st November) and as many times as you like! It’s completely free so visit to learn more and see our suggested routes. Let us know how you go! #SpookyCycle


Healthy High Streets & Smashed Windows | Rethink Now Podcast

It's the Rethink Now Podcast, with Ed Lamb & Tanya Leary. On the cards this week are the latest restrictions we face in the Liverpool City Region and the associated mental health impacts. Ouch. Also we talk about how more smashed windows is sometimes a good thing, plus Ed manages to squeeze in some thoughts on why we need more shrines on our high streets. Don't be shy - leave a comment with your thoughts and ideas.


How to show that you REALLY care about the NHS

We're still getting the show on the road... this week Tanya and Ed sit down for a chat about what's going on on Planet Earth. Up for discussion is: The NHS Park Run Car Sales Cheshire Oaks (and retail parks in general) Queuing in the Rain The Ongoing Pandemic Enjoy the show. Lots more to come in the weeks ahead.


Rethink Now - Pilot Episode

It’s time for a Rethink / Ready to save the world? Do you want the good news or the bad news? The bad news is that we are living through the era of the #ClimateEmergency The good news is that it gives us the chance to rethink our world. Rethink Now CIC has been created to help manage this process. We teach. We inspire. We empower. We create leaders. Our mission is to nurture and create communities that are worth living in. Streets that people want to live on. Places that people want to visit...